Sunday , December 5 2021


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  1. Sometimes it is a bit frustrating when Charlie keeps interrupting or does distracting activities in the background of these vlogs. When you were in the Cottage going through items you picked up, I thought you might never get through the items.

  2. The white jar where you’ve put in the dry grass is actually used for storing pickles in India. It generally comes in with a lid as well.
    It’s very good if you want to preserve food a long time.

  3. The link for the rattan bag with pink leather isn’t working for me …. Help…is it uk Amazon?

  4. I can’t believe coats this time of year? It’s a whopping 104 at my house. Fahrenheit. Fahrenheat 🥵

  5. I'm loving how cozy and amazing the cottage is! So welcoming! I think the coffee table will just be too cluttered. How about some fold away table? Shopping was a lot of fun as always! Awesome haul!

  6. Love Rattan shoulder basket bag, can you link for US? thank you ❤️

  7. I get anxiety going into clothing stores now and feel overwhelmed. I wanted to go to Pandora yesterday but decided I’d rather order online. 😅

  8. Love the phrase "blissfully unaware"! I use that phrase all the time.

  9. The couch in the cottage needs to be under the staircase where the two slipper chairs are now.

  10. Hello Josie, I suggest at the cottage to modify the sofa and the fauteuils location: move the sofa instead of the fauteuils and vice versa….will be wonderful! axelle from Montreal, Canada

  11. I love the mirror, and the books looks really interesting.
    Charlie cracked me up in the background, you could see it was slightly irritating you as I guess you have to edit and if he waffles on too much you’ve got extra work. Also as he tried to take your book and you held it tight. I did really laugh along 😂.
    I agree with some others, I would move sofa in front of book shelf and chairs to window, not sure if you can with dining table there.
    Yes I agree leave the tv out as in the evenings that’s a nice watch.

  12. Just a thought but at the cottage, would it work to flip the family room? Put the table and chairs where the sofa is by the window and move the sofa over to the wall leading to where the table and chairs are in the corner? (Not sure there is enough room but thinking it would create more of a conversational space with the two slipper chairs)

  13. The cottage has a lovely feel to it and I can see your challenge in furnishing the main room. I like them but I feel that the chairs and sofa are a bit bulky for the space – when people are sitting on the chairs they would have to turn sideways to talk to someone on the sofa. The cottage is set up for 4 people, so perhaps a smaller 2 seater sofa with fewer cushions in front of the bookshelf with 2 more traditional small armchairs would work. You then might be able to fit one coffee table in front of the sofa and another in between the chairs

  14. Where is that lovely cream coat from you were wearing in Manchester? Is it Reiss? X

  15. I thorughly enjoyed your vlog! The cottage is looking amazing and like others have said I'd use the poufe with one of those circular round wooden trays. Absolutely love your white Broderie Blouse!!!! oxoxox

  16. I bought this bag from Amazon a few weeks ago in white. Really good quality. One of my favourite purchases.

  17. I've used the fall asleep party trick to get out of a bachelorette party gone off the rails and wrecking.

  18. There’s loads of shops in Manchester. You have to go up the escalators in the arndale up to to the clothes shops. The Main Street right up to Piccadilly is full of shops. And St Anne’s square are some more higher end shops in Deansgate. You have to know your way around. Jesus, save us the trip walking through the sunflowers.

  19. Strawtop is looking beautiful. The only thing, as myself and my partner are red wine drinkers, that sofa is giving me anxiety. I think we would have to take some throws with us, just to be sure. X 😂

  20. Love your jacket Josie when shopping, where is it from? Xx

  21. The new cushions look great and I love the dressing table mirror 🤗
    I agree with a previous comment about having a table that can be folded away to be used when required – it would be a shame to clutter your beautiful room with a permanent fixture.
    Congratulations on your cottage transformation – I’d love to stay there. However I usually choose properties that do not allow dogs, although I love them I am allergic to their fur 🤧. I’m sure it would be worth a few wheezes and sneezes though 😊

  22. What a great place for a holiday. I think a coffee table is a must – where is one going to put ones tray for ones afternoon tea?😁 Seriously though people will have a drink in the sitting room sometime during the day whether it's coffee in the morning, tea and cake after a long walk, glass of wine and snacks watching TV in the evening. They may not want to sit at the dining table for those things, cups or glasses may get put on the floor/sofa arm, who knows what folk will do when relaxing!😏 You won't need to clutter it up with stuff just let guests use it. If it's a nice table you may need some coasters left on it to give people a 'hint'!
    Oh and Charlie – love the socks!😉

  23. Sofa looks so much better. Be careful of leaving candles around the cottage in case people light them. But cottage is coming along nicely x

  24. In the cottage is the mirror up stairs wooden because you could stain it, and I agree with Charlie that the coffee table will take up to much room, but it looks beautiful

  25. Why not a small footstool with a sturdy tray to put cups etc on instead of a coffee table?

  26. Josie that mirror is just perfect for the table in the bedroom and for the other mirror you can try to stain it with darker stain for the wood.

  27. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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