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Come Shopping With Me! McArthurGlen Designer Outlet & HAUL! | Fashion Mumblr #VLOGTOBER

It’s time for #VLOGTOBER! To kick things off I’m taking you shopping with me at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet up in York – plus a HAUL of all my bargains!

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Pink Coat by Reiss :
Oxblood Trousers :
Grey Jumper :
Valentino Bag :

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Necklace :
Rings :


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  1. You look beautiful and elegant. I'm in love with your style

  2. I love your channel 🙂 also you look like holly Madison! So gorgeous 🙂

  3. I also started to add in a little pink into my wardrobe because of you lol

  4. Ever since I started following you I shop online @ Reiss/French Connection/ASOS/Ted Baker/Karen Millen…I forget all about the US brands/Stores.When I shop TopShop I can never find good items like ones you pick out😭 I love what you choose/style they always all look great on you!

  5. Here in usa we have some discount stores, that sell brand name. Clothes, shoes, etc for a very good price. I have seen french connection, Michael kors, calvin Klein etc. For very very low prices

  6. hello love your videos can u please tell me the name of the track song from the creuset pans onwards thank you

  7. I go there like every 2 months or something i live like 20 mins away from there

  8. 16:45 It costs 10 pounds to get the coat repaired but each to their own. (It would have saved him 169 pounds though)

  9. I just want to come and meet you and want to spend a day with you. I think you are just living my dream. Good going girl.xoxo.

  10. We are binge watching these wonderful videos and take a shot every time you say 'bits and bobs'! We are feeling no pain. Cheers Josie!

  11. Dear Josie … when I watched your recent outlet shopping, I was sure it sounded familar – ah-ha! Re-watching now … wondering if – nine months later, and changes in his own life – if Charlie so much objects to you vlogging now ;>

  12. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,Your shopping trips,keep doing it. I am in love with all you white dresses.its so classy and elegant.

  13. You didn't save 40 pounds you lost 60 they tricked you ,who made money was the shop

  14. loved it. watching from West Africa-Nigeria

  15. I looove your thumbnail 😍😍😍who takes these pictures?Do you take them your self??
    ILY 😍😘😊

  16. Sag mal habt ihr zu viel Geld oder was?!

  17. I need to start vlogging n stay home and get paid. is that how it works?☺

  18. what a lovely little family, and your shopping vlogs are my fave you are unique for me in the vlogging world no drama or tacky or innapropiate content I love it, the best of british ,and the clothes you choose are spot on

  19. U honestly look good in everything 💖

  20. my favourite new youtuber i love your videos, classy and beautiful and inspiring X

  21. Yaka sete rebe robi santa

  22. Did u see the fella walking past with his hands down the front of his trousers and smirking at his friend at approx 7.50 then as he walked past he took them out

  23. Ooooh the Ted Baker finds are my fave! And those pink Le Creuset pans! xo

  24. Hello ,
    Really enjoted going shopping with you.
    Great video!
    Enjoy your week!

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