Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Congressman John Lewis arrives at U.S. Capitol | USA TODAY

Congressman John Lewis, civil rights leader and icon, will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol.

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The ‘conscience of Congress’ returns to the Capitol one last time to lie in state.

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  3. 💜2020✨r.i.p. John Lewis, gracias, al siguiente nivel☝…

    🙏Millennium-Lance and the Open Scroll
    manteniendo la Fe…

  4. 💜2020✨r.i.p. John Lewis, thank you, on to the next level☝…

    🙏Millennium-Lance and the Open Scroll
    keeping the Faith…

  5. John Lewis was beyond what an honorable man can be. So many great Americans who have a deep history, and rooted in good. This was John Lewis and I am proud of all he has done and the good trouble he helped start. Blacks have been through so so much discrimination and I cannot imagine the depth of the racism that played out so bold and obvious in his time. Just unbelievable America was this way. And today, it still is but it is more covert pre-Trump. I do think the Trump era has unleashed hatred like with the Charlottesville modern KKK as well as the damage to Jewish graves, lack of respect at the top which trickles down. It is ironic that John Lewis would pass right in the midst of new racial and civil unrest. He fought a good fight, and he did what God meant for him to do and then some. May he forever and honorably rest in peace.

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  7. I thank you john lewis for what you stood for.. rip… god help us all may your legacy live on..

  8. An icon who fought for the rights of us all

  9. 🕊God loves you most may he rest your soul in peace 🕊

  10. Another liberal bites the dust!!! He's food for the worms!!

  11. No one cares about this piece of crap

  12. Wow, now whenever a corrupt DNC black man dies it is a major event! he is not know for ANYTHING when he was in office and for how may years?!?

  13. That man gave me goose bumps when he sung Amazing Grace!!!

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