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Colleges Help Students Discover Their Roots Through Reparations Program

Stay Tuned reporter Maya Eaglin speaks with current and former Georgetown University students about the school’s reparations fund, and how the initiative relates to her own family’s personal history.

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  1. I always wondered how black you have to be to get those reparations. One drop? 50% 75% 100% what is it?

  2. Black people don't realize that "Juneteenth" was their Reparations.

  3. So as a white person I feel guilty. Should I give my trailer house to Obama or Oprah?

  4. Shouldn't Egypt being giving a bunch of money to Israel?

  5. Reparations for what? Cant blacks make it in America without taking handouts from others who can?

  6. This is why it’s your moral obligation to be a white nationalist at this point.

  7. question….so what about the 350,000 white people and families who died fighting to end slavery.. do they still have to pay reparations? What about the thousands of black slave owners that lived in the USA what about those families…are they going to pay too.. also Im Irish our family never had slaves we came over as indentured servants.. do we have to pay too even though many died in my family fighting to end slavery???

  8. History is stranger than fiction. Alot of people ancestry here in America who are non indian , non native still predate the 15 century meaning America or land of the frogs as it was called always been a melton pot of many different incredible and beautiful cultures.

  9. Nice. I found my family name on Mississippi river side of U.S. I found there birth records in a church on eastern side of U.S and i found my family's slave owner and they came from England the slave plantation is still there today. History is power and knowing is knowledge ! Peace to all …

  10. Taking responsibility for things you didn’t do. Sounds about right.🥴

  11. You can't have a brighter tommorow if you're always thinking about yesterday.

  12. democrats making sure black.kids don't gros up good..racism has gone through evolution too to disgues itself and save racist face

  13. "Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”

    (1 Samuel 15:3)

  14. Check out Newsmax or NTD news or OAN news for better news coverage

  15. the world government of the antichrist is near the doors but believing in Jesus Christ we have salvation
    and eternal life .. believing by faith. believe where you are. physical temples or people, money, religions, beliefs, images, pictures, objects or anything else does not save only Jesus Christ read in the holy bible . Romans 10: 9 and 10,John 14: 6,John 11:25,John 1:12,John 3:16

    Acts 4:12, Ephesians 2: 8 and 9, Acts 2:21

  16. Native Americans deserve their pay back also

  17. America Africa and Israel We keep yall can settle back home in Europe we’re your Ancestors and colonizers began I’m just saying

  18. I challenge all these loser schools to trace my roots with the resources on hand at their respective schools. Winner gets $1billion in bitcoin. Go!!!

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  20. Is the US still the Land of the Free or the Land of the pinky power MAGATs ?

    Ask the First Nations what they think.

    Ask Blacks when they see Police and Karen.

    Ask Chinese when you say Chinese Flu or you shoot them because of Traitor Trump's xenophobic rhetoric.

  21. Racism exists, but it is not welcome here. We are not immune to the viruses of hate, of fear, of other.

    We never have been. But we can be the nation that discovers the cure.” Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand PM.

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  23. George Floyd used to give li ber al men head for reparations.

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