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College admissions scandal: USC accused of pay-to-play

Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes, Heritage Foundation economist Steve Moore, FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos and Kingsview Asset Management CIO Scott Martin on the USC bribery scandal.

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  1. Get a job, take community college courses at night, stay out of debt.

  2. It’s the only way they can get their unqualified idiot children in,,,,,,

  3. There should be NO public funding of private schools. Tax payers provide public education, there is no reason we should be paying for private schools.

  4. From my memory banks which are old and dusty. When anyone associated with a schools sports team did anything as much as supplying jock straps. The school could lose all sorts of funding and be forced to forfeit any wins they won while using said jock straps. USC should be paying parents of hard workings students (and yes I believe they still exist) money back for the schools corruption

  5. If USC doesn't get any public money (?), then they SHOULD be able to set whatever criteria they want for admission.
    Back in the 60's, my first wife's cousin had applied to USC medical school, but was turned down because her grades were not quite good enough. However, they told her that if she made a $10k donation, in addition to the normal fees, she would be admitted. They could not afford it, and she went elsewhere.
    Sounds like this has always been a practice at the University of Spoiled Children.


  7. Wow what a shock Sc cheats 😳who knew 🤫

  8. Kristina is right. We need transparency especially if they get our tax payers money!

  9. Stop making the University of Southern California the scapegoat in the scandal when there are other universities such as Notre Dame Texas Ohio State Stanfordand Alabama I have been doing the same thing for decades only day I've been getting away with it

  10. College is over priced and definitely over rated.

  11. What's with the lady. She looks like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Loosen up lady!

  12. Pay-n-play with balance sheet credential's. But what these grade buyer's doing with purchased certificate's? Opening firm's/companies/organization of social fabric softener and comforter's?

  13. This chick is so dumb how has she lasted this long. Just fire her already

  14. USC…university of spoiled children

  15. Certain colleges! The students will only be a liability to employers. Not worth hiring!

  16. collage coruption how much for a degree in law wats the amount

  17. What is the story here?.Asks a product of the same system…..The rich continue to get the best in life whether they deserve it or not..They see themselves as the Elite of America ,but they cant compete with the regular folks…Affirmative Action for the Wealthy ,,nothing more….. MERITOCRACY NOW!

  18. Internships also come down to whom you know. Many employers don't even bother look at grades.

  19. While the rich bribe and cheat their way into Universities, people of color, working class, and poor get investigated up the wazoo in economically disadvantaged school districts. U.S.A.’s educational system assumes minorities/the underclass are not smart.

  20. Thank GOD for social media.
    Get them all burn.

  21. What you mean all you need is money to become successful.. duh

  22. Education and ability do not matter, nepotism and favoritism rule the military industrial complex. Easy to verify if anyone cared?

  23. Read: "College Board Offers Explanation On Florida Teen’s[ Kamilah Campbell] SAT Cheating Accusation" by Selna Hill Jan. 4, 2019

  24. Will Smith is one of the ones who paid to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Colleges and universities have turn themselves into a joke. Their focus is on social justice and political correctness. There are lots of people out there with expensive "useless degrees".

  26. when it comes to corruption no one is safe and nothing is sacred…

  27. A scandal in California, I don't believe it

  28. Boomer commentator wants USC to be pay-2-play lmao they take money from the federal government they should be held to ethic standards. These dumb boomers probably in the pay to play scam

  29. SC does have a strong network but outside of their usual typical industries saying "I'm an sc grad" doesn't carry that much weight. As a hiring manager a candidate whose main pitch was where they went to school was almost an automatic rejection for me. Show me you're ready to put college life behind you, work hard and learn how to apply what you learned to help the company and you're in. Gee I wonder where this pressure to get into the most prestigious colleges comes from – the colleges maybe? We live in the information age but unfortunately a lot of it is total BS!

  30. The Deep State Hollywood Clowns buying their kids degrees and titles , that explains everything…

  31. Lack of ethics on the parents part and the school should be slapped with a fine. For cheating! Corrupt school officials, should be fired!

  32. Number one sc is a private college but the recruiter that came to my daughter's high school was very open about popular hollywood stars kids being admitted and graduated regardless of grade performance. Not news!

  33. Wow. A California entity that is corrupt and controlled by special interests and their free flowing bank accounts…what a surprise…

  34. Rigging entrance exams in order to provide favoribility to certain students is just wrong. Like she said, become totally independent, then totally skip the tests. Let them know that this doesn't matter, you actually need to be rich to get the spot.

  35. A private school should do what they want, it would be up to them to investigate improprieties!

  36. Eastern Ship building is hiring here and will train. No brainer, make great money and work for a living.

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