Monday , January 25 2021
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Congress moves closer to an additional stimulus package

Nancy Pelosi’s House stimulus proposal is valued at $2.4T, which is less than originally proposed $3T. #FoxBusiness

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  1. The entire world is lossing there jobs ans life is being taking away by this virus. So many horrible things going on and the holiday are here why congress making Americans people's are suffering by having a hard time paying bills and support their families no money. Congress should have a hearts and help out everyone.

  2. Trump will Lose without a Stimulus passed

  3. Why is there no protest??? Everyone that is hurting because of this Covid situation. People want to get back to work, but states are locked down. They are literally holding us hostage. No aids, no work!!! We need to raise up and demand to either open up the economy to get back to work or provide aid, until we get back to work!

  4. I love throwing money at problems too

  5. Not sure why Republicans are so concerned about US debt. They gladly added 1.5 trillion to the national debt by giving the most wealthy 1.5 trillion in tax cuts.

  6. Why is the goverment giving money to airlines they are union there wages are ridiculous above middle class citizens.. Poor americans should get it.

  7. Think about it while Nancy is playing with your lives. She goes on vacations every other week. Eats $12 ice cream, while you are starving. Gets her hair done while you can't. Gets paid big bucks for acting like a fool. You don't get paid because they closed your business. And you all want this hateful vindictive woman in charge. In the heroes act there was suppose to be a check every month of stimulus but they took it out and said they'd get to it later …. 6 months and waiting. Go Purple Power. Vote on a bill that will pass and keep America going.

  8. Understand Nancy is crazy. She wants bail out for 3 years for states. They won't grant that bill. She knows that she is stalling. While Americans are suffering. She needs to be relieved off her seat. She rather see America destroyed than work on reasonable solution. VOTE NO CHECK NO SEAT. Goes for Rep. And Democrats. No help you are out.

  9. Please California Vote Her Out!!! Drama Queen needs
    a new generation of fresh ideas. Being in her 80's ..
    she thinks we're actually living in the 80's… 🤔 the 1980's..

  10. Polosi dont care about the elderly she always has to add more. The .itch should try living alone no dependants on a ss ckeck of 925.oo monthly. I retired two yesrs ago after working fifty five yrs. I am 74 yrs old go to be hungry and doing everything i can not to loose my home. She dont care but she will when she has to answer to God as to why she made so mane elderly suffer. Its getting cold in Maine and many elderly have lost their homes already. I saw an elderly lady trying to sleep on a park bench. She had just lost her home. She was eighty yrs old. Polosi dont give a sweet crap and Pres. Trump could write an executive order for a 2nd stimulas and get money to us. He lied whwn he said he wanted to give more. Mitch Conell is another one that one would think the money is coming out of him. He goes out to lavish restaurants and we go to food banks and get whaterver they packed. You put yor hand in box thinking oh boy potatoes and they end up rotted the fruit is the same. Meats are frozen and expired so not fit to eat. I write the Pres but I am starting to think that both him and biden should retire. I hope someone sees this.

  11. Stimulus is the very bottom of there list they have there fancy cars and as long as there families are taken care of there good what people need to realize is these people in power have plenty of money in there banks legislation is the last thing there worried about even after the election unless someone in there immediate family gets sick a second stimulus is just an after thought

  12. Pelosi need to be thrown out of office

  13. NANCY needs to stop with her crap And help the people Wait their not illegals What a shame Why do the people keep voting for her

  14. This bill was already rejected verbally the last time…

  15. Nancy Pelosi is trying to pass a bill. For 2.2 trillion dollars as soon as possible.. but the Republicans keep wanting to block everything.. she is trying but the Republicans are not trying to meet in the middle.. that's the hold up.. the Republicans are doing that. So they can blame Democrats for it.. just to say they dont wont to meet in the middle.. it's just sad when the American people need the 2nd wave stimulus check still nothing…

