Concerns Grow in Washington and Wall Street as Debt Ceiling Deadline Looms l GMA

As negotiations to raise the country’s debt limit continue, ABC News’ Rachel Scott and Elizabeth Schulze have the latest in Washington and on Wall Street. SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: Latest Updates: Watch FULL EPISODES on Hulu: #news #debtceiling #mccarthy #abcnews #politics

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Let the rich pay the debt 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮bailouts

  2. Trailer park Kev from redneck Bakersfield is completely incompetent.

  3. What a joke. This is all about making money on the stock market. Do you not think the Kevin McCarthy and his ilk did not sell out most of their stock holdings just before they pulled this debt ceiling stunt? How about their connect network of wealthy? Sell then buy back the stock at a discount say over the next few days. Then announce next week that raising debt ceiling supported. Market recovers and they get a big wind fall. Republican will roll at the point when they, and their wealthy supporter, think they have made enough money.

  4. Let's go BRANDON…let's go BRANDON….let's go BRANDON

  5. Romans 10 verse 9 that muslium convert to christianity in the UNITED STATES AMERICA

  6. Democrat Party is USA 's cancer

  7. I don't want Joe to give an inch period. Let the Republicans have the default they want so bad. I promise they'll regret it.

  8. The debt ceiling isn't the issue. It's the government trying to legislate with the purse strings against already passed laws. Neither party should ever do this. If they want to legislate debt, then the time for that is when the law is passed. Beyond that is posturing.

    😡lefties and righties 😡 playing your games, this is productivity from both sides, some and most see right thru your rose colored glasses …

  10. McCArthy is doing a surprisingly good job. Curb inflation, curb the debt. No new taxes, we are already pounded enough.
    It's really now just Biden Schumer being silly, to theink they can just spend like drunk sailors for ever. Stop stealing from the next generation, kids today are being saddled with too much debt. If this ends badly its on Joe

  11. Theyll make a deal on time, don't sweat it,but they won't make a deal w God in time before his wrath hits this country.

  12. Debt Ceiling only about CONGRESS paying US bills on time. But anti-government CONs love to shut down US government & give breaks to Top 10%. Budget about Spending

  13. Think 🤔 goodness I live in Las Vegas and my game plan is to keep saving money in cash just in case there's runs on the bank's and you can't withdraw any of your money because bank's have confiscated everyone money

  14. I will be a very happy man if i see America burn😊

  15. Well. Wallstreet can always send a personal thank you card to Mc Hard-up and the GOP party.

  16. Well Trump sad the America should default on it debit. So the MAGA GOP an McCarthy are doing what he ordered. Dam the Country

  17. Ideologically – there are many points on which I disagree with Biden, and pretty vigorously.


    I have to consider that, now…we are seeing the payoff from the Biden Presidency. That Biden, more than any other candidate in the 2020 Democrat field, was the best, perhaps even the only Democrat with the "qualifications" to match MAGA Republicans who would I posit would be far more successful in maneuvering or even outright bullying any other Democrat who was running into caving to Republic pressure TO CAPITULATE TO THIS COMPLETELY IDIOTIC "MANUFACTURED CRISIS" TROPE REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN RUNNING AS A CON PREMISE FOR MORE THAN TWO MONTHS. It's not because I think Biden is smarter, or even more "virtuous"…but there are intangibles in play in his perspective, his nature, Republicans are having to realize they completely underestimated about the man. "Sleepy Joe" is more "with it" – has experience and fundamental element of personal conviction this country desperately needed in the face of the "wave" of far right extremist BULLSHIT MAGA Republicans have been trying to pull since 2016.

  18. Don’t go home until there is no agreement.

  19. Let it all fall on republicans. No one should be allowed to hold our country hostage. They need to be run out of the white house with a good old tar an feathering.

  20. Time to reign in the spending or default. Bring it on. Blame Schumer if it happens. The House did pass a bill.

  21. The whole situation it just stupid. You can't pay the bills, so just spend even more money? I'm sorry, but funds have to be cut or else we will be in financial ruin. Suck it up!

