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L.K.Bennett coat – http://bit.ly/2PB9Xqh
Burberry scarf – http://bit.ly/2GDG8hh
Mulberry Hampstead bag – http://bit.ly/2R2gWoL
Cream roll neck – http://bit.ly/2Q5E1ur

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  1. I love all of ypour looks.I am a black lover and starting now to put more creams and blush tones in my wardrobe.You are really inspiring,but as a mother of two little boys my style is soooo simple,jeans and sneakers and now jeans and boots.not much time to think about it.Oh I also bought thermals haha never had thought about it.Could you do a video about moms,what to wear and how.How to style.Easy comfortable and fast.Thanks a lot for sharing and inspiring.Wish you the best.

  2. The more I see the more I love. Just bought 2 coats the Club Monaco and Reiss. Love them both. Thank you dear!

  3. I have the Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm leaves my skin so radiant and smells amazing. Love your videos Happy New Year xx

  4. Josie, can you share the name of the tune in the beginning of your video from 0-22 seconds? It;s so catchy!!!

  5. Beautiful video and thank you for the introduction to Elemis! I believe this is going to be a lovely skin care product for me! I was gifted a Burberry scarf and now I have a better understanding of how to wear such a wonderful piece! You're the best I love all of your videos!! Take care and be well!

  6. how do you keep your hair so fresh and nice? my hair is always so dry!!

  7. We call the “roll necks” “turtle necks” in the US 🐢🥰

  8. It looks like the Amazon brand Find that produces those boots is only available in UK. If anybody in US/Canada finds them, please let me know.

  9. Thank you for your advice, beautiful Josie. I wish you and your a merry christmas
    With my best wishes, Nella

  10. Ooh really looking forward to the faves of the year video!

  11. Another well done video! Your picks and recommendations are always right on. Also, I really enjoy your special guests 🐕🐕 they are SO adorable 😊❤️

  12. Just love you and your ideas…….what if any supplement collegan… bioten,,I use a lot of hydraulic acid..vit c….what do you think ???

  13. havent seen u wear the snake skin skirt from reiss or the tan suade 1 either how to wear in winter ? please

  14. In Canada those sweaters are called 'turtle neck' I don't know if that helps or if you prefer roller neck…whatever floats your boat 🙂

  15. Do you hand wash or dry clean your merino and cashmere roll-necks? Love your channel. 💕 I'm a supporter from across the pond in Canada. Wishing you joyful holidays, health and peace in the New Year.

  16. Hi, were the chunky boots from Amazon true to size or should I go up a size for comfort😆

  17. Thanks for sharing enjoyed watching

  18. Can you make a video of only all the new outerwear/coats you bought this year so far? Pleaseee

  19. Yes … so curious how old Josie is 😂 🧐🤔

  20. You have everything given to you,,, that's why you use all that stuff. Normal people like us couldn't afford it, I know this as my niece is a you tuber.

  21. Thank you, really love the winter boots.

  22. You have such a sophisticated air about you 💕😍❤️

  23. That Burberry scarf is everything!!

  24. How many coats do you really need? 🙊 "This will last me year after year" is not really a good saying/excuse anymore when you seem to buy 5 new coats in similar colours every winter? Such a waste on the environment. But please correct me if I'm wrong.

  25. Absolutely adore you and your videos! This was another fav. Well done 😊 💕

  26. Hello Josie, thank you for yours videos. I would like you make some video about looks for christmas is possible?? 😙😙😙

  27. I love u so much you always make my day with your sweet personality!!!😊😊😊😊😘 God Bless you♡♡♡

  28. love everything about you <3 <3

  29. Loved the video so much Josie!! I have used some of the products you mentioned, and just love them!! Your style is soo Gorgeous I love it, and enjoyed this video so much!! Thank you for a Wonderful video!!!

  30. I really love the idea of seasonal favorites as opposed to monthly favorites!

  31. Hi josie! Just wondering if the Elemis cleansing balm is suitable for removing eye makeup? If not which eye makeup remover would you recommend to complement it? Xxx

  32. I can see you being a model for a luxury heritage brand like Ralph Lauren or Armani, you're so elegant Josie dear. Great collection! My favourite part 7:46, I wanted to see both of your boys! 😉 <3

  33. Hi Josie, since you are into satin I wanted to ask you if you dont have a tip for light colored (white, beige, light pink, ligh gray) satin slip skirt which will though have a band in waist and in a medium price range 😍, I am searching and searching and nothing.

  34. Please link the gorgeous PJ's

  35. Americans call rollnecks, turtlenecks and I’ve been obsessed with buying them this year. The problem is I live in California (northern) and it’s not THAT cold during the day. Mornings and late afternoon however are a different story when they breeze comes from off the San Francisco Bay!

  36. Thank you Josie for another great video. xoxo

  37. So I looked up the average temperature for January in London and google is telling me it's around 4-10 degrees celsius which is 40-50 degrees in fahrenheit. As an American I always thought the UK got pretty darn cold during the winter similar to the northern midwest in the US. But now I'm just shocked. I wouldn't be wearing anywhere near as many layers as some of the fashion bloggers I follow do (no meanness intended I just thought based on some of your layering suggestions that it was VERY cold there). Where I grew it was frequently below 0 degrees farenheight/even colder than -17 celsius. I know one year we had a week of -20 degree weather with a "real feel" of -40. That's -28 celsius/-40 celsius. I grew up in Iowa (midwest not even that far north.) so can imagine my weird shock putting this all together in my head.

  38. Love your hair in this video!

  39. Amazon boot link not working

  40. I love this opening, it's so classic and elegant

  41. What brand of thermals do you wear?

  42. Thank you so much to Josie and Dickens, for this very pleasant video ❣️ 💕 🤗

  43. So amazing, love your jazzy IG post. It is gorgeous.

  44. I recently have been using a few Elemis products and must say I am really loving them. I will be looking for the gradual tan lotion you mentioned. I think you winter tan looks good.

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