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Come Shopping With Me! In YAS Mall (Ferrari World) – Abu Dhabi! | Fashion Mumblr Travel Vlog

Come Shopping With Me in Yas Island Mall – Abu Dhabi, the biggest shopping centre I have EVER been in ! Also there is Ferrari World – the best place to leave your Dad/Brother/Boyfriend while you shop 😉

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  1. How do you find the prices compared to England ??

  2. And where was Charly ? 🙁

  3. 11:30 no offense but do you know what a afro is because your hair is not a afro.

  4. help me i dont want to walk into louis vuitton as a stupid person. how much do bag cost in yas island ?

  5. 3:53 Aww! I noticed that you aimed your camera down intentionally so those locals' faces won't be in the video. Really appreciate how you thought that maybe they wouldn;t like being filmed that close. +Sub!

  6. Abu dhabi is my city!

    No im serious thats where i live…so she went to yas mall and if you are interested i will list some other places near by,

    1:ferrari world ;the entrance was obviously in yas mall

    2:yas water world; it is some where near by

    3: IKEA,YEAH YOU HEARD ME,lol its right next to yas mall

  7. Your hair turned into an Afro? Lol nope not close but I love the vlog and the fact you went with your mum! 😍😍😍

  8. btw you dont have to go throught ferrari to enter yas mall there other entries to it

  9. love Abu Dhabi, I could definitely live there x

  10. no kissing in a mall sign 12 :11 wow

  11. I am an American that lives in Abu Dhabi and I would say the places that we go to have fun.aka.yas waterworld,Ferrari world,ya mall and a lot more and I do recommend to visit Abu Dhabi if you wanna have fun💕💕💕💕

  12. I'm a girl and tbh you could just leave me in Ferrari world as well and I'd be happy

  13. Yas mall is the best I go there every weekend I'm going there today btw I love your channel

  14. We were there, hungry whole day and pathetic nothing to eat at during Ramadan period. All restaurants and cafes even fast food closed. No wonder there is a sign in hotel says "Eat all while you can" during a buffet breakfast . Here video says it "nothing exciting to report" 11.46

  15. I can't believe you filmed walking around the mall! They can confiscate your camera and delete all footage because you're filming other people. I would be so scared to do that!

  16. Arr we lived in the Middle East in Dubai for 4 and a half years nearly 5… Loved it <3

  17. Who noticed the guy in the background at 5:35? 😂

  18. Hiya great video love to watch your vlogs I can't remember if you have already said this but are you doing vlogmas? I hope that you are as I love vlogmas videos. Who did you go Dubai with? Looks like you had a fab time thanx for sharing 😊 x

  19. Little surprised you wen to an Islamic shopping mall with your shoulders exposed..? Oh well. This looked amazing. When I went we went to the marina mall. It was like a posher version of lakeside.. not as impressive as YAS haha..x

  20. You need to go to Dubai Mall- it's even bigger!!

  21. I love shopping in UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, even high street stores like Mango and Zara have so better options. Something special about UAE (well mainly Dubai) is that its one of the few Gulf countries that directly carry designer stores, with the added bonus of being tax/duty free.

  22. The Never ending mall lol AMAZING

  23. This is not a criticism – it's a question borne of curiosity and a lack of understanding on my part. I notice that you are walking around in public places with your shoulders and upper arms uncovered. Is that allowed/common in Abu Dhabi? I know that in some Arab countries it is proscribed.

    I really enjoyed this video. Would love to go shopping in that mall!

  24. one more time thank you for taking us with you i really enjoyed 🙂

  25. i love your little rockstud bag, so cute 😍😍

  26. I went there in the sumer holidays and didn't see bath and body works .Now i really want to go back .

  27. Could you write the name of song playing in the video thanks:)

  28. I love cars and shopping. Love formula 1

  29. I love all of your videos! You are so natural and chic! I am proud to see so many Italian brands everywhere in the world! 😉 Ciao from Italy

  30. Wow that mall looks amazing!

  31. at night time it all looked so beautiful, n lively, the mall was awesome, so colorful n open, hope u had fun.

  32. love all your vlogs xoxo…thank U for sharing 🙂

  33. omg I live there that's so cool 😂

  34. Are clothes ( &food) cheaper or more extensive in Abu Dhabi than in europe? Kisses from Germany

  35. Thank you so much for taking me with you for an enjoyable walk …I really had fun

  36. What an eye opener into such a shopping Wonderland. Great music…oh and rinse your hair with distilled water in humid countries it is amazing and no frizz…makes your hair look so good for days. 💗🌹

  37. lol, the guy behind her at 5:33!!😂

  38. i love it when you you go into a store in November and there's Christmas stuff already out!!!!👌🎅🎅

  39. Loved the Abu Dhabi vlogs! This was fantastic. All the stores looked amazing, and so funny to see so many American stores lol. Loved your comment about the mannequins wearing coats when it's 40 degrees out. That happens in Arizona. It doesn't matter what the local temperature is, only what season it is for the retail industry lol. Which means we can get some killer deals on summer clothes and still wear them for a few months. 🙂

  40. wow it was like every store you can think of was in that mall. your shot of the mall rules was interesting to see as well.

  41. Let me guess you're going to Morocco?

  42. Great as always… Thanks for sharing Abu dabi x

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