Control of the House, the Senate is reduced to a few key races

With the Georgia Senate race reaching a runoff and races in Arizona, Nevada and Alaska too close to call, a balance of power has yet to be reached. WATCH the live stream of ABC News here: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch more at http://abcnews.go. com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #abcnews #abcnlupdate #election #midterms #count #election2022

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. my question is what about all the mail in ballots found in a ravine a couple weeks ago?

  2. I don’t trust these voting machines computers counting votes and mail in ballots opens the door for cheating not saying they did cheat but just saying we have no way to know

  3. Why does youtube have videos from 5 days ago at top of page any news with a BC in it at top of every search msnbc abc nbc and so on and 5 days ago why is there not showing right now because they are losing

  4. The only way you should be able to legally vote is how I have to do it. I must show my valid drivers license or photo ID with the correct address and vote at a specific location within 1 mile of my home. You have to be a registered voter to do this.

    Guess what?!


  5. Pretty obvious the Dumocrats are cheating AGAIN. Anybody with one ounce of common sense knows the Country has gone down the sh*tter for the last 2 years. Pay at the pump, pay at the grocery store, unconstitutional and illegal rulings/laws made into reality etc etc. You have to be dumb as a box-o-rocks or have a Socialist/Communist agenda to vote for these SOBs……

  6. It's been a week are they gonna call the house of the Republicans or not lol.

  7. For the 19 House seats still uncalled, I “foresee” the following: (1) For all uncalled House races in which Democrats are leading (even by a fraction of a percent), Democrats will win those seats; (2) For all uncalled House races in which Democrats trail by 1 percent or less, Democrats will just manufacture enough votes to win those seats also. Final Count: Democrats 218 seats, Republicans 217 seats. Democrats control. (Hail Satan)

  8. If gasoline on that kind of number or human being United States of the people they are happy

  9. Democrats will win because that’s is why they are taking so long to count ! It’s crooked !

  10. Can’t believe that people who live in crime ridden neighborhoods still vote for anti Cop Democrats. It don’t make sense.

  11. So many butthurt republicans in the comment section it's hilarious.

  12. Just how bad does it have to get, before people realize that because their parents and grand parents were democratic, its not a reason to vote the same way?

  13. Time for Nancy to retire!

  14. Why are you Anolis I don’t know about any other fax there’s been cases where people have pleaded to election fraud in 2020 be a real journalist fact check😂😂

  15. This country is a joke when it comes to election. A third world country can deliver result on the day of election. Days of delayed of results losses the integrity of election. This is the real threat to democracy.

  16. You mean to tell me, most of America wants more of what is going on now? Nope. I don't buy that. More money to Ukraine, how many billions of our money? Pushing ww3 because we can't pay for our debt? Our government is lying to all of us.

  17. Yeeeeiiii we win democrats now approved $3,500 monthly to ssdi recipients Yeeeeiiii Awesomely done democrats

  18. I'm trying my best to be patient, takes forever to rig an election

  19. November 14th, ALL Brazilians gathered at The Harvard Club, 44th street, New York, to show our dissatisfaction with The Brazilian Supreme Court members.

  20. Secret clever communist Democrat systems well done smart cheat with Mail Vote , Post office Drop offs Boxes, Mail Send in all Ballots Vote cheat.!!

  21. Woe unto this wicked secret combination of pharisees!

  22. Let me guess the 3 states holding this up…. Georgia, Airzona, Pennsylvania????

  23. If dems win the house it needs to be fully investigated there was and is no way they should of won the house after losing 3 in long island.

  24. The only wave is coming across the border into the United States.

  25. Looks like dems r still stealing votes! Looks like the USA is headed for civil war just like the dems have been calling for . Soon ppl will be freezing to death, starving to death and killing each other in the streets. May God in Heaven intervene and strike the evil that is killing everyone and killing our country.

  26. I predict that by 24 the dems will have run this country so far into the ground that the Orange man wins… even in California.

  27. Something's fishy it went from 189 211 to 204 211

  28. If I was a conspiracy theorist I would think this is voter fraud. First Dems had 184 votes and the Reps had 211. Then the Dems had 199 and the Reps had 211. Then the Dems had 201 and the Reps had 211. Then the Dems had 203 and the Reps had 211. The Dems kept on gaining votes and the arrow never moved on the Reps side. The Dems are going to win the House too. This seems a little suspicious to me.

  29. its NOT this narrow. the dems could not cheat enough to beat how large of a lead the true votes gave Republicans, so they had to let some of these races go.

  30. Another bogus election,, how can anyone forget what the democrats have put us through the last 2 years?!?!?!

  31. Can you imagine being so depressed and hate yourself soooo much that you vote for democrats 😅

    I lost all hope for the elections. If a piece of S** , loser fetterman can win a election you know the elections are 10000% rigged!!!

  32. This whole BALLOT CURING process has got to end! Voters are not aware of the technicalities that can have their ballot thrown out if they do not come in to the election office and fix their vote WITHIN 2 DAYS after the election…. I'm talking about things like putting an x over an oval instead of filling it in with your pencil. Things like signing the ballot in the wrong place.. who is going to travel to the county election facility to fix their ballot when the race has been called BY THE MEDIA?

  33. If this is true. The democrat voters hase voted for the democrat destruction of America. The mental disturbance and illness of the blue voters is HUGE . They vote with hate instead of with their brains.

  34. Democratic party you have nothing to celebrate.

    You were up against the most moral and intellectual bankrupt Republican Party of modern times and yet you made no progress

    at all

    You are struggling to beat Herschel walker

    The man is observable stupid.

    If you can't do better than this in 2024 then this could be the beginning of the end for democracy in America..