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Coco Gauff scores epic 3-set win at US Open | ABC News

The 15-year-old American is now set for a showdown against Naomi Osaka, the top-ranked female player in the world.

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  1. I'm in love with the "COCO" I got it for the " LOW LOW ". 50 grand for the " COCO" !

  2. Epic doesn't mean you're supposed to like it. Of course Im probably going to get targeted and called schizophrenic for pointing that out.

  3. Amazingly young lady. Love Naomi Osaka too. Let’s go Coco and Naomi.👍🏾

  4. Coco I’m a fan of yours I saw u playing but I do hope you always be humble

  5. Not a one trick pony. Great!

  6. The new Serena Williams brothers on board for this new generation of tennis.

  7. Karl marx said religion was the opiate of the people now its sports lower your IQ watch sports on tv

  8. Lol. As "epic" as something can be when it's only a puny 3 sets.

  9. I like CoCo she is like a little Serena 2

  10. A new champion enters the ring.

  11. Naomi will beat her in 3 sets!

  12. Thank you ABC news she should be in the Olympics

  13. Always pocket watching black people. She is a kid & hasn’t even started clocking millions yet. The front negro talking about her earnings is their cover.

  14. Naomi! Admit it was you who put up the 1 thumb down!

  15. I have the 4th largest wooden spoon collection on my side of town.

  16. Introduce her right‼️‼️

  17. The number one woman player though. She would of lost to a mediocre male…

  18. Also why comments on tennis players being black or white? Who the fu k cares? You assholes. She is amazing, purple white, black or yellow id still watch?!!!!!

  19. A legend! We stayed up till 5 am in Greece to watch 😍 I was cursing with her last set.

  20. La Principessa


    That provoking image
    vulnerable & romantic

    Also appears
    a surprise from
    the force & expectation of her freshness

    Her perfect shape
    clever appearance
    her magnificent
    sensual figure

    Beautiful and humble

    happy and cheerful

    What a spectacle

    of beauty…🎊🍭🌈

    The Humble & Gracious Soul
    Naomi Osaka
    💖~* La Principessa*~💖

    📢👓 👂



  21. Glad she won. It would of been racist had the white woman won.

  22. White people will not like this… They put up with Serena but now Coco😂😂😂 She will dominate for the next 10-15 years

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