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Colonial Pipeline hack leads to gas shortage | ABC News

A gas shortage is worsening following a cyberattack on the largest fuel pipeline on the east coast. Gas stations across the southeast are seeing long lines and panic buying. https://abcn.ws/2R70Mjw

The worst violence in years between Israel and Palestine shows no signs of stopping. ABC News’ Matt Gutman is in Tel Aviv where rockets continue to rain down. https://abcn.ws/33AjF0I

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  1. 3? In cali it’s going to 6 to 7 lmao

  2. CIA reformation !!! FBI reformation!!

  3. What 🤣😂😂🤣😂😜 wrong with American…get. A bike..walk..but don't kill yourselves over rumors about no more gas…don't you see the supply and demand con game is driving up gas prices in near future….be patient. After all…where you going?????

  4. machine that control pump can get hack.. million of life at stake. But the election were not rigg no pun intended

  5. Most of us are not stupid the timing of this alleged hack is simply to obvious even if the hack is real and the companies paid the ransom I'm more then sure they will make their money back X 10

  6. gasoline prices are high for American standards. in the Netherlands it's €7.17 for one gallon of 95

  7. Anyone else notice something major always happens in the US (distraction) as events in Palestine and the Israeli Occupation start to rupture

  8. Mayorkas says that in cyber security you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

    So what do we do when our weakest link is President Magoo?

  9. tesla owners so happy rn

  10. It's time for the people to get used to oil scarcity anyway…

  11. Seeing all this in my tesla

  12. Tesla drivers are just laughing while pushing the pumps!

  13. What pipeline attack ?

  14. Thanks a lot Biden – what a failure!

  15. Idiotic headline and reporting, it's not the hack which caused the shortage, rather the imbeciles who panicked and hoarded gas.

  16. Why would on gas company cause this? Tell me we have more companies? Fake crisis.

  17. Whadda coinkydink that “RUSSIAN” servers were involved in a “cyber attack” on a PHYSICAL (not digital) pipeline… that exclusively shut down fuel distribution across the RED STATES that voted for the Government OPPOSITION candidate… and the government’s Mefia Apparatchiks are in a full 24X7 coordinated propaganda campaign to back up the “shortages” BUT! One has to ask, “What Party has a vested interest in SPIKING fuel costs to cover the trillions of digital dollars poured into the system over the last year… and what better way than to TAX everyone who drives a vehicle vs Putin did it just to f*ck with the Slow Joe to satisfy the Democrat Party rhetoric since Americans chose an OUTSIDER to look into what our government is doing… 🧐

  18. This was done so the failing Tesla motors company and its diluted stock holders can run from the failure they face all while looking elected and elite in a electric while looking drowned up we watch from pump side as one gallon tics to 5.99.9999991 Bitcoin took the 8

  19. SoCal.. premium gas is $5.19/gallon. (Mobile Gas Station), Washington and Crenshaw Blvd.

  20. Isn't this what the CIA is actually for?
    They are in Eastern Europe. Find them. Torture them. Kill them.

  21. You mean to tell me that with the FBI, CIA and other secret agencies we are unable to crack cyber ransom codes? Lolol x 1000, yea sure

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