Wednesday , August 10 2022

Congress Passes Most Significant Change To Gun Laws In 30 years

Congress passed a bipartisan gun law today, becoming the biggest change to the nation’s gun laws in 30 years. Both Republicans and Democrats praised the bill as a bipartisan breakthrough. If the final bill is signed by President Biden, it will enhance background checks for anyone under twenty one, create new resources for states to enact red flag laws, and will include a $7 billion investment in mental health programs.  » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Congress Passes Most Significant Change To Gun Laws In 30 years


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  1. im a democrate but i will never vote again democrate. women in the usa are the most organized mafia. more powerful the police mafia. women have made the democrate party the femanazi party. all the laws today are antimale antnatural. men are being destroyed in this country. even fathers day is a joke. these antimale laws must end.

  2. be afraid of everything, guns, cv oh God it's not safe have to refer to masters to see what to do next ahhhhhhh scared of everything

  3. This has nothing to do with gun safety. This is about discriminating against a certain group of people. Since you are considered an adult in the eyes of the law at age 18. You should have all the rights of anyone else no matter their age.
    The Supreme Court just rules that you have the right to defend yourself with a firearm if you so desire. This prevents those individuals from their 2 nd amendment constitutional right.
    The supreme court will find this at least in part and constitutional.

  4. In Los Angeles, getting an untraceable gun is as easy as ordering takeout

  5. Mine while. The supreme Court ended restrictions that prevent people from carry to protect themselves.

  6. 30 years? Where were you during the assault weapon ban in 94’ ??

  7. look what comes after wait for it

  8. Biden let the wall not get finished, then let the chaos roll just to he can take our right to bare arms so he can take more away from us.

  9. Do you know you can get rid of any kind of disease with natural root and herbs,I was able to cure my HIV completely by the help of Dr Osaba on YouTube,he is a traditional man he has cure for all kinds of chronic diseases..

  10. Those new gun laws are ridiculous, and will make very little difference, Dems should have held out for more🤔, but were afraid it wouldn't pass. Most school shooter's are under 21 ,thats the one Item they should have fought for. p.s limited magazines are ridiculous aswell.

  11. don't need guns for murder. then there's the fact that if the person can still get shotgun rounds just need to get creative with some pipes. even then learning science can be a interesting outcome.

  12. Wow. I just read some of the fine print regarding changes being made to the new gun laws and some of the new "boyfriend loophole" stuff/changes is downright scary for men and another reason to go your own way. They state if you were convicted of some kind of supposed mental/physical "abuse" that they can strip away your right to protect yourself for 5 years to whenever as they see fit. It opens the door for women to be used as plants to cry abuse and strip away selected men's rights and not just bad people, but anyone that want 'vulnerable," or compromised. Not to mention any nutter that wants to be vindictive and inflict maximum damage going out the door. Further reason to not marry, or cohabitate when your long term, personal safety/protection is being compromised in doing so, much less your financial security. And dating should be seriously vetted and the level of awareness maintained throughout. The red flag division is another government entity that will get drunk on federal dollars/expansion and have to justify their existence by creating drama and problems/ issues to take away people's constitutional rights. Abuse and mental evaluations in some cases are legitimate for sure, but there's too much grey area/vagueness on what people deem as "abuse," or mental instability to come in and steal your stuff. On the flip side, women having their right to choose being taken away signals that our government, powerful business entities, and the wealthy sre leading us to an autocratic society where the war of the sexes, race, etc is being perpetuated through manipulation to keep the populace weak and consolidate control/power further. Combine that with the new own nothing and be happy and you start getting a dismal outlook moving forward.

  13. You Yanks haven't a clue, you're all so paranoid you arm yourselves to the teeth because of that ridiculous second amendment! NO ONE needs an automatic assault rifle at home!! Grow some balls all of you and live like the rest of us do.

  14. My Country Feedback 🇺🇸♥
    I feel skeptical.
    People are afraid. Frightened people are not rational nor sensible.
    The public is afraid, really afraid, some are afraid for the first time in their lives.
    My Country Feedback 🇺🇸♥

    The whole nation feels endangered and afraid, and scared. Bandits are everywhere, multiplying and proliferating everywhere. The public feels terribly endangered now.
    Normally decent, ordinary people who wouldn't hurt a miserable fly,suddenly become gun-toting, shooters? The Idea 💡is wild.
    It gives a whole, new emphasis to the term, "Wild, Wild, West."

