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College professor links grades to 'oppressive capitalism': Here's how

New School Professor Richard Wolff says on “Bulls & Bears” that school grades uphold “oppressive capitalism” and provides a shortcut mentality.

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  1. Professor Wolff is so very good.

  2. The dentist that messed up my filings got 4.0 from a great university. My current dentist went to an average school and got ok grades and so far has been wonderful.

  3. We are destroying our civilization one brick at a time.

  4. These people didn't even listen to what Wolff was saying.

  5. Professor Wolff nails it… like always.

  6. Kudos to Fox for at least allowing Proff Wolff to have this discussion. I can't imagine seeing this on CNN or MSNBC. Having said all that, it's interesting to see how hysterical they get with anyone who is just mildly critical of any aspect of capitalism. It would be good to see more discussions like this in a longer format.

  7. Neil D'grass Tyson says the same. We need to teach how to think, not what to think. It's the difference between education and propaganda. "who started the Vietnam war? If you say Communists, you get an 'A+'…" Get it?!!!

  8. It's not like its hard to get a 4.0 these days. I kind of agree with him, grades are in many ways obsolete. I'm no genius and I graduated from Brown University with a 3.8 GPA with little effort. Grades worked long ago, but now everything is different. The world is changing so fast and the way we measure ability cannot keep pace with it. Take a look at the world we live in today. You'd be astonished at how much so-called "experts" don't actually know! Ask your VP if he knows how to do your job? He probably won't even know how to use the FAX machine in your office, let alone your job.

  9. You closed minded morons. We all know that the Mark Zuckerbergs, Steve Jobs, and Albert Einstein’s of the world have terrible grades and even drop out of school and are the geniuses of the world. School is a system of control, not a system of optimal learning.

  10. When stupid people stop saying what USSR was a communist country? USSR was totalitarian country practicing "State capitalism". Google it!!!

  11. Grades are highly inflated these days. It doesn't prove anything by regurgitating things back to your teacher. Most people forget what they have learned the minute they walk out the door. You obviously have to prove you can do the work when you get employed. There should be a way of proving that you would be a good employee other than the grades you got in college. Plenty of people have graduated from college and down right dumb. Like the guy sitting in the white house when he is not on the golf course or doing his mini nuremberg rallies. I am sure there is a good reason why he doesn't want his grades released.

  12. 5 bumbling idiots doing an intellectual tap dance because they refuse to listen to the professor.

  13. Professor Wolff into the lion's den. Man, those oligarchs sounded angry.

  14. Modern Monetary is the answer

  15. how easily the right wing loons get triggered !

    "Never Q my reality. Please. T I N A !" Like 'A' grade toddlers howling at the school gate "Where's my Mummy?" .

  16. Grades mean nothing when you factor in the rampant cheating that goes on in schools.

  17. I don't see how you can find a good doctor without grades :/

  18. Thank you once again, professor Wolff. Capitalism has been engraved in our heads that it's the best system since sliced bread. Your authentic dialogue is getting the attention of Capitalists around the world. As I post this message another recession looms and yet people will defend a dying system that works for 1% of the population.

  19. with no grades , teachers don't have to try and neither do students. Fire all the teachers in the universities and hire new ones for half price.

  20. Watch his eyes ! That guy is really fired up with his Marxism . Either indoctrinated students have got to him or it is him who has probably done the indoctrinating .

  21. What a dingbat… Get rid Professor Wolff he is the F man…

  22. This imbecile has some gall to complain about students mimicking the teachers. That is exactly what is happening now. If they concentrated on teaching HOW to think, rather than WHAT to think, these kids would have long ago dismissed these imbeciles with their warped and failed ideology. What a sad state of affairs when we have socialists complaining that they are not being allowed to indoctrinate the students more quickly and easily.

  23. Dems trying to cover up the idiocy they’ve created.
    These professors deserve an F

  24. Professor dumbass… Degree in stupidity… Waste of my time…

  25. Just more proof a degree is worthless and these charlatans shouldnt have unresteicted funding from our federal government.

  26. I was considering saving money and taking my children to the USA For university … That's now an astounding Hell No from me … If this is the fluff that "Professors" have and are trying to promote thats a HELL NO! For me and my children .. NOPE NOPE NOPE … This and those looney lefties on campuses nope nope and HELL NOPE… I am gonna send my child to university in Egypt …

  27. Bahatawatahahahahahahahahahahahahahah, foolish liberal sheep.

  28. Start preparing teenagers for the real world instead of coddling them. If you coddle them, they will mentally fracture when thrown out into reality.

  29. But then, dear professor, there's meritocracism and capitalism and there's sellfishness, a huge, megalomanous selfishness who dares to change what is for the sake of a normalization os sorts, isn't that so, really? Let's get around grades for the heck of it, and abbolish it for real, and it'll be all fixed, shall we? There's nothing behind that WHICH is which may gather a major learning in life and the life beyond, isn't it professor? Nope! It's all just here and now…! I guess it goes without saying… Of course grades are a minor issue in all the entire learning system, but then

  30. But listening to the professor… it reminded me that simple fact that education establishments have little to do with real learning. Einstein is an exemple of that, sure. Actual learning/teaching starts with the right motivation, full point. And curiously, the abbolishion of the grade system is another mass movement of the wors kind, because it tends to reinforce the adjustment stance more than other thing. I mean, it tends to discourage the need to make any effort in order to comply with social requirements, yes. They're not talking of creating a Montessori or Pestalozzi or Frobel kind of schools all around, no, what they're arguing is a patternalization of the entire system, which every standardization coming from the State – whatever state or government – tends to stultify and creat norms and rules, and not learning. Se, learning does not star and end in school! Learning is whithout end. Academic training is another thing entirely. Absolutely.

  31. YAY we can all BE brain surgeons NOW and go to ivy league schools. Woohoo. Smdh

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