‘Complete madness’: One Lahaina firefighter’s battle against the Maui wildfires

Aina Kohler, a firefighter of 13 years, shares a detailed account of how she and other firefighters worked to combat the deadly wildfires that blazed through Lahaina on Aug. 8.

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  1. These fires WERE NOT NATURAL!

  2. From reading several of the comments it sounds like a coordinated narrative minimizing the big picture " Intentional Negligence" I'm not referring anything negative against the person in this video.

  3. Aman your a blessing love 💕 u all our firefighters 🚒 🙏💪


  5. This network is not credible. Focus on this.

  6. 6:00 daaaa——look what didn't burn……. here is a house half framed with plywood floors surrounded by burnt to the ground structures and cars.

  7. Don't Even!!!! You okay good but insert foot in mouth!! You acting.. Trying to justify the your Department DESERTION.. GET A LIFE LADY!!

  8. first scene was a house burning from the inside out

  9. Lytton and many of the Canadian fires, affected after un unprecedented fires in Canada, Lytton Village has not even recovered, multiple villages or small cities are still recovering, and we in Canada have not begged for anything.

  10. Moral of the story: Don't live in Sodom.

  11. That is so sad………god bless them

  12. Funny not a single fire hose, fire truck or firefighter in this entire 7 minute reel to corroborate her narration 🤨

  13. As a fire fighter, can you explain why your neighbors houses did not burn? I can even see green grass in the property next to yours and trees still standing? The fire was so hot to turn your house into ash, wind so strong you couldn’t even direct the water in the hose, yet your neighbors’ houses are untouched? Thank you for doing all that you tried to do, but there was nothing you could do to stop this!

  14. PLEASE, PLEASE get someone to contact Boxable Homes. They have tried going through the government without any response.
    Boxable has 200 homes to send to Maui residents…they just need a contact!!!!!!!!

  15. Press into something man-made reignited the fire? Pic was shown pole dropped started a fire. Heco said earlier powerlines were turned off.

  16. some einstein thought coating every roof in lahaina with cedar shake shingles and tar paper on open battens was a stylish statement in building.

  17. now fires in new zand more to come in their summer time. December?

    Trump Alex jones Tate Brand all a distraction CIA tactics its all magic keep eye on both hands. they

    are today's Nicolaitans?. they are all part of the establishment? another scam?

    Nazizionist did not lose ww2 it was a agenda a clever trick? we have now UN EU NATO WEF NWO?

    Matthew 24:24, Jesus warns His disciples, "False Christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders ( WEATHER MACHINES) to deceive, (GLOBAL WARMING)? if possible, even the elect?" (ACTORS KINGS AND QUEENS)? also us?

    Be awake not woke?

  18. This fire was not natural organic. So sorry you could'nt save your city because of it. Impossible with this wind and fire that melted aluminium (maybe this is dutch, don't know the right word?) Alumin of cars. It was way to Hot. Not possible with natural fires. Thank you for sharing from your point of vieuw, as a firefighter, and much love to you and your familie from Holland❤

  19. I haven’t heard about one cop or fire fighter that was injured evacuating the citizens. They bailed

  20. How did she see people abandon their cars at the same time she's driving around with the firefighters? Why couldn't the people take the same route she was taking?

  21. Firefighters are the heros. You guys did your best. Always appreciate the firefighters always get involved putting their own lives in risk for others.

  22. The winds were blowing to the south west, that tells me that there was more than one fire. It didnt start where this video shows.

  23. I dont think the water presssure made any difference.

  24. Firefighters were victims as well. Sometimes there isn't anything you can do. Still praying for victims of Lahaina.

  25. Fire departments in California use hoses that can pump seawater to a fire…

  26. The world knows that law enforcement would not let people evacuate….ever heard of a firebreak…how about water drops?

  27. So so sorry this is happening to you folks

  28. Blavk does not want white to go along with brown asian insecure Oprah

  29. Mahalo to MFD it broke out in many places like it was deliberate outbreaks notice blue things didn’t burn 🔥

  30. We were shown a video that the morning fire the fire fighters put out was caused by downed power lines. So, the question is what caused the second ignition that went catastrophic due to 60-70 mph wind gusts? The conspiracy theorists want us to believe that our government or the Chinese employed Direct Energy Weapons. What would a reasonable assumption be? It could have been a smoldering spark. It could have been arson. I wonder if any satellites took pictures of the area during the ignition phase? If so, the CIA or Homeland Security may have the answer. If they don't wish to share any info they may have, then an expert fire investigator looking at the ignition area may be able to determine the cause of the second fire. Of course, this investigation should have occurred immediately after the fire was contained. But it may still be possible to determine the cause of the afternoon fire. Last question: did HECO not de-energize the lines when they said they did, and did they de-energize them after the second ignition took place?

  31. I think all these stories are B/S.

  32. I'm sorry but if you are still employed with fire department, police department or county as an official, please resign. You failed us and I do not trust any of you. Even if you aren't aware of treason, you had a job to do and you did not do it. You failed us and thousands of keiki. I can't even stand the site of you guys, im so mad it makes me cry when I see any cop or fire fighter…I am filled with hate for you.

  33. Can’t believe MSM propagandists. They are covering it up.

  34. Sister, you did your best. We know in firefighting that we cannot save them all but at least we'll do our damndest to try. The conditions for this fire were against you. You likely slowed it down enough for more people to get out, be proud of that fact.

  35. How is there absolutely no video of any firefighters recorded fighting the fire ? Please show proof of attempt to stop the fire .

  36. Whose side is she on? just asking. Water??? they said water was shut down….,where did she get water?

  37. 5:25 really interesting how her entire house was ash, yet that ONE BLUE FLOWERPOT remains, next to entirely melted and liquefied cars….. 👀👀 💙💠