  22. GOP shows every single opportunity they cannot govern.

  23. The truth is that the Maga Republicans are under the wing of outsiders. They want to break America with this thought that they can create a great separation & be the dictatorship of that separate part. But little do they understand that our enemies won't honor their deal. They will attack. These Maga minions are small minded & can be easily manipulated by outside governments. Putin first realized that after his first meeting with Trump. Just stroke their ego & promise them partnership & they will betray their own country for that fantasy. Most if not all of their base are foolish enough to believe its not their fault. I hope the independent voters are able to see through this if we survive this plot from the inside by Maga. Dark times indeed 😢

  24. Let it go into default. This whole country is screwed anyway, let's just get it over with.

  25. So the party that attempted a coup used their next small hair of political power to thrash the world economy? Gotcha.

  26. If republicans kill their hostage don't forget it was their idea to begin with.

  27. They had no problem raising the debt ceiling how many times during the Trump administration?????? The rich got how big of a tax cut? Now all of a sudden, this is now the democrats fault, and the elderly, disabled and veterans have to pay for this??????

  28. I'm thinking Chat GPT could fix this in 30 seconds. It could automate and replace congress in even less time.

  29. Let the economy default. Maybe civilians can finally see what it’s like to really struggle.

  30. There is no longer honor and integrity in this government.

  31. I am on social security disability and have already been advised that my check may be late and everybody who is on regular social security and these freaks give themselves a raise. They could care less about us and the damage they do to our lives.

  32. Cut the GOP'S salaries, lifetime medical, and their pensions first. And tax the billionaire corporation's and cut their Corporate Welfare subsidies and make them pay their fair share of taxes, instead of the American people subsidizing their lifestyle out of our broken backs and wallets!!

  33. Media knows it’s one sided, Republicans want to tank economy……media need to attack republicans on this and make their viewers aware of their intentions!!

  34. The end of the dollar is unstoppable. Asia, the Middle East, Russia and China have already turned away. Over 98% loss of purchasing power in the last 100 years – any questions? An electronic dollar will not change that. The game is up and the whole world knows it (Americans are still daydreaming when they take out their credit cards). Even if the debt limit is increased – the dollar will continue to approach its true value. Zero. Faster than before. America will see rates of inflation unimaginable today. Because the rest of the world will dump their dollar bonds on the market in a panic. greetings from Munich

  35. I’m on S.S. Disability they better work this sh!t out. Millions of people could be with an income because of a irresponsible government.

  36. "Now's the time to make a plan if payments are delayed." It's waaaay past the time to make a plan if next week's payments are delayed. Do the people at ABC News think Social Security beneficiaries have stacks of cash laying around because they're flush with cash from their huge benefit checks? Get some perspective!

  37. McCarthy said he was in talks with Trump a few days ago. With Trump??!!! It's obvious McCarthy intends to tank the economy for some perceived political gain. He presents a bill with so many cuts that the President cannot accept it. Then McCarthy turns around to try to lay blame on the President. He and Trump want to tank the economy.

  38. YES everybody,make sure you pay your bills on a timely matter or suffer the consequences. Meanwhile….. Government not doing it yet and they are all looking forward to the "Holiday" weekend. WHO KNEW?

  39. Disgusting and SHAMEFUL!

  40. World wide economic disaster all for a Republican far right wing/Putin agenda!

  41. stop funding Ukraine and take care of your responsibilities a home first!

  42. Stay calm, Kevin knows what he is doing – all under control – he's printed up millions of bumper stickers blaming Biden which he will distribute on Tuesday.

  43. The GOP wants this country in chaos so they can attempt another coup..pure and simple

  44. No deal until stock market tanks!

  45. They think nothing of playing around with the lives of millions of us. Vote them out.

  46. as a disabled veteran who's on income is my social security and va compensation I am concerned. More than that I am annoyed at the idiots in DC can't do their stinking jobs. I know that they will get paid no matter what as the rest of us get the big middle finger.

  47. Blah blah blah theater and lies as always