  15. My Country Feedback 🇺🇸♥

    The whole nation feels endangered and afraid, and scared. Bandits are everywhere, multiplying and proliferating everywhere. The public feels terribly endangered now.
    Normally decent, ordinary people who wouldn't hurt a miserable fly,suddenly become gun-toting, shooters? The Idea 💡is wild.
    It gives a whole, new emphasis to the term, "Wild, Wild, West."

  16. Why is the IRS buying up all of the ammunition? Using OUR tax dollars?

  17. Over 50% of abuse claims made by women are proven false

  18. Well, they've got the law abiding citizens covered. I guess they'll do the one for the criminals next. 😉

  19. Why applaud Congress for simply doing its long overdue job, especially in a tepid, watered down, begrudged manner and outcome? Power plays, deals and denials of the dangers will not resurrect the dead children and innocent victims caused by free, easy access to unlimited guns in the United States. Fact: only extremely reducing the access and supply of weapons of war will reduce fatal outcomes. Research the facts on successful solutions on this issue around the world. Understand the truth and make real changes. Pandering to proven weak impulses is certain failure.

  20. Because it’s sooooo safe in America right now. News media is garbage. Politicians are crooked. Cops won’t even try to save your children. Lol. The world is on fire and these idiots are fanning the flames.

  21. Enhanced background checks, people don't understand that when you purchase a firearm they actually call he FBI and investigate your background,I can't wait to see what Americans will do next for there corrupt government.

  22. Due to the abortion ruling, the gun legislation passed today has crept in through the back door, largely unnoticed. Never forget those who voted in favor.. especially those 'GOP' turncoat cowards.

  23. Let’s be sensible here as a woman we know when something is up if we are pregnant we have signs of pregnancy morning sickness missing your cycle and various amounts of ways of knowing that your body is not feeling normal you go get a test and you can tell that you are pregnant within a month to six weeks so there’s no need for all of this drama everyone seems to be so anxious and ready to be angry and overdramatic but if you really sit back and think about it would you really like to carry a pregnancy for that long and then terminate it or would you like to be given the chance to terminate it within a conscientious way you know the answer so digest that

  24. Democrats wanting gun bans is the same exact thing as republicans wanting abortion bans.

  25. I don’t care about dumb laws. My family and I will continue as we are and it doesn’t matter what they scribble with their crayons, it will not change my life. 2A shall not be infringed.

  26. Gun control is about control, not safety.

  27. What – is the 700+ billion dollars we spend in defense spending every single year not enough to make you feel safe? None of the post-9/11 Department of Homeland Security grants that turned our police forces into paramilitary organizations? Haven't they killed enough brown people in your state or over seas to make you feel safe? Chill out. You still have your guns. You can still get your guns. It should have never gotten to this point if it weren't for literally decades and decades of NRA lobbying and revisionist history trying to tell us that the 2nd amendment meant every man, woman and child needed a firearm instead of a state regulated militia.

  28. Abortion laws have killed more Americans then gun laws have saved. criminals love gun laws, they disarm their victims

  29. Can't be true. Where are all the protesters?

  30. When the constitution was written people had common sense atomatic weren't around.
    Court have some courage sensible laws need to be created to protect individual rights and protect innocent lives

  31. Want to see a sharp decline in gun violence? Public execution of gang members including their moms, baby moms and kids. Let's stop the glorification and acceptance of gang culture and treat it like the infestation it is….

  32. Any "law" that is passed by the self serving Jackals & Snakes in the US government (both Federal & State) that makes it harder for WE THE PEOPLE to carry out the purpose of the 2nd Amendment (should the need ever arise) IS an INFRINGEMENT and therefore ILLEGITIMATE!!!!!!!

  33. "Foot in the door" legislation at its finest.

  34. 20,000 gun laws not good enough for you liberals?

  35. Another soon to defeated law that chips away at our constitutional rights. SCOTUS already said this law is unconstitutional.

  36. Won’t turn into law. Can’t you see the red tide?

  37. Bet the elites will still have security. With weapons. Yet they want to dictate what normal citizens can and can't have? What if one works 3rd shift in a bad neighborhood? ….least the elites have security…..right??

  38. Now the FBI needs to watch all the skinheads and wifebeaters running to buy gun. Lock them up!