Comer warns Bragg that Congress can force his testimony in Trump probe

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., discusses the timing of Donald Trump’s indictment by Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. Use mafia laws to bring these players down after all they act like mafiosa

  2. Well said its a third world government and banana Republic once bidens term is up there won't be anything left

  3. braggg just another corrupt demoncrat put all these losers in prison

  4. Comer is an idiot! He or anyone else in government cannot interfere with Bragg. Further, if he is not careful he could find himself in legal peril for obstruction. With morons like Comer around, no wonder the GOP is going down the tubes!

  5. Remember in 2013 when Harry Reid invoked the " Nuclear Option" and in 2017 the Republicans used the Democrats undoing against them.. What they're doing now can open the door for others by setting a precedent

  6. RNC GOP
    Must not backdown
    The hunter is the real game

  7. Fox not the news , telling you what they are paid to let you know ……… lies lies and more lies

  8. …and this will give TRUMP millions of votes. Revenge should be served VERY cold.


  10. It's stunning where America is today.

  11. Civil war! Civil war!

  12. what is brags home address treat him like they did to the Supreme Court

  13. Fat Fk. Joke. Bragg will end his career because of this.

  14. Hey you dumb mothrtfuckers if you don’t get it together then fuvk you

  15. The Witch-hunt has been one big smear campaign. The snakes are panicking and are running out of options. God Bless America 🙏

  16. Jan 6 was a miserable failure, so they are trying yet again. Biden the Clown is the Anti Christ.

  17. NOBODY is fearing these weak kneed repubs. By next week the Dems will just tell you to go to he11. They are laugh8ng themselves silly watching you give speeches. Or is this coordinated between D’s and R's?

  18. This is happening because the GOP were deeply asleep when the Dems were busy planning evil. It is very shameful seeing them helpless

  19. This worries me and my friends that we are Allies of America, we only wish we were not America is weak at this time and war looks like it's on it's way.Why would anyone support Biden he has torn America apart. The enemy are laughing rolling all over the floor with glee watching America fighting each other trying to imprison a President. Now we can see why America is violent Democrats live off hate,race,and Violence, and they despise the American people this is why they are importing other people from other dangerous countries so they can rule them much easier. Biden wants rid of Trump and his voters so they make up evil stories to do this, Your Justice System is nil you have crooks and vagabonds running it, to have a District Attorney to say he is going to get Trump is so shocking, this is Mafia or third world country stuff. This Attorney should be in Jail you cannot run a justice system like this.

  20. How many of Trump’s cohorts ignored congressional subpoenas to testify again?

  21. They found a patsy to make an accusation.

  22. im wondering what Brags life is going to be like when Trump takes office in 2024.there will be no rock any place in the world that he can hide under, he wants front row, and now he will get it.

  23. Mitch 1st impeachment – not impeachment but criminal laws will hold Trump accountable. Mitch was right.

  24. Mr. Comer Bragg don't have any Mr. In him !!

  25. It’s going to be the Wild West ol son! Alvin and the chipmunks are up.

  26. I agree drain the swamp to save your country from a Sodom & Gomorrah event. Every common man women child on your knees praying if you want saving from the messy fallout of the corrupt.

  27. Donald trump is the right person for America..

  28. It's called Distraction, so we forget about Biden and China.

  29. Repubes are feckless. Theyll talk and talk and talk and talk….


  31. Yes, nobody is above the law, even a judge, and for that reason Bragg must be indicted for breaking the law himself as a judge!

  32. Do this! We need to fight back! We HAVE to fight back.

  33. What has Bragg got to hide

  34. This is what democrat democracy looks like we saw it with Brett Kavanagh….. nick sandman…. Kyle Rittenhouse…they say you're guilty without due process

  35. If they arrest Trump then Joe should be arrested

  36. Trump will win anyway.🎉

  37. America has the worst and most abusable judicial system in the world. This cannot be fixed anymore. It needs to be redone from scratch

  38. It's it time then that someone indict Bragge for malfeasance.

  39. Every criminal attacks the prosecution.

  40. I've voted for my last democrap. When it comes to a point where the party has to use the criminal system to stop someone from running for office, it's time to make change.