Consumers are raving over these special socks

Bombas co-founder and CEO David Heath provides insight on the popular stocking stuffers on ‘The Claman Countdown.’

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  1. They are ridiculously expensive. The quality is so-so, but know you are paying the very high price so they can act magnanimous about giving pairs away.

  2. Try the socks BEFORE you say you don't want them because let me just say they are like a hug for your feet!!!
    I'm VP of Whispering wing's and we donate these socks to the homeless and they LoOoOvE THEM!!!
    They say that they help with their foot pain and they are the best thing that they get donated to them, as far as the necessities goes because they feel like someone actually cares, because they aren't your basic cheap socks!!!
    And for someone who carries their house around with them, they choose what they carry, clothing wise, very carefully because space is precious and isn't wasted so for them to make DaNG sure they always have their socks it speaks volumes about the quality and the comfort of those socks! I mean look at THIS whole comment…….😐…….. it's……. about……. SOCKS for fluffernutters sake 🤦……. so get your friends and family a pair of these socks and get ready for the weirdest conversation you'll ever have about yes socks!!! Seriously just one pair and everyone will be OMGIDDYODING and you can say "Well I guess the CrAzY sock lady in the comments isn't so crazy after all 🙏 4 ✌️ AlWaYs and Merry Christmas 🎄

  3. Some business news on faux business.
    Thats rare.

  4. Nothing wrong with remaining a private company.

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  6. Never heard of the socks! I bet I could find just as good socks for less.

  7. We didn't have much money growing up. My sister gave me socks every year, and every year I looked forward to it. One year she bought me essential oils. I was disappointed. I love traditions AND socks. Congratulations!

  8. AMZP33X I bought a whole bunch so I’m trying to get you to buy some too so the price will go up. Thanks

  9. Fox viewers are so dumb that Fox can air a 7 minute commercial for socks and call it news.

    No wonder these idiots will believe anything.

  10. Yawn yawn! More hyped up stuff. Those socks arent going to provided anymore benefit than the good quality socks already having been produced for the past decade or more

  11. Best socks I’ve ever bought…..have a drawer full….every color!

  12. Fox is desperate. Promoting a sock company.

  13. The current economic system contributes to instability, inflation, and poverty. A new Creative Society economic model is required, one that can guarantee everyone's stability, security, and a high standard of living. But unfortunately, whenever the leaders we depend on appear on TV to tell us not to panic that everything is under control, that is actually the time to fear the most! Saddening…

  14. Can anyone that owns a pair of ‘Bombas’ socks explain why they’re so good?

  15. I hope he's not selling those stupid hats

  16. Of the billion, how many hundred millions were used as an offset against corporate taxes vis-a-vis their donation policy? Corporate "Virtue $ignalling" with direct implications on the "ol' bottom line", IMHO. P.S. Cabelas Medium Weight Boot Socks (MADE IN THE USA, BTW!) were on $ale at 4 pair for $15 last week…. Jus' sayin'…

  17. Put em on your nuts in winter.

  18. Have things gotten so bad that all anyone can afford to give as presents are socks? Imagine the disappointment upon opening that gift.

  19. Im really picky about socks…but not one of those are made for diabetics and actually are nit good for them by the looks of em.

  20. Made in China…really? C'mon Bombas…what a crock…un-American

  21. Are your socks made in China?

  22. It used to be sort of a letdown to get socks in a christmas present, .waft a minute it still is. Men and boys like to pick out our own socks.
    We wear them until they are paper thin on the bottom because we like them. Then we go buy more of the same. Don`t give me socks for gifts, or underwear either. Leave us to buy our own.

  23. Wait… Did she say she bought the 4 Pack Leopard Thong? ✌😳👍

  24. Consumer. Why not shoppers? Or holiday shoppers? Or simply people. Something with a little more dignity. I like people most of them anyway. Like being a friend, a wife that is dearly loved, a mom, a grandma, a sister. I like people being those people.
    Consumers as in parasites? Try client, patient, land owner something pleasant, kind, friendly.

  25. Why is every other comment on here praising amazon?