Monday , November 23 2020
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Congress To Consider Bill Supporting Hong Kong Autonomy | NBC News Now

Congress considers the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, a bipartisan bill that supports Hong Kong’s autonomy. NBC News’ Kelly Cobiella reports on the three bills that are being proposed.
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Congress To Consider Bill Supporting Hong Kong Autonomy | NBC News Now


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  1. I thought is America first, it seem the US governments care other country more than their own people. The is CCP is 70 year old. I don,t know why the US still spending money and time try to separate China. What if China is separate different parts, what is good for the US? China has no oil. All they have is people. So more immigrate?

  2. I guess America would likely get countries to pass a bill to sanction US when human rights are at risk in US? So many police brutality often … Perhaps so often it is normal?

  3. Freedom Index ranked HK higher than US. After this, HK ranking may fall.

    The bill give US power to sanction HK. Stupid.

  4. Terrorists and Traitors are anti-government, supports violence, riots,

  5. I don't think the ORANGE buffoon in the WH even knows what is going in HK!

  6. It won't have much effect but US should not be involved. It is a domestic issue. If they do so, then that will give the green light for Russia, China or any country to meddle in America's domestic politics. HK (6th place) is already ranked way above USA (17th place) and UK (8th place) in the CATO International Human Freedom Index of 2018. What a joke.

  7. Can't the CIA do something other than create astroturfed revolutions in other countries? The Chinese are not going the globohomo route.

  8. if anyone in china believe that Carrie Lam is doing a great job..only CCP muppets, CCP elites and herself would see this positively..Carrie Lam and those endorsing her politics have killed the HKers belief that china could honestly implement one country two system politics in HKG!
    Now only truely HKers who are for freedom and self determination will keep fighting as they know if they give an inch..china will murder them as it happened in 1997 in Tiananmen square!..
    yes it is now a fight for freedom and independence as red communist virtues and policies are not compatible to HKers liberated and western vitues!..
    it is a long and hard struggle but china will cannot convert every ethnic chinese or chinese looking persons into a communist muppet reverent to commumist ideology in Asia..
    in some cases it is time to show communist china its boundaries!

  9. China will threaten in retaliation by sanctioning all trades with the USA and command the USA not to touch any of their foreign dirty assets in major US financial institutions and Luxurious Real Estates and not to deport the families and relatives of China high officials living in the USA.

  10. Now the congress has unanimously passed the bill.China is already up to the roof !

  11. China considers passing the law to monitor the human rights of Puerto Rico people nd immigrants detained in the south border. Chian will sanction the US government if there is an issue. The annual review will determine the sanction. It will be expanded for monitoring the human rights of American natives and Black people later. Finally, Muslim people.

  12. All my love and support for the amazing people who are resisting the Murdering Monsters known as the Criminal Chinese Communist Party leaders.
    This fight is for your Freedom, your children's Freedom and Hong Kong's Freedom… FOREVER!
    Give the Mainland a Big Fat Failure! Begin the END of the Communist Regime!
    China is trying to take over the planet with the One Road Scam and loaning money to countries which cannot afford to pay it back.
    China must NEVER be Trusted!
    They are Bribing the world's corrupt leaders.
    Wake Up to the Danger that is China!

  13. Look at all the clueless Americans playing into the hands of the fake news propaganda machine.


  15. They were playing basketball…

  16. The Act only protects those RIOTERS, not HK PEOPLE!!!



  17. Why did she call the protests “Anti-Government?” WTF! They’re “Pro-Democracy” Protests. So much disinformation and bias in the news.

  18. And China threatened retaliation LMAO! 😅😅
    I assume that retaliation will be just like their laughable "unreliable entity list" they threaten to release 6 MONTHS AGO but never did knowing it'd just hault foreign investment and cripple their economy?
    Just more leverage for Trump in the trade war, China already virtually capitulated bending over to the US screaming "Ok, Ok, ANYTHING YOU WANT JUST NO MORE TARIFFS! DON'T BLACKLIST OUR COMPANIES ANYMORE! WE'LL BUY YOUR AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS IN BULK!"

  19. Each year, there are about one thousand people killed by the police in the United States. If Hong Kong is slipping into a police state, America has been a murderous police state since long time ago.

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