Coal v. renewable energy: President Trump's energy plan, explained | Just The FAQs

Earlier this year, America surpassed Russia and China as producers of oil and natural gas and supplied more clean energy than coal. Here’s how.

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump spotlighted his environmental record Monday, even as environmental groups ripped his administration for promoting the kinds of pollution generated by oil drilling, natural gas extraction and coal mining.

“We want the cleanest air, we want crystal clean water – and that’s what we’re doing,” Trump said during a speech at the White House.

As Trump rolled out his presentation, a long list of environmental groups issued indictments of the president’s record, from promotion of oil and gas drilling on public lands to deregulation of energy companies.

“Donald Trump is resorting to greenhouse gaslighting the public to try and cover up the fact that he is the worst president in history for the environment, climate and public health,” said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club.

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