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Concha rips media for fawning over Biden's first foreign trip

Fox News Contributor Joe Concha says media praising Biden’s first trip abroad is ‘not surprising’ and ‘expected’ at this point.

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  1. I feel this is going to be a LONG JOURNEY for Air-head Joe!🇺🇲🙄

  2. In few months or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency

  3. Corrupt injected 🤮🤮🤮🤮! What a joke! president Trump for American people! This illegitimate thing for China and family’s pockets!

  4. They are all proud of Joe for not requiring a Diapy change on air force one during the flight to europe

  5. Biden dislikes Putin so much he lifted sanctions to allow Russia to continue their pipeline through Europe making them a major energy provider while simultaneously stopping America's pipeline so USA can go back to being energy Dependent!!!! He dislikes Putin so much he is creating unity of Russia, China, Iran and NK making the axis of evil the strongest coalition ever!! He dislikes Putin so much he is stopping Ukraine from acquiring weapons needed to defend themselves from Russian invasion. Yes sir, Biden really really dislikes Putin!! GTFOH

  6. Biden administration is a big pandemic virus 🦠🤮🖕🤥🤡👹Biden is a total disaster for American people and the world 🤡🤡🤡🤥🤥🤥👎👎👎🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Saturday evening I saw a homeless man (I thought) on the streets of Dallas. He is actually a teenager, who spoke no English and very frightened. He missed a right shoe, walking seems difficult for him. I can only speculate how he got here. I called for help. I pray, every night, that he'll be safe from now on. It is heartbreaking to see such suffering in America. We're not perfect, but then it's difficult to accomplish a fruitful strategy when evil people have their own agenda. What happened to our check and balance system? Let's get our check and balance system firmly back in its place!

  8. Considering the problems we are having here in the United States like the border and crime in liberal cities he's having a vacation in Europe. And we already know Biden is Putin's b****.

  9. Does it not strike you as odd that every single video of biden and his kitty Katie have so many thumbs downs that it goes to show how many people didnt vote for him yet his wrinkly self ended up winning it big for the war mongering elite that loved to see him black
    Oops I mean back*

  10. But they couldn’t protect their own southern border what a shame

  11. Biden is seriously not welcome. He really doesn't seem to understand his support for the EU is hurting Irish trade, and his cap on global corporation tax doubles down against 25% of Irish inward investment and consequent tax take. His ideas are stupid, and his words are dangerous for the peaceful and helpful for the violent.

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  13. President Biden should have visited first France not the British it's time for us to put France first the way it supposed to be thanks to the French people we are independent as an American I want France first

  14. Just because the medias bias is obvious or expected doesnt mean that it should be accepted. It must be called out and ridiculed.

  15. God the media makes me sick to my stomach

  16. Am investing in crypto now, this dip is a clear sign for new investors to come in 💃💃💃

  17. The media would kiss Biden's feet for being a poor representative and not answering their questions.

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  19. For as long as a BOGUS WH OCCUPANT remains, RUSSIA will always remain a SMOKESCREEN, DEFLECTOR & SCAPEGOAT while letting CHINA, the OUTLAW of the WORLD on the LOOSE. The GUY can't make EMPTY HARDLINE STATEMENTS even against STRONGMEN. Despite their NOTORIETY, they remain to have POPULAR SUPPORT from the PEOPLE which he doesn't have. He's a CHEAT & STOLE an ELECTION. LEADERS attending the G7 meeting should each be given a SICKNESS (VOMIT) BAG in case they couldn't stand FACING this INDIVIDUAL.

  20. Waiting for his first foreign trip. Will it be on Airforce 1 again or on some other steps?

  21. Well he better think twice about that because Australians don't want him there kind of like us here in America

  22. Time Joe Biden, Camalla Harris And Nancy Pelosi, Before We loosening Our Country!!!

  23. In Montana "Enter Coarse Biden and Harris".

  24. China Joe and his team may they rot in hell. By the time China Joe comes back he won’t remember where he was he’s the worst fake President ever.

  25. Consider the main stream media in America has got to do China's bidding cause they depend on them for money and funding. This is theory but got to be considered, cause they have lost most the American peoples support. What do you think? Consider their sponsors and if you buy those products and services. This could possibly funnel your money to marxist agendas. Someone is supporting it, who? Is it worth thinking about, and is there a chance to openly debate it?

  26. You guys are so funny, read about the RJV12 algorithm and the FBC fund

  27. I'm fully expecting the media to ask the tough questions when Joe returns to the US. What is his favorite foreign ice cream? What color socks did you wear? Do young British girls smell any different from young American girls? Looking forward to his replies

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  32. This president is a moron a loser a waste!!!!

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  38. By the time Biden returns to the U.S. he will have embarrassed himself and humiliated our Nation hundreds of time.

  39. Headlines..A five gun salute for president Biden…he hit the dirt..thinking he was under sniper fire.

  40. Every word out of his corrupt mouth is a lie

  41. Biden is a cheating babbling criminal idiot

  42. Of course the main stream media is fawning over them. Promises were made.

  43. MSM will always cover up this guy’s failures. Can you imagine if he got the treatment Trump received, he would literally fold like origami….

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