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Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day? | USA TODAY

Some states are replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.
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A growing number of cities, states and universities are replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, also known as Native Americans Day.

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  1. The far Left is championing "indigenous
    people" because they prefer the savage to the civilized. That is also
    why they champion Islam and environmentalism, it is a worship of the

  2. Columbus expanded the way the world was thought of after his voyage.

  3. Before the white man came Native Americans lived in peace.

    Of shit tents in the middle of the woods.

  4. The great melting pot is turning into a cultural garbage dump with too many individual recycling bins… Columbus should have never bothered ..imagine where you would all be, some wouldn't be too happy

  5. SUBMULOC day… 🇺🇸❄️🍅❄️🐷❄️🐀❄️$$$$$$$$

  6. Oh let’s just erase history altogether!! Jesus h Christ!

  7. Oh come on! We know the real question is Pale Migrants Day or Dark Migrants Day. And we know which you prefer.

  8. Natives were already in Europe before Columbus ever made it here.

  9. I am just curious as to why native Americans would be offended in any way by Columbus day hahaha. The guy never even stepped foot on to mainland America FFS. This is beyond stupid to me.

  10. All that matters its a day we get off from skewl.

  11. Have a straight day holiday for people who are straight and take off work.

  12. LOL looks like the sensitivity Squad is that it again

  13. So on "indigenous peoples day" do the tribes who slaughtered and wiped out other tribes over territory and hunting grounds get to celebrate? PC morons.

  14. Why not a Gonzalo Guerrero Day? He is the real hero that no one talks about.

    He was one of the first Spaniards to reach the American mainland after being shipwrecked along the Yucatán Peninsula and taken as a slave by the local Maya, another Spaniard being Geronimo de Aguilar. He earned his freedom, became a respected warrior under a Maya Lord, and raised three of the first mestizo children in Mexico. Presumably, he fathered the first mixed children of the mainland Americas. He helped the Maya fight the invading Spanish until he was later killed in battle on the side of the Maya at the age of 50.

    When Hernando Cortes landed on the Mexican coast he heard word of a Spaniard living amongst the Maya and sent Gerónimo de Aguilar to retrieve him. When Aguilar met with Gonzalo, Gonzalo said, "Brother Aguilar; I am married and have three children, and they look on me as a cacique (lord) here, and captain in time of war. My face is tattooed and my ears are pierced. What would the Spaniards say about me if they saw me like this? Go and God's blessing be with you, for you have seen how handsome these children of mine are. Please give me some of those beads you have brought to give to them and I will tell them that my brothers have sent them from my own country."

  15. Ron Johnson, I want to Thank you for your service to our country.

  16. It should be Indigenous peoples day! A day of remembrance of the past and to celebrate our future together with the gringos!!

  17. you bleeding heart libtards need to migrate to another country. sorry but I don't want to "culturally appropriate" another holiday…I believe this is the term you would use if this were any other holiday like MLK day. Columbus DIDN'T settle America…In September 1620, a merchant ship called the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, a port on the southern coast of England, they settled in AMERICA . so exactly what is the beef with Columbus…are we now boycotting the french..vikings…spanish…and the nomadic asians who clearly were here long before the Indians we know and love.? Your argument is invalid, idiotic and pointless.

  18. Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day?

    Can't it be both? I will be so elated when we all stop looking at history as a zero sum gain.

  19. I support Indigenous Peoples Day. Columbus did not discover America. That lie should not continue to be taught to children either. Its bullshit.

  20. Thank you to those having to work today.


  22. lol so dumb its columbus day because thats the day the rest of the world discovered north america thanks to columbus, how silly can people be?

  23. Stop this madness already.

  24. Oh my God,,, Identity politics again ……

  25. I’m sick of political correctness and yes I’d rather have the day off.

  26. It’s Columbus day because it is the day Columbus arrived to America. It changed the course of history. Period. Everything else is political BS.

  27. I’m native and I’m ok with Columbus Day. I’m a proud American

  28. People came to America a 1000 years before Columbus was born. Another white lie.


  30. What's indigenous about those people? History has proven the Chinese discovered America far before the "indigenous" lol it's all a bunch of nonsensical pandering. Getting rid of Columbus day is more moronic than indigenous people day so I suppose have them both. Clearly indigenous people prefer white culture more than their native culture which is why 78% of natives choose to live outside reservations.

  31. I would definetely rather celebrate indigenous day!

  32. Stop trying to erase our history.

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