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Coast Guard busts submarine carrying 12,000 pounds of cocaine l ABC News

With help from the Colombian Navy, U.S. authorities arrested four alleged drug smugglers in the Pacific Ocean and confiscated more than $165 million worth of illegal drugs. READ MORE:

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  1. YOU WHAT? YOU LOST 165 MILLION IN DRUGS???????!!!!!!!!!! …….YOU OWE ME 165 MILLION

  2. $165 million eh? They never say where all that shit goes of to, or what happens to it, do they?

  3. That's Intresting math because on you tube the intercepted a call between El Chapo and a snitch buyer in Chicago.he got them for 35,000 a pound so 117 lb X 35,000 who do you think is telling the truth. Two guys that had no idea anyone was talking to them or cops that love to do strange math when it comes to counting up how much They seized and let me tell you what they were probably kilos so that's $17,000 pound which sounds more like it but I'm just a kid man

  4. Cocaine, cocaine,cocaine,cocaine,Molly

  5. What a waste!! I’m having the jitters

  6. Oh no, how could they smuggle cocaine through the borders for us white MPs and billion dollar companies. What an utterly bad thing to do.

  7. They catch one of hundreds that are sent in month.

  8. 🇧🇷 fornecemos cocaine 96-98% aqui no Brasil 🇧🇷 📞 +5545991037960

  9. Don’t mess with Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club

  10. Why didn’t they just go under water

  11. Impressive opening that hatch not knowing if someone's on the other side pointing a gun at you…

  12. "so who's bringing the guns in this country?
    I couldn't sneak a plastic pellet gun through customs over in london,"


  13. Funny how drug seizures always seem to come out to a nice "round" number. 12,000 pounds is an odd amount when converted to kilos, so where's the rest of the blow? Its party time somewhere…

  14. Why are we wasting any further resources than necessary on these assholes? Once they’re located, drop some precision guided munitions on them & see how fast these runs dry up.

  15. Well is good thing they caught the only sub the multi billion dollar drug narcos had.

  16. Hey coast guard there's this thing it's a depth charge

    -you get rid of the pirates

    -you get rid of submarine

    -and most importantly you get rid of all the drugs



  17. Only rich people with too much money or poor people with no money buy that shit to put up their noses.

  18. It's just coke. I hope they turn around and sell it and make a huge profit.

  19. Stephanopoulos…instead of stuttering…"Don't forget 2 download" Try: Please Remember 2 download!
    Kids all over continental U.S.
    grow-up somewhat crazy
    because all they heard as toddlers was the word DON'T!

  20. Video is old, seen it couple years earlier

  21. What do they really do when they confiscate such a huge amount of drugs? Does anyone know “real facts” and not assumptions? What an incredible, adrenaline filled job! Looks extremely dangerous!! What do they get paid to risk their lives like that everyday? So curious?! Drug lords should know that they are cracking down on the submarines. I’ve been seeing so many of these very type of drug bust! They will never stop drugs coming in and out of the country! To many people want that quick money!

  22. So… Tekashi61x9ine did it?😒😔😭

  23. Now if Congress can get the Coast Guard more funding!
    We got slashed a billion dollars by Trump Administration under the DHS’s budget. The fleet is aging the average ship is 50 years old bases/stations are deteriorating. We keep getting forgotten and yet we have some of the best Return on Investment out of any other branch.

  24. Now the hypocritical USA is worried about coke coming into the country but where was the concern when they were letting it in to the black community’s to fund there war and government take over in another country

  25. i wonder how many boats that can submerge completely get through. I suspect quite a few,all you really need is a compass and a radar system,perhaps some way to provide air, i mean they don't have to go that deep or for that long

  26. probably managed to smugle 24,000 pounds of cocaine

  27. There goes my Saturday night! Thanks a lot coast guard. For real though, I wish we didn't waste money this shit. People are going to do drugs no matter what. Making them illegal causes cartels and murders. Making them legal would change a lot for the better.

  28. All they did was make prices go up. people gunna do what they want.

  29. Well you got to hand it to the cartel for getting around that wall

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