Monday , November 23 2020
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Comments by Trump’s acting chief of staff trigger firestorm

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney says “I have news for everybody, get over it. There’s going to be political influence in foreign policy.”



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  1. I can't wait til Civil War starts. About 1/2 of this country needs to be wiped out. A reset is desperately needed

  2. FAKE, PHONY, FALSE AS FUCK NEWS! Watch the whole damn conference! You fucks could spin anything.

  3. This stuff has been going on for a long time in politics.. behind closed doors

  4. It's like somebody saying it's the end of the world get over it

  5. Corruption and foreign assistance is a sticky one isn't it

  6. This administration is terrible.

  7. This administration is grilled, Toasty

  8. Peace, Love, and Prosperity for Everybody. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God Bless President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. This bullshit never ends. Can't wait for them to get a taste of their own medicine. BRING IT.

  10. Trump has been stealing millions off this presidency while his supporters worry about their healthcare and jobs wtf is wrong with people he is ROBBING them right under their noses and what.. they dont care…Trump works for them not himself people open your eyes this is not draining the swamp Trump has been building a swamp remember you get what you wish for

  11. If they "do that all the time" in foreign policy then I would say it appears there is much more to find & nuch more probing necessary…hmm
    ….what a waste of taxpayers money these crooks are causing
    …geez !!!
    …I hate waste !!!

  12. May be he is the whistle blower

  13. all these rats are undeserving and untested.

  14. The arrogance of this corrupt administration is absolutely breathtaking. A senior White House official makes a statement to the media clearly admitting wrongdoing, then subsequently blames the media for misconstruing what he said!!

  15. Trump is bulletproof – this is all a complete waste of time.

  16. How can any thinking person stand to watch the tripe this fake news channel tries to put out every day! Try reporting the news, not shaping the news!Clinton spokesman midget Stephie-napoulas as an honest reporter? Yah, right!🖕the midget!🖕fake news abc!🖕

  17. Well the facts (text messages and transcript memo released by WH) left no guess work that was the case. Possible the red hats need a confession but that most likely will not convince the ethical geniuses either. Lock him up, is that something the red hats can chant?

  18. sigh Every single time these guys say something to the press, they later say, "the press twisted my words," or "That's not what I meant. People are taking things out of context," or some bullshit like that. Nobody twisted anything: they said that shit on video, during a press conference. Once you let the truth out, it's too late to take it back and put a lie out there.
    They've been given miles of slack; now they're all hanging themselves with it. I hope they all get federal prison sentences.

  19. Yawn.
    "🙏 …Your Trump, who is in Washington…
    Harrowing be his name!
    His corruption comes, his badwill is done,
    In Senate as well as in Congress.
    …and give us this day our daily scandal… !
    Forget his trespassing the law today, as he'll top that by tomorrow.
    And lead us not to USAnia, but deliver us to Canada and Mexico…
    For his is the debauchery, the misuse of power, and dishonour,

  20. ABC is looking more like those stupid cable channels that call themselves 'news' all the time and that isn't good.

  21. 😒 What's stopping this channel from uploading the full 30 mins of World News? Must I turn to NBC –which uploads the full episode of their daily "Nightly News", BTW.

  22. This fucking idiot is what happens when a numbers-cruncher is placed in a political position… 'acting' position or otherwise. Anyway, love that he's as incriminating to MotherFucker #1 as Rudy Tooty — except Rudy was funnier (in his pompous, ignorant way).

  23. Wow bizarre this ABC news is like Commie Central.

  24. There was no Kid Pro Crow. Don't know him, never met him.

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