‘COMPLETELY INCONVENIENT’: Americans ‘catch on’ to the cons of EVs

Celebrity Ford of Toms River owner Veronica Maoli explains how America isn’t equipped with the necessary infrastructure to help with Biden’s electric vehicle transition. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Biden needs a charge by the looks of things

  2. Not one electric vehicle in buydumb caravan.

  3. Get rid of this clown in Washington

  4. Fox News really hates America. They’re going after EVs? This is the most stupid network. Fox News is Russia’s propaganda network. Putin wants the EV to go away so they can sell more oil. Fox News is a crap network!

  5. People have been voicing their concerns for a long time, the fact that the electrical grid can't support all these EV's, the real cost of these vehicles, the impact on the environment making these batteries, not to mention disposing of them when they are done. The climate change idiots making policies without looking at the business side or the outcomes is laughable.

  6. You see the government’s magic eightball is broken again.

  7. Anyone with any intelligence knew they were a niche market from the beginning.

  8. Okay well listen to this I just bought a new Jeep 3 weeks ago a fully charged would give me 2 and 1/2 hours worth of now on a full charge I can't even make it halfway to work without being charging the vehicle again this sucks I'm trading

  9. Not only do the EVs stress our roads, here in CA, the EV drivers get to avoid about $0.90/gallon in excise taxes – which supposedly funds infrastructure.

  10. The 7,500 credit just means the auto manufacturers can raise the price of the vehicle a win for the big shots

  11. "Joe Biden has a way of f'ing things up." – President Barack Obama

  12. 03:01 So, a traffic jam on a bridge filled with vehicles — if they are all electric, they are all 30 percent HEAVIER than petrol-powered vehicles. I don't think all bridges are designed to carry such a heavy load. And Look out bicyclists and pedestrians — getting hit by an electric vehicle is gonna break more bones and cause more damage to human bodies.

  13. Dumb Joke Biden administration 😒

  14. that gal has a Phd….Papa has a dealership

  15. Because of all of the lithium ion battery fires, injuries and deaths due to these batteries being defective, I have forbidden my children to ever get into a full electric (non-hybrid) EV. And that includes public transportation, school buses etc. These batteries are killing people and should never have been allowed to be manufactured. Wake up people.

  16. Is that regenerative braking?? LOL!!!

  17. In Seattle biden said our entire military is going green, I guess he meant painting them

  18. What percentage of car buyers would buy an EV if they couldn’t own an additional ICE car,and they had to pay the real purchase price without the government incentives and mandates?

  19. We can't afford an EV!!! Thanks to Joe!!! Trump 2024

  20. Massive lies, misdirection, and FUD from Big Auto. EVs I.e. Teslas are safer, require little maintenance and are easily charged. Auto stealerships profit from bullying during sales and mad make ongoing income from constant repairs and “service” which EVs don’t require. Don’t forget the health problems of ICE vehicles.

  21. The ignorance and self preservation is horrible. Love how she bashed rivian charging rather than ford charging station issues. Also They design bridges for worse case scenario. Lastly consumers don’t want crappy evs they want Tesla’s

  22. I remember when king obama decreed that we must give up our light bulbs because they were bad for the environment and used to much electricity!!!!! But now its ok to plug every family members car into a 220 circuit overnight ???? Can you imagine the electric bill if that happens

  23. Americans should have the right to choose what they wanna buy without government interference or oversight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. The green new deal ,consumers cant afford these expensive Electric cars. $7500 credit isnt enough ,the expense to make these cars puts them at a price point thats out of reach for our car buying budget.

  25. Maybe in 2032, there WILL be good EVs…even now researchers are working on stuff thats even better.

  26. You guys never heard about Tesla? Your story is simply silly

  27. No one wants a Marxist 🔥 box

  28. EV's will drive ALL our insurance cost thru the freaking roof.whether we own a portable arsonist or NOT.

  29. I'm an American Veteran.
    I have a problem with child labor and financially supporting our enemies.

  30. I just looked at the Ford electric F150 because of the incentives being offered: $7.5K, plus Ford offering an extra $7.5k for the Lariat trim. We need a vehicle for local maintenance work: short trips, lighter loads. The onboard 9.6kw battery bank to power tools was honestly a big draw. I figured if it was cheap enough, we'd give it a try. Heck, we pay $15K for work UTVs and those have no doors.

    I just could not justify the cost, even discounted $15k and discounted further by corporate purchase using pre-tax dollars (depreciation allowances). It would be cheaper than a "real" vehicle, but not enough to make up for the lost flexibility from an ICE engine. My out-the-door cost would need to be below $35K before it was a no brainer. The closest they could get, with any useful trim configuration, was $49K.

    I Ford allowed that $7500 price reduction for the "Pro" trim (the lowest), it would make sense. I'd get the $15K plus $3K more from my state because the Pro trim falls inside the cutoff for the state funds. That gets me down to $38-ish. We'd move on that.

  31. As soon as the government announced the $7,500 tax credit, it took Ford less than 2 days to raise the price of every EV by $7,500!

  32. This 💩 is hilarious! I don't care either way these bastards cannot stress me out or make me panic i thrive in situations like this i have never been happier! Life is beautiful the future is bright 🌞

  33. scammed hahahahah so the guy who has been in some sort of office for 50 plus years has scammed YOU all WHAT????????NO he loves the USA hahahahahahahahahha

  34. I never see myself buying one, but I don't vote for morons either

  35. Now if the public could only catch on about the criminal left. Or that actual nuclear Annihilation is much worse than the global warming farce.

  36. Even if you have infrastructure, I do not want to sit more than 4 minutes fueling like an ICE car let alone 20 min. for only 80% charge.

  37. The Gov says you gotta pay throo the nose for a load of inconvenience under the impression your saving the planet! Only in brandons clown world!!

  38. Democrats are mentally ill. EVs will go the way of the Betamax. If they want to be far more ecology centric they should push hybrids and hydrogen.

  39. The costs and risks of EV’s outweigh the benefits right now. Instead of allowing a free market approach that tests and refines their products before marketing them we are being forced to not only buy risky products but taxpayers are paying $7500 for each one sold. Might as well offer college debt relief with each EV purchase.

  40. For you people that got EV hope you have good fire insurance for your home

  41. Another example of gov't mandate vs. allowing free market demands to control industry growth…when will they learn?

  42. I feel indoctrinated. I shall comply.

  43. time to enforce the reason for the 2nd amendment