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Coded signals: Yes or No?

#Gambhir #Morgan #Signals

Gambhir, Dasgupta and the Runorder crew on England offering information to their captain from the dugout

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  1. All these analysts are crap.

    Do this before match.
    In between let captain do what he is paid for it

  2. Raunak…alia bhatt ka lulu

  3. What if it is used for taking DRS or Not?Like smith?

  4. Kane Williamson is the most tactical shrewd captain now that Dhoni has retired

  5. Something pre decided that too in codes is an instruction not an information

  6. It can potentially be used by bookies.

  7. TU its …. THANK YOU
    Raunak – How old do you think i am ?
    me – ROFL

  8. Only during decision review just need to stop the signals from the dressing room.

  9. In tennis coaching either audio or video is not allowed during match time ,but it's an individual sport and may be the team sport like football , cricket has a lot of scope for such analysis.

  10. Also the case of Narine should also be made. Every other captain will try to take away spinners. Also, the spinners bowl flat to him, if fast bowlers can't bowl due to quota restrictions. Dhoni just tells the spinners to get flight, spin it and gets Narine out.
    Iyer took out Axar out of the attack, Ashwin bowled flat and Narine pasted him. But Dhoni told Santner to flight the ball, and Narine got out.

  11. My issue is the misuse that can happen.
    1- They can send correct suggestions while taking DRS. So what is the point of DRS & on field umpire ? Just ask 3rd umpire to check each decision like they do for no ball.
    2- can be used in spot fixing.

  12. Use it at your own peril. Too much information can spoil the players.
    I agree with what Gambhir said. Upto some extent it is c**p. It is not football or basketball that a lot of matchups and instructions are needed. Cricket is more of instincts. Analysts are not over rated though.

  13. It's good to see the funny side of gg ❤️

  14. Where is Aakash Chopra?😁😉😉

  15. Bring Cyrus back as soon as possible and about the topic, it is not fair.

  16. No way this is fair, if you want to tell the captain something, you run the 12th man out with a messege not this cloak and dagger stuff
    Btw where is Cyrus???? Its not run order without Cyrus

  17. Coded signals-Yes is the answer

  18. https://youtu.be/1X-N1IODzmQ check out this funny videos of Jethalal thug life 😂😂 and videos on cricket is there too

  19. https://youtu.be/kWKkoT2nACE
    Amazing Dive Catch by Shikhar Dhawan at Deep extra Cover | IND vs SA | World Cup | Real Cricket™ 20

  20. runorder is nothing without cyrus broacha

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