Thursday , January 20 2022
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Conservationist On Amazon Wildfires: ‘This Is Not An Isolated Problem’ | NBC News Now

Record Amazon wildfires are causing alarm among conservationists and world leaders that it could severely harm efforts to combat climate change. Author and conservationist Paul Rosolie joins NBC News NOW to discuss.
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Conservationist On Amazon Wildfires: ‘This Is Not An Isolated Problem’ | NBC News Now


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  1. 200 years ago? Pge burned all of California last year's an the year before that and before that. Is it a coincidence that Brazil started talking to trump and now Brazil on fire?

  2. Saddam threatened to trade oil in Euros, Gaddafi was anti imperialist, and Bolsonaro, threatens the long term survival of humanity. . Which one should have or should be removed from power??

  3. Americans don’t care. What is Kim Kardashian doing today?

  4. This guy is smart. Want people freaked out? Talk about the long as people walk outside and breathe they will not care about oxygen

  5. Rrrrrr people starting to see the real enemies, pretty soon they will tell you there's too many people & not enuff AIR 😂😎

  6. Start burning up theses unethical corporation's ran by nerds on revenge😋😎

  7. Slow down ,your talking to fast pace.

  8. All about gold and oil,,soon looking just like Africa

  9. The whole world need the Amazon so the whole world needs to stand up this is ridiculous

  10. FEAR MONGERS!! The Earth is in mother nature's hands. God is in control. It's not a political GAME.

  11. We are paying attentiom but what can most of us do if they dont care

  12. A third of the trees will be burned……

  13. There are trees in the Amazon rainforest because of rains, not the contrary.

  14. "Half of the wildlife gone in ten years". Too many dammed people and inefficient food systems. We could eat local healthy food. We could use bamboo for wood.

  15. @NBC News …conservationist?

    Conservation IS NOT Preservation…

  16. I love this earth man…..?????… Well they are…???? …i just don't know

  17. Jehovah says in revelations that he is going to bring to ruin those who are ruining the earth. He also says my words coming from my mouth will NOT return to me with OUT results. FAITH you must have it.

  18. No one's talking about the fires that's burning in Africa. There is so many fires right now burning in Africa. What about Africa how come you the news is not talking about all the fires that is burning in Africa. That's part of our environment also. It's just not the Amazon is Africa to

  19. Today Rulers r become selfish and evil so really against humanity , they don’t care human and wild at all and busy in G7 SUMMIT for how can kills more innocent people and loot their wealth

  20. Good information, buy why is a conservationist wearing a gold necklace. lol

  21. This dude wasn't very educated. Nothing about the carbon it absorbs. Aslo, we are animals, we are intrinsically part of nature; our everyday choices affect the world around us. We are destroying our organic spaceship. #govegan

  22. "We are burning Notre Dame every single day and no one cares"

  23. Thank you
    Finally someone understands.
    Good job NBC

  24. We need to plant billions of trees.

  25. Trump is like. This is just fake news.

  26. The top 100 corporations produce 70% of the global emissions, the individual is powerless in the face of that kind of crime.

  27. Good bye beautiful planet 😪🌏 the lumber companies dont care that they are killing you. I'm sorry that you are dying.

  28. If we lost 10% of o2 then 1000 altitude air would change and 3000 ft would be thinner

  29. Stop the lie! There is no such a thing as "wild fires" in Amazon ecosystem. Amazon is not burning. Its being burned by human hands and with permission of Brazilian government:

  30. Other countries need to come together and send firefighters to put out these fired before total destruction.

  31. Who is ever trying to stop it. Is there any one trying to stop it?

  32. Marijuana is good for business good for economy good to make people stupid so they don't care what government and politicians do to the people and keep police and jail and court busy

  33. Has anyone ever met a Brazilian, they are not the most intelligent people on the planet…

  34. Lies – Amazon fires are below normal this year; footage used goes back to 2003.

  35. They have to fight fire with 🔥 in order to stop it. They have to get ahead of it to stop it.

  36. i thought they say the rain forest is the wettest place on earth? well, now i know its just a U.S.A propaganda cause that forest is burning like matches.

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