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Convict on the loose in Tennessee

The manhunt continues for 44-year-old Curtis Ray Watson, a convicted kidnapper accused of brutally killing a prison administrator, who escaped from jail.

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  1. Tractor must have had a turbo charger

  2. I hoping he doesn't come to my city i live in Tennessee plus i live in west Tennessee WTF 😱😱😱😱

  3. Thank God they caught the demonic beast. He had better repent before the guillotine. God can forgive the worst of the worst.

  4. Update:
    as of 8/11 he has been caught

  5. Give him the death penalty and USE IT. Rest in peace dear lady.

  6. The lady speaking at the end is Ms. Ayana. She was my computer teacher at DCSO. She was more than a teacher, she was a special person that taught me so much. I'm so glad she's safe but prayers for Mrs. Johnsons family. I'm sure that she helped so many also.

  7. This guy got nothing to lose if they don't catch him they might as well start counting bodies because this guy has no concience

  8. how can someone who was known to be a rapist be considered low risk, once a rapist always a rapist. May the innocent lady who was murdered rest in peace.

  9. So heroic that ABC news cameramen are right there along side law enforcement, to help locate a fugitive.
    Nothing more than MORE wag the dog b.s.
    An APB for a feral, long beard, Rock star looking dude, in prison fatigue, driving a golf cart.
    I see why this story was set in RIPLEY, tennessee;
    It's your choice if you wanna
    believe it…or… NOT.

  10. Hope he gets the death penalty lady didn't deserve to be raped thank God they caught him

  11. Are you kidding me??? This dude had enough time to play an 18 hole round of golf while riding around in a golf cart for 2 hrs.


  13. They put me in MEDIUM SECURITY for vandalism over $5000 and that was nothing to his charge,I spray painted truck of man my wife was cheating with and got 5 yr flat time no riding on golf cart privilege

  14. He was captured on Sunday morning. He'll rot in jail for the