Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Conservative actor slams Bill Maher for cheering David Koch’s death

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. takes aim at Bill Maher for celebrating the death of billionaire GOP donor David Koch.

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  1. This guy is really stupid and obnoxious

  2. Antonio Sabato is a JOKE!!! He has no brain between those ears! I think he fell off his motorcycle one too many times!! You are blacklisted because you are a terrible actor not because you support a malevolent moron!! SMH!

  3. This idiot is not an actor. Tell me the last hit he has been in.
    Conservatives are loving? He is delusional. Conservatives have committed the last 7 mass shootings. That is not loving
    Koch polluted the planet

  4. Republicans the silliest people on the planet. Have you got you're degree from Trump university yet. SUCKERS.

  5. You don't like the people that call people names and you love the bigest bully in America…what a noon sense.
    Plus you r a passionate conservative that loves the guy who put babies in cages … Hypocrite

  6. I love Bill Maher. Go to hell mr koch.

  7. tRump or Koch don't give 2 fucks for you pawns. Koch's "philanthropy" was nothing but a cover and tRump doesn't even fake being philanthropic

  8. I dont like bullies, supports the president. Hahahahahahahaha!

  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hes a joke( Antonio

  10. Maher is awesome!!!!I do not agree with everything he says and does.
    I think he is spot on politically and could care less what anyone thinks.

  11. ROTT in piece KOCKSUCKER!, btw Mr. Sabado jr, nobody is talking to or about you!, now get back to being a Shitty Irrelevant Actor!…

  12. GOP is love and kindness and compassionate? NO wonder he was a never A list star. He was just a B last TV actor nothing more.. He should stick to hid family business either be a mafia or selling pizza where he belong and FL is another backward state and hopefully with climate change, the ocean will swallow the entire FL state along with this little prick.

  13. Maher is a creepy little man. I wonder if he has ever been in a fist fight.

  14. Hopefully Koch will be dragging around his chains just like Jacob Marley:)

  15. this guy uses billions to brainwash you sheep and you praise him? Priceless

  16. Who is this guy, sabato junior? Never heard of him. Looks to me however like a porn star. Maybe that's how he bumped into and became friends with trump.

  17. If this is "Love and kindness", Yikes, I don't want to see Republicans not being loving!

  18. Antonio's Sabato…let's meet boy, I'll close that evil mouth of yours.

  19. Truth hurts you conservative scum. And it's the majority of us are going to end you.

  20. But it's okay for Limbaugh or Ingram… hypocrite

  21. And it's not just Bill Maher applauding….it's about time the greedier amongst us start disappearing….Otherwise our grandchildren will suffer the consequences. Good Riddance! And I believe there's still one left to go! ……..and get yourself proper anchor people….this Antonio needs to find a more appropriate job in some other soap opera…

  22. Why are you giving this Bill Maher so importance?

  23. He was not philanthropist. Stop lying.

  24. Who the hell is this Antonio's zapato?

  25. Two things, Fox News knows nothing about Business, let's that straight right off the bat. Fox News serves merely as the large collection of sewage yet to be treated & then made into clean safe "Lead Water". Secondly, David Koch (Head) was not a Philanthropist. Buying & selling politicians much like "Street Prostitutes" does not count as Philanthropy. Nice try though.

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