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Construction workers in Detroit found a time capsule containing meaningful memories

A simple black purse that was stolen from Margaret Friedlander 62-years-ago was discovered and contained items like a photo of her father and a handkerchief from her mother.


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  1. No cellphone inside the purse? I can’t believe it!

  2. They dont tell u how she lost the purse

  3. Im going to make a time capsule 😂👍

  4. That was very generous to return it.

  5. Hey George Stephanopoulos, are you passing on trying to blame this on Trump also?

  6. A purse IS NOT a time capsule!

  7. Thanks 👏 to the contraction works, the wife for tracking down the family, good to know there caring amazing people like this still, to see the joy of the owner of the purse was nice

  8. Wow! This is a beautiful, wonderful moment!!! You can tell how grateful & What a amazing women is is❤

    So amazing that they found it & found her to return it. Love this kindness! ❤❤❤

  9. 27 Trump supporters disliked this vid.

  10. Did they find any honest journalism? It's been missing a long time.

  11. Amazing!😊❤…And such beautiful pictures in the wallet.

  12. I wonder if her kkk membership card was there.

  13. Carrying tangible photographs is now considered antiquated, but I, even as a fairly young woman, still do it. In my experience, the emotional tethering to a physical photograph is more profound than the effect of swiping through myriad images on a screen. I still have my late father's wallet, practically bursting with photos and little mementos. Seeing this story moved me beyond measure. Margaret's emotion brought me to tears. The past can be so full of things and people you no longer have.

  14. Now if ABC would lay off the lies about our President and go after and expose those and the real corruption in our government, things would get better and so would there ratings for being truthful and honest. I won't hold my breath.

  15. Keeping pictures of loved ones in your purse and wallets is so old school but yet had a purpose. What a great story.

  16. A nice story in my feed for a change.

  17. The guy who hid the purse up there: "Oops I didn't tell her where the purse was back then?"

  18. Just like dragonball time capsule

  19. Awww that's awesome, and precious keepsakes

  20. I thought you supposed to be focused on black people? I thought we didn't care about my folks no more? ABC needs to make up their mind

  21. Beautiful story, love these types of stories 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  22. imagine the chief waching this!

  23. Aww😭😭😭😭😭

  24. 😢😍😊 … this world is not entirely rotten after all ❤

  25. Am I the only one who thought one of those items was a condom based what they seen in the thumbnail

  26. A purse that has been stolen, found by construction workers, and bought back to Margaret Friedlander with the help of her son. #Wholesome #Love

  27. Rubbish You Can't Bring In The Afterlife!

  28. May the construction worker and his wife reap untold rewards for returning Margaret ‘s purse and the good bits of her past!🌸🌸🌸🌸

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