Sunday , October 24 2021
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Construction workers send get well message to toddler

When construction workers outside of a hospital noticed they had little admirers waving at them from windows, they got together to send a special message. But one little girl in particular caught their attention. For more on this story:

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  1. You go guys!..You have hearts of gold!


  3. way to go brothers, UBC Local#322

  4. 1:54 Talks about his kids. Contemplates the reality of their mortality. Shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't know" in that "I am not going to talk about it anymore" way we men do when we are determined not to break down crying in front of everyone.

  5. Any body who dislikes this video should be mad at themselves

  6. Super video. That garbage man is a HERO!!!

  7. it costs absolutely nothing to spend a minute making someone's day…..

  8. May you live a long life with a lot of love, sweet heart. Cancer will soon fade away into obscurity just like past diseases. I believe it. No child should suffer from this ugly illness.

  9. Awesome story. Love the Clutch hat too

  10. Jesus im turning into a crying little girl when i'm watching this…

  11. 😢Most people willing to work those high stress, extremely physical jobs are usually inspired by something that's pretty important and it's quite often a family that needs to be fed.

  12. Thank you guys and hope you're better girl. Love PaPa.

  13. As a Steamfitter, I know the brotherhood of Iron Heads, Operators, Sparkies, Spinkies, Plumbers, Carpenters, Brickies, Tinners and Laborers. If my building trade brothers had done anything different, that’d be more a surprise.

  14. Tough guy with a big heart

  15. Same sentiment as the other normal people here. Wish there was an instant feedback for hitting "dislike" on vids like this… in the form of 100 amps.

  16. "The little girl has become a smelter for hearts"
    Oh, that's such an incredibly forced pun.

  17. We're under a hardhat.. police behind a badge…at the end of the day we all have smiles and cries..and each other.

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  19. Ironworkers building America. 🇺🇸🗽

  20. These are the sort of people our Liberal government in Australia is trying to oppress.

  21. 2:00 Worker interviewed on lunch hour… must've had a bag of chopped onions for lunch

  22. Not all superheroes wear capes some wear florescent vests. 👍😇❤

  23. I was an IORN worker for twenty six years an you’ll never meet a better bunch of guys. These guys done a very good thing for this little lady. Great story

  24. Aw crap, i gone and did it,…i watched one of "those" videos on YT again, and now i'm "wrecked" for the rest of the day.
    I think these videos are made out of/with onions? :oP

  25. What a beautiful video. Those men went out of their way to Bless this child. God is so good. Get well special little one :  )  :  ))

  26. Does anyone know if this precious little girl is still with us today? I sure hope so and I wish her and her VERY loving and caring parents, doctors and staff for everything that they have done for her. And a special salute to these wonderful iron workers, too!


  28. Human faith restored, nice..

  29. That made my eyes leak.

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