Thursday , August 11 2022

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Admits Sandy Hook Massacre Was ‘100% Real’

The family of one Sandy Hook victim is seeking $150 million in damages from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones after he spent years insisting the school massacre was a hoax. Jones is now on trial and today, finally made a stunning reversal, admitting the shooting was“100 percent real.”

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  1. search for this vid on YT "Robby Parker Laughing A Day After His Daughter Was Murdered at S H"

  2. It’s like saying 911 didn’t happen we all saw it happen

  3. So no freedom speech?

  4. So now trump sue everyone that spread the Russian collusion conspiracy hoax

  5. Was Robbie Parker the one that laughed in front of the cameras and got into character for the news media?.

  6. Jones should never have admitted S.H. was a massacre, because in fact it never happened. The building hadn't been used as a school for several years, and was riddled with health and safety issues. It requires no Sherlock Holmes to know that S.H. was, and remains, an evil lie, becoming even more evil by the day.

  7. Why can't we see the hoax video🤔🙄🤘😎

  8. I never heard of him but he is a digusting man to use someones personal tragedy as a way to boost his income. I'm sure many times Sandy Hook parents presented him with PROOF that he most likely refused to look at. How dare he purposely hurt these parents long after they have asked him to stop. Pay up crackpot. Not that the parents need the money. I think they just want his tongue cut out. We all lose loved ones but most of us never receive millions in compensation. I wonder if alex jones counted on the parents getting rich off remington. probably not

  9. My wife's boobs aren't real either

  10. 150 mil? bros using his dead kid as a way to get a quick bag

  11. He's lying because of the rigged court.

  12. What scares me is how many people believe the constant stream of lies coming from his mouth.

  13. Can the families of Holocaust victims sue people that call the Holocaust a hoax?

  14. Fake shooting in CT. It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled. Hoax evidence still on YouTube:

  15. AJ today.
    You tomorrow.

  16. Some astroturfed dudes in the comments lmao.
    What was with that dad laughing

  17. Except it doesn’t matter. He’s said before that it was real and he’s said it was fake. He’s going to go back on air and keep saying it was fake and his followers are going to believe that version of reality. They will accept that he’s just fighting the globalists who forced him to say it was real when the “true patriots” know it was fake. Terrible news coverage.

  18. Youtube: "Alex Jones will never be on youtube again"

    Alex Jones: "LIKE A BOSS!"

  19. Proof that all these people want is ratings and will say anything to get them. He never believed it was a hoax , it was part of his "act". Time to pay up

  20. "Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones" I've never seen a more perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black! 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Hey Alex, how's that whole "Sandy Hook never happened" thing workin' out for ya' there, little buddy?

  22. Joan of arc confessed too….whats your point???….the genie is out the bottle….there is no going back….ask the native americans what good does signed and certified OFFICIAL documents mean… trying to humiliate AJ you have proven him right… people are ridiculous…..OH MY GOD HE CONFESSED….after waterboarding….DUH…..anyone who thinks this trial is legitimate believes the forty-faketh president got 80 million votes….i think the lizards are deevolving

  23. The judge is disgusting


  25. "Stunning admission?" He admitted he was wrong about Sandy Hook years ago. It's crazy how the media gets me to side with Alex Jones when they blatantly lie

  26. Just for clarification, guys, when they use the word plaintiff, that means Alex Jones is not looking to face jail time, but rather to pay damages, make public apologies, and anything the judge orders him to do as a result of his actions. That word plaintiff means he isn't looking at jail time as of now. If they use the word, defendant, that would mean he can be charged as either Guilty or Not Guilty. But Mr. Jones outcome will either be Liable or Not Liable, bc he is the Plaintiff. It is possible that he can be charged for Perjury, and brought to a criminal court. But as of now the outcome will rest along the lines of paying damages.

  27. Fake. No money will ever bring your kids back. Being here in court tells me ya just money hungry demon. Foh.

  28. Let's talk about Biden and his Son…. Of course not…

  29. 1 down more to go. I want to see this happen to trump and his cronies too. Hold them all accountable for their actions.

  30. The admission came in the trial? It came years ago lmao.
    Imagine the media that defamed Nick Sandman and Rittenhouse lecturing on “lying” and the evils of defamation. Unreal

  31. He will lie lie lie and do no time for it watch and see he and his kind are above the law look at trump

  32. Today, they witch trial Alex Jones. Tomorrow, they witch trial YOU.

  33. trump4prison 🇺🇲🍺

  34. i think Alex Jones lawyer sent his text intentionally, because Alex Jones lied under oath, as a lawyer not turning it out would be considered conceal of evidence accessory of a crime, he could lose his license. but turning it directly to court also violating as lawyer you need to put your client interest first but that doesn’t include after lawyer for a fact knows the client committed crimes. so accident happened

  35. Both he and the network that broadcasts his show need to pay up hundreds of millions…Alex is a danger to society

  36. NBC never lied to the public?

  37. I wish the judge could increase the amount AJ has to pay.

  38. Alex Jones did nothing wrong

  39. The fact he was still lying in court shows he has zero remorse, therefore he must pay double of asked amount to $300M!

  40. Their creed – believe hard enough and it becomes real – there was a crackpot religious figure who believed the same and even another nitwit (more clever, though) who thought he could bend spoons? Yuri Geller, maybe? Are these his disciples?

  41. Alex Jones is what happens to people who have too much money. They lose touch with reality.

  42. Shout out to George Floyd on 801 days of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals!

  43. Honestly, he couldn’t pay nearly enough to begin to repair his damage. He should have to spend the rest of his life as a crossing guard.

  44. The truth doesn’t matter when you’re this wealthy. It loses its value. Holding this type of filth to the same standards of decency doesn’t work. Just ask any of his followers. Just ask any of Trump’s.

  45. All of you out for blood against a conspirating madman need to also look at all your bias, liberal, garbage media that falls in line with the Democratic party. I suppose you will go after project veritas next? Idiots lol