Wednesday , January 20 2021
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Congress inches towards stimulus deal, Rand Paul says he doesn't support it

Congress closes in on a $900 billion deal with stimulus checks, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) says he’s against it.

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  1. They keep using the excuse that if they give people too much they wont work. But our taxes pay THEIR salaries too much and they barely work. Make it make sense!!!!

  2. Need term limits. Everyone knows they are all liars. They care nothing about the people. I bet Rand Paul Paul don't mind talking his check for doing nothing

  3. Retail sales totals in the United States for the fiscal year 2020… down 580 billion dollars due to Covid 19. Federal Government is arguing over a 900 billion dollar economic relief stimulus. Solid work dipshits.

  4. I've got an idea. How about you republican facesit and us democrat snowflakes get together and FORCE these congress critters to give us all $1200.00. A one sentence bill that says every US citizen gets $1200.00 for christmas. No complicated language, no other conditions.

  5. I think this punk needs to be wearing the mask. what a flake out in public no mask flake

  6. 600.00 what a slap in the face

  7. Fake news that pelosi is paying for and the traiters are also the biden family crooks

  8. He don't support it what a joke.

  9. Can you republicans stop voting for these people now?

  10. $300 unemployment wkly x 4wks=$1200 monthly
    $1200 monthly x 4 months =$4800 in only 4 months (which is 16 weeks) and the rest of Americans get $600 and that's it…Nothing weekly nor monthly……. It's still not going to help those that DONT QUALITY FOR UNEMPLOYMENT OR STILL WAITING ON UNEMPLOYMENT…. And their families are still in severe need…

  11. One question for my fellow Libertarian Paul … Rand, we need to talk about pandemic compassion .. are you living in the Twilight Zone?
    … do you see the lines at the food banks .. or are you programmed to turn your back on suffering people … and chat with pink Unicorns?

  12. His bank accounts need to be frozen if he is against support for Americans, see how he feels without pay. Greedy jerk.

  13. Lots don't have the money to simply open up

  14. Your a has been in Washington your one of many Republicans that will suffer at yhe hands of the people boycott of REPUBLICANS IN THE GEORGIA COMMING ELECTIONS

  15. Rand Paul and Flimsey Lindsey would make a good team. They're the same person!!

  16. Gosh I wish he would go back to ky this man talks garbage vote him out please

  17. Thank you Rand Paul is American patriots

  18. That is OUR Money and these politicians have no business hoarding it

  19. Rand shut up about the flu. DAVE

  20. Sen. Paul, come on man…Can't you afford a more natural looking piece on your head? It's BRUTAL!

  21. Kentucky really knows how to pick losers…

  22. This is why I don't watch fox News stupid people he want 21 million homeless people in the streets

  23. I thought republicans actually cared about the people. Well now you know.

  24. Rand Paul is a force to be reckoned with. A very formidable speaker and I trust him.

  25. let the russians who hacked the U S Government pay $$$$$$$ for all of this and bob cornyn

  26. America’s enemies can hardly believe their luck: Trump and his GOP whores have dragged our country to the brink of self-destruction! The United States is now the Divided States and the mighty USA has never been weaker since its birth. We’re literally at each other’s throats: our enemies are cheering and Trump is their cheerleader!

  27. Rand Paul I always support you but now I will not, as a disabled veteran widow and get less then 2 per cent raise this year at 70 my eyes and prescription higher instead of dolling out such a small amount let taxpayers decide your paycheck , and 1200 $ really you get a quarter of a million plus salary you take a cut, Obama and Biden, Nancy peloski 28 millions illegally inside trading millionaire after being at White House, let us decide your paycheck, ashamed I support you , and Mitch McConnell wife and Nancy peloski husband took from PPP, millions as did governor newsom from small business fund so did Tom Brady and Joel Osteen, you don't care about taxpayers and Jesus will judge you

  28. Now remember over half of that goes on Obama's back he's the one who spent that money like we had a party in and getting rich off of it we could buy him a 15 million dollar home and Trump didn't spend all that

  29. People have lost there jobs. People went back to work but they are only working 25 percent of what they were working before the pendemic. We need the Stimulus before we end up on the streets. Land Lord's are figuring out way to get around rent moratorium laws. People needed the stimulus check.

  30. Any business who falls for this gov loan program will go under fast in this economy they need to ISSUE a federal grant aide program for small businesses or expect to see more people in the unemployment lines further what is needed is significant stimulus money in the pockets of americans to charge up the economy and get our country back gov should stop interference in the business community they know there customers need masks let them reopen BECAUSE we cant risk anymore closing RAND PAUL right now is not the time to penny pinch if we cant get though today we wont have a tomorrow without significant aide every economic educated person has said this go big or collapse give the help that is required

  31. Of course he doesn't support it. It's an all out emergency right now in America. The 20 trillion debt that wasn't an emergency already went through.

  32. What the f*** does he support nothing he has no morals whatsoever

  33. All I see is lies and games when will it stop

  34. and it`s not your frickin money its tax`s payers money stupid

  35. he is saying spending money we don`t have all i can say is to stop the government getting paid tax's people money then there will be more money to go around

  36. \\ Referendum or Runoff to Calm the Land? //// Neither a true scientist, nor any judge or justice, is ulteriorly un-tilted [Wikipedia]; to deny that verified fact is an illusion – a deep grounded seed of precarious science and law that may break down the U-Pas, (United Peoples of American States). [Cf. Core Curriculum, Cultural Courses, (CCCC); best seller; Amazon; or FREE ONLINE ''Philosophy Today'' and ''Physics Today"; CCCC at U-Tube or at 'in'.] <> Referendum or Runoff? <> No election, courts, media, political ''science'', UN verdicts, domestic and international laws and treaties, can rule true science nor the US-Constitution, which, over 200 years, keeps preventing encroachment of one of the three US POWERS on another, partly by US-Congress impeaching any the two others to calm the land or by a referendum, or national runoff, less voiding the first run. [Nov 25, 'Third Option', posted herein and at 'in'.].

  37. They should just retroactive plus monthly until the economy is back to normal


  39. This Gov is EVIL. Hope you all enjoy your holidays CREEPS

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