Construction Worker In Custody After Fatally Striking Florida Deputy In Hit-And-Run

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri held a press conferenced where he announced a construction worker was taken into custody by Florida police after fatally striking a deputy with a front end loader and leaving the scene. The man was found to be an illegal immigrant, and was charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving death.

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  1. POLICE (People Traitors!) have NO LAWFUL DUTY to PROTECT our "CHILDREN" or "HUMAN LIFE": (Police are Income heroes for huge "State Profit"!)
    The U.S. Supreme Court has stated again in (Castlerock vs Gonzales): Police heroically serve and protect the chartered "States for Profit" not the honorable taxpayers!

    Qualified Immunity must be abolished (Removed) from the police. (Qualified immunity has destroyed more innocent lives than all wars combined!)

  2. UNBELEIVABLE. how is an illegals aliens driving. Americans need a valid drivers license, insurance, registration etc. disgusting. vote biden out folks

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  4. Archer Western a massive company based in the sanctuary cities of Chicago and Atlanta. Of course they probably didn't E-verify anything and probably have the ok of the Biden admin. The families of loved ones killed or murdered by undocumented immigrants should be able to sue Joe Biden and the federal government for not securing the border. The same goes for the families of those killed from the illegal drugs that are flowing into the country while Joe Biden and the Democrats throw parties at the White House. They are out of touch with the perils of everyday Americans.

  5. Construction work is far more deadly than policing.

  6. If only these costumes welfare recipients put as much effort into looking into the victims police execute.

  7. Cops have a bad habit of standing in the middle of the road. It’s a low IQ thing.

  8. Desantis should have sent this one to DC.

  9. So who is the company that hired this chico

  10. That's one Pig who won't be squealing anymore. #Officerdown #Endofwatch #🖕yourthinblueline 🤭🤣

  11. That's the most pristine male pattern baldness head I've ever seen. Shine and all.

  12. The guy who hired him illegally should be put in jail also. I'm sure every news organizational we'll spin this whichever way works for them best.

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  14. A Biden illegal criminal kills a police officer…this is horrifying to our country

  15. Why in the world would the deputy choose to commit suicide like that

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  18. You don’t need police in traffic situations, the street would be safer without them.

  19. May God bless the officer, his family, friends and colleagues!!!!!!!

  20. Yet Ron Desantis does nothing about employers in Florida "hiring" illegals…just sad

  21. The employers who hire these illegals should be responsible also. 20yrs in prison minimum if caught employing illegal aliens.

  22. “He got his 1 million points today!”😮

  23. @nbc news I notice you failed to mention his immigration status. Why is that?

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  25. Shocked he wasn’t a roofer, R.I.P officer 👮‍♀️

  26. Illegal alien, huh?
    "They're not sending us their best"
    -President Donald J. Trump

  27. Why was he able to work on a government job site….

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  29. Always a good day when pigs fly

  30. must have been trumps fault eh nbc? Come on you can spin it.

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  32. Illegal, AND has a high-paying Construction/Union/Govt Trade job?!

    Will the EMPLOYERS be joining him in prison?!