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Collins rips FISA abuse: 'Major changes' must be made

Rep. Doug Collins, R-GA, discusses the various reforms that should be made to the FISA courts. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Somethings going on with Barr.i don't know what it is, guess he's not a "put it out there" kind of man.

  2. How much money in bloated salary did the FISC judges receive in conjunction with their rubber stamping operation to take down Trump? How much did the US Taxpayer pay these lazy rubber stamp judges for not even hearing a case to investigate a presidential campaign? Why do we pay these judges at all? What a waste of money and trust.

  3. Anyone else think Trey Gowdy would make a good AG?
    He doesn't put up w/ bull manure from either side and he asks good questions.

  4. It’s all political fraud. Look up the Act of 1871.

  5. Changes have been made 2 or 3 times already enough, get rid of the traitors. 94% of them are democrat communist. Republicans said there are good people in fbi or doj where were the whistleblowers at. They are lying again, supposedly President is falling for it

  6. Like Hover………….. I have someting on every one don"t get to laud I know everything about you.

  7. President Trump is waiting on the Durham Report, We are too.

  8. Republicans are in favor of FISA court reforms? That's why I am no longer a RepublicRAT. ABOLISH THE COURT! DON'T FIX IT, AND LOCK UP THOSE GUILTY OF ABUSING IT, YOU STUPID REPUBLICRAT SNAKE!

  9. Things won't change until after Nov. election when Republicans reclaim the House.




  11. Dissolve the FISA court. It is unconstitutional.

  12. Lynsey is obstruction, the criminals resigned, nothing has been cleansed

  13. No one is getting indicted. This is all an ongoing sham.

  14. Frustration frustration…

  15. the longer I listen to politicians the more I realise how corrupt the whole system is.
    How is it possible that all of these criminals of the past get to walk away?
    If this current batch of crooks wants to get the support of the people on both sides they need to act and prosecute the crooks like Clinton McCabe Comey etc.

  16. Changes will be circumvented in an Obama type corrupt administration. Easy-peasy.

  17. Lou Dobbs is a true patriot…

  18. Soooo… Is it the Dept of Justice? Or the Dept of Injustice? Someone over there needs to make a snappy decision!!!! DOJ….DOI….DOJ….DOI! Hmmmmm.

  19. "I need another 45 years or so to do the job properly. In the meantime I need a little more sleep."–A.G. Barr somnambulantly walking through his job.
    "Thank you Allah…I mean Lord for A.G. Barr."–Barry the Fairy Obama.
    "Me too."–Hillbag.

  20. How can a justice department work if they protect criminals, just by hiding their crimes is a crime, as it proves there is a crime to hide. So maybe It's the justice department that needs to be replaced too. The people shouldn't be expected to pay criminals a high Salary just because they were selected into government, No job is for life, not even theirs.

  21. Anyone defending Clinton must have a motive, and when you find out what that motive is, you'll find it's criminal. They all seem to have been court in that Clinton web, and the pain they feel is making them drop bricks.

  22. Major changes AFTER proper prosecution of criminals. Immediately!

  23. Wasn't this AH offered the DNI job ? Seems he could have actually made changes in FISA abuse by taking that job. Of course he didn't he just wants to spew rhetoric and get attention typical repub

  24. We DO NOT TRUST the FISA court.

  25. The Deep State is alive and THRIVING in the Justice Department. How sad that the people who are supposed to be for justice are the most corrupt and they are hurting Americans. Where is their protection? Can you imagine if the government went after you? It's not a fair fight and our Justice Dept, CIA and FBI all need to be thoroughly investigated and get these Deep State crooks out.

  26. Close the fisa court down. It's CORRUPT And will continue to be CORRUPT. Nobody is being held accountable.

  27. Lou, Doug, Say it… Something Bigger Is Coming. The storm is 'just off the coast'. We see it .

  28. Our government is so corrupt. Full of either cowards or the corrupt.

  29. Why aren't the criminal judges on the unconstitutional secret court NOT being IMPEACHED???!!!!! Then HUNG! When are we going to see Clintons, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Stryzok, Page and Lerner in HANDCUFFS and BEHIND BARS?!!! The USA is ALREADY Outside Rule of Law!

  30. They KNEW they had abuse in FISA court in 2016, and yet continued allowing this to continue even in 2017 while surveilling a sitting president !!!!

  31. He said he was disappointed in the McCabe… I'm pretty disappointed in the Epstein suicide issue also.. Nothing to see here says Barr.

  32. The FISA Courts need to be closed, return to the constitution.

  33. The abuse happened a long time ago and is still going on in fact. Nothing is being done to the thugs that are in charge.

  34. I'm glad to be a part of this ongoing thread. Let's be perfectly clear, nothing is going to change! The entire election process is corrupt. Why can't any citizen run for office? That's because of the two party system local party boss's has a strangle hold on who can run or be elected. When citizens start to speak up, out of the blue comes the IRS! The first time I've seen this was when Al Gore was running for President during the New Hampshire Open Tall Hall. A young lady asked an embarrassing question, 3 days later the IRS came knocking on her door. Subversion by our government is real. We need to band together and demand accountability. We should Dox the federal judges and others who are "do nothing" government officials on social media and bring them personally into the light of day.

  35. It's unconstitutional and should have never been implemented to begin with. Abolish it. We do not need a secret court to spy on citizens.

  36. We the people of America demand a reform in the DOJ, FBI IRS Fisa imagration, new laws for the mainstream media
    And clean up the democrats

  37. We, Americans are sick & tired of all this mess! We want Justice of the Corrupt. Mr. Dobbs, I enjoy ur shows to get to the bottom of the truth.

  38. There r crimes committed under Obama administration every where? With proof! Ukraine was given $8.8B

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