  16. Yes, please. I want to buy a new refrigerator.

  17. It's Nancy wanting to bail out all the Democratic cities that were looted

  18. Are they kidding us? They have promising this forever. It’s not coming

  19. They deserve patriot act check and stimulus to get us on track open up where's vaccine!

  20. 🎵My bologna has a first name, it’s N.a.n.c.y. My bologna has a second name, it’s P.o.l.i.t.i.c. Oh I love to hear it everyday- when we’re getting stimulus, why you say? Because Nancy Pelosi has a way with b.o.l.o.g.n.a! 🎶

  21. I’ll believe it when i see it. Need money now!

  22. Any news yet on Veritas and vote harvesting/theft in Michigan?

  23. Pelosi is a joke she couldnt get 2.2 trillion now she gonna try 2.4 trillion know as she did when made the first bill that it will never pass, Biden must be her brother cause he is a joke also the man is lost and people want him to run a country.

  24. Give us our money back! It belongs to us tax payers!!! Shutdown these governments

  25. Nope we're screwed as usual.

  26. All states need to fully reopen. And no one would need to depend on any goverment help ..Although there are other many ways to make money legally from home if needed.. Never depend on goverment or others when there are ways to provide for self. For many it's easier to wait and want help instead of helping themselves first. Not for all but the majority. Complaining doesn't work or help in any of our favor. Many People have either forgotten or never tried to be self sustainable and have harder times adjusting in situations as we are in now.. Be dependent on self & not the Government. Understanding there are those disabled or other medical reasoning that arent able ,I'm sure not every person is in those categories that can find means to make money. Not being rude are sarcastic in any way just encouraging of other means of $$ making are out there..

  27. Trump is on track to spend more in 4 years than Obama did in 8.

  28. Trumps on board, too bad democrats are resisting

  29. Thank you for the update. Of all the updates I listen to it appeared to be the most honest. Just the truth. Stimulus package may come but good chance it won't be before election

  30. Let’s pray that they pass this deal for our kids and mom’s that struggling right now we need the help , winter is coming and with out the help . I don’t even wanna think about it.

  31. Right on time. Pelosi timed this just perfectly to pass the stimulus checks right before the election. She wants to buy our votes. The media will praise the Democrats when this passes on October 13.

  32. TRUMP just got nominated for third nobel peace prize 2020 baby!

  33. We know millionaires don’t pay taxes. Why is it so hard to give us our money back when we need it ?

  34. The government is losing the public's trust

  35. If it has a bailout hidden in it the bill is going to go down in flames. No bailout for states that let rioters burn the state down. They can't manage their state because they were too dependent on TMSA money. Money they should have known would be getting less because they are supposed to get people to quit smoking. So instead they are trying to ban a smoking cessation tool. They can just pay for the consequences of greed.

  36. Nancy pelosi needs to get out of office she needs to get her ice cream

  37. Aid to airlines as if they don't make enough money already!! Got to protect their interest! Democrats what a bunch of idiots!! Useless to Americans!! Out of that 2.4 trillion I wonder how much goes into their pockets??

  38. Save the check for when tax holiday comes due next year if your employer opted in.

  39. misleading headline. no surprise…from these people

  40. I say is time for a new world order based on the frequency of love. I see a revolution coming and this government has been exposed. They have used fear it's all an illusion. They want you to be dependent on them that's why they make all this lies that get people sick it's a mental battle everyday. Be free and fearless it's time we took our power back. Don't accept their reality make your own.

  41. Let's break the bank Congress. What a joke. Work is a 4 letter word maybe they should get people back to it…

  42. I feel like we wont get this 1200 till 2021.

  43. Well, since every single topic/sports/religion/ has turned political during an election year after a failed bogus impeachment, that means nobody wants to get together. Just want to point fingers. Even Republicans doing it. Neither side really cares about middle or lower class….just as long as they can fool ya enough before you vote.

  44. Make the stimulus monthly for 6 months or you dont get our votes. The govt shut down the businesses, they need to pay up

  45. Dont worry Trump wont be helping at all seeing how he doesnt pay any taxes on account of him being a terrible business man

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