Saturday , July 24 2021
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Companies Could Face Charges After Massive Mississippi ICE Raids | NBC Nightly News

After a major ICE raid on a number of Mississippi food processing plants this week, a newly released government affidavit says at least two of the companies were “willfully and unlawfully employing illegal aliens in violation of federal law.” To confirm someone applying for a job can legally work in the U.S., employers use a system called e-verify, but there are loopholes.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Companies Could Face Charges After Massive Mississippi ICE Raids | NBC Nightly News


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  1. the 19 former Trump employees blow the whistles on employers who hired illegal immigrants with fake green cards and fake stolen socials security cards, now ice have no choice but to crackdown on illegal immigrants and the people who hired them

  2. I just dont understand why people say get in line what line change immigration laws make a way possible to become legal and the reason immigrants get the jobs is cuz no one else will do those jobs and they never complain about them now i want to see who gos to that food processing plant to work?

  3. They should be charged for hiring illegal aliens, they are fueling the flames of illegal immigration

  4. The raids were coordinated with Koch Foods and Trump, to help attack/terrorize workers and protect the rich They will hire illegal workers again in a month. Watch and learn. This was a fake show by Trump.

  5. The main culprits are the hiring managers.

  6. Black folks in Mississippi are blocked out of those jobs because of illegal immigrants working there. Black folks in Mississippi are going to thank Trump for this.

  7. seems trump just put another nail in his own coffin, HE, trump hired illegal immigrants to work in his golf clubs, gardeners etc,  what a joke this government is!

  8. 1863 Ambraham Lincoln ordered the freedom of all slaves. 2019 Donald Trump reintroduced slavery

  9. im assuming trump is SOMEHOW exempt from this.

  10. A lots Americans gonna have those job . That’s good thing

  11. What has happened to ppl, keep the law.. even a young child can say companies that hire illegals are guilty of crimes also, basic kindergarten.. are we all breathing to many chemtrails ??? Prophecy says we will call good bad and bad good..

  12. They fail to realize too many illegal alien invaders ARE DISEASED AND WE'RE QUITE

  13. Not Immigrants!!! ILLEGALS!!!!

  14. Farmers are plowing under crops, orchards are rotting and small businesses are going bankrupt; these raids are robbing america of their temporary and permanent workforce. Stop your whining, Trump told you he was going to do this many times, in fact many cheered him on. 'Build that wall'!
    Canada and South America are selling soybeans, corn and other crops to China US crops are rotting on US ships and silos that were grown by US farmers but can't be sold because of tariffs. 'Lock her up'!
    America has the worse drug problem in the world and getting worse. Prescription and illegal.
    And now your president is acting like Edgar Allen Poe with his conspiracies; do you not think it is time for a change or at least some common sense! There has to be someone in America that can control this man! Where are your leaders?
    'Send them back'.

  15. Looks like one big circle to me.

    Company hires illegal immigrants, that gives ICE the funding and authority to raid, and the apparent immunity from crime for the hiring company keeps the whole thing going.

    As a tradesman, I can say it's the companies and not immigrants that cause economic instability. Companies want cheap labor and the only other option besides outsourcing to China is hiring anyone they can that's already here for as cheaply as possible. It's sort of like that movie where the cops sieze drugs and then redistribute it and keep the whole thing going, a Denzel Washington movie iirc.. but anyways 😔

  16. Not immigrants. They're Illegal Aliens

  17. Is not worth work for that rasists state not even with legal documents

  18. I'm not pointing the finger at the president I'm just saying he did hire multiple illegal immigrants for his National Golf Club in Los Angeles, which is more closer to the Border there was an interview with a ex-employer who she used to work there.

  19. Fix why it takes 8 weeks to a passport renewed. Renewed.

  20. The funny part is these mexians are working while trailor trash stay at home on food stamps and live off the taxes they pay. Wow

  21. Just a thought, but why haven't tRUMP properties been raided yet? It's verified numerous times he hires illegals

  22. They ABSOLUTELY are also responsible for it too. But they're right, if you start to ask questions about someone you can get hit with discrimination problems.

  23. Please- if they don’t get in trouble, it’s because the Koch brother own the businesses. It goes all the way to the top as far as knowledge who’s being hired.
    Fake id’s isn’t a real excuse. They knew exactly who is being hired. This is atrocious.
    These folks work hard, are dependable and get paid sh💩t. They don’t get government benefits because they must be a United States citizen. What they do is work jobs white lazy people won’t work. Instead these white lazy people are on the dole.
    The highest percentage of welfare benefits is white people.
    Yes I’m white and a social worker. I know exactly what’s going on

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