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Concerns over the impact from the toxicity of the Internet

WSJ Editorial Board Editor Dan Henninger on mounting concerns over the impact from the toxicity of the Internet on mental health.

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  1. So, now that they've figured out what can be produced online, will we see good things coming, or are they going to abuse it further…
    Big fear for some is when ai gains sentience, will we have our future at risk by idiocy, ignorance, indoctrination, misinformation, misinterpretation…
    Will they cut it off, will it be censored to the extreme extent that only socially acceptable people are allowed, will the dark web grow, and everything collapse in the wake of major fraud through online only economy…
    Is the mainstream media gonna continue having seizures and blame and ban all forms of news, blaming political problems on their political opponents…
    Advertising has gotten pretty close to being out of hand, as well as the idea that advertisers and telemarketers can continue harrassment of potential customers….
    How much of my data do you think we could keep private…will be privacy continue to be a right, or will that soon be another "privilege"?

  2. Bit late🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

  3. There's dangers of life everywhere. So just stay inside, close your windows and shades turn off your t-v, computers, phones, any other devices and hide under your covers. "Your security lies in your bed of white foam"

  4. Dan hits on a VERY big point here. The human brain was not designed to be so inwardly directed. Most brains consider their extensions (the human attached) to be either indirected or redirected to others. Not objects of others' indirections and redirections. In 19 years of studying the linguistics of human psychology, I never much thought about the issue — perhaps because computer-cellphones were not in the hands of people flipping the switch on indirection/redirection. Psycho-sociologists are now all on alert! Thank you, Mr. Henninger.

  5. B.S.! Mainstream TV & Fake News Propaganda is FAR MORE TOXIC! – Let's face it, aggression on EVERY channel plus FAKE NEWS B.S.. If you are serious, get rid of the crap magazines on t the newstands – I can't even take my child into the supermarket because of the disgusting magazines promoting crisis drama rama headlines about domestic violence and drugs. I can't let my child watch mainstream TV because of the social engineering LGBTQ crap and exposure to age inappropriate content at 7.00pm. Clean up mainstream TV, put morals and ethics back into public viewing – only then will I let him watch mainstream TV and get off teh internet. Thank God for the internet, thank God for YouTube Gamers provising safe healthy viewing and behaving as normal role models versus the mainstream TV social engineering crap!

  6. Read The Machine Stops by EM Forester, written 1906. It predicted this whole destructive mess.

  7. Yeah sure, God forbid they should learn about the District of Criminals and 9/11 Truth.

  8. Incells exist around the World. Incells do not mass-shoot around the World. The Involuntary Celibate is a nerd, a geek, a Freak. i think the up-tick in shooters has a direct correlation with the MeToo movement, now these Incells fear they will never even get close to getting laid without being thrown in prison. As an astute observer noticed years ago, " The SJW displays an almost Victorian level of Prudishness".

  9. Recycled fear mongering from the early 2000. I thought you were "News" not "Olds"

  10. sue silicon valley for billions $$$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. No need research. It’s the truth. Children get moody when their gadget get take away. For my kid, when I take her away from her phone, she got moody

  12. Not as easy to push a lie publicly. When info is at our finger tips. Snowflakes will be intolerantly triggered by something, regardless of what it is. If the internet is your problem, then unplug idiots. It's not a requirement for life. It's a tool for the intelligent. And kryptonite for morons. This is the world, like it or leave it.

  13. The problem is with people, not the internet. The war on the internet and video games, etc. is not all that different than the war on guns. People are in deep denial concerning natural human nature, choices, and often quick to shift the blame. Responsible ethical internet users can easily avoid most of the "toxicity", and there are tools to help with this. I am a conservative, why are so many conservatives idiotic when it comes to video game violence? Why not include violent movies, music, books, etc.? Mankind has had a propensity for violence since the beginning of man. Before there were guns, man used swords and knives, and when and where those were not available, man used stones and fists. All of these can be used for good or evil, the ethical decisions are the responsibility of the individual.

  14. The toxicity is coming from subversive leftists in government, universities, corporations, high schools, and banks! We can't even prosecute people for treason!

  15. The human brain will adapt & evolve. We will end up a numb & dumb civilisation.

  16. The internet is literally just a tool.

  17. You hope silicon valley does something about…
    Something silicon valley intentionally designed that way?? smh. 🀨

  18. Maybe fox should get off the internet if they think it’s soo bad. Most racists are conservative, most sexist are conservative, most transphobes and homophobes are conservative, all religious bigots are conservative, seems like we should ban conservatives from the internet if we want to get rid of 90% of hate on the web.

  19. Silicon valley is an evil place with an evil agenda, by the sound of which i just heardπŸ€”

  20. Television programming was't created for mind manipulation πŸ€”

  21. They will be calling for banning the internet next. A tool is only as toxic as the individual using it.

  22. Mass shootings are caused by mental illness.
    No sane person left or right does something like that.

    They are mostly left wing nut jobs because the mentally ill are more attracted to ideology that doesn't push individual responsibility and fiscal conservatism and traditional values.
    The left encourage you to blame others and expect the government to do everything because this increases dependence and power over the society.
    The left only seek power.
    Until it falls apart and then the genocide begins.
    History proves this terrible truth.

  23. Blaiming the internet is like blaiming guns. It's the people that are the problem. Pay attention he said you have these disturbed people who …

    We have stupid people in our world and sugar coating and telling them that they are special doesn't help. We need evaluations of kids in our school and speak the truth of things to them.

    We used to punish our kids when they misbehave now its oh no its child abuse. When someone mouthed off to you being a smartass you popped them in the mouth and they no longer ran their mouth. There are no consequences so people run their mouths and treat each other with disrespect.

  24. Their scared of information.

  25. Human nature is the desire to belong. The internet gives a false sense of being. A false sense of belonging. This is compounded by video games and social media.
    The false sense of being is replaced by a false sense of standing out. The desire to go viral is as dangerous as a first dose of heroine. Internet fame has taken the place of Hollywood fame. The desire to be the next Ninja or David Dobrik or Liza Koshi is very real for kids today. So they pursue the dream with reckless abandon and zero plans for if they should crash or heaven forbid just not make it happen. The mental effects can be devastating for a young mind…

  26. The mental saturation of violent video games contributes to a lot of the violence, then a trigger event occurs and they snap because their brains are conditioned to a particular response!! NO WONDER!!

  27. Phycological manipulation has been happening for a while.. cough cough G00gΒ£e

  28. We have raised a generation of weak minded, selfish, insecure and easily excitable people who get over excited by every wave and wind of the media machine.

    The internet is just a means to agitate the existing problem within the hearts of men who have no accountability or fear of God Almighty.

  29. No, in fact, these means of information, mainstream media more than the internet, are potential cause of endangerment. Most of the phenomenon of epidemics on any area I'm aware, such violence against women, florestal fires, hate viruses, etc., are in actuality subliminaly (not surreptitiously) motivated. Perhaps Science should study that more, sociologists and so on. For one hand I think the press should self censor itself, but then noadays that is also quite subject to controversy, for in truth, they d that, only most of the time for political reasons. Its unavoidable in a certain sense, since the factors which assist the degeneraton process are many…

  30. But… but

    The internet gave us Donald Trump… ha durrr!!!

    And, it gave us white supremacists too… ha durr…

    I done forgot to take my psych meds today yo… I'm a lefty loon ha durr! I'll stab you with my wooden spoon! Ha durrr!!!

  31. The toxicity of reality is what REALLY happening around the world , even without the internet there is toxicity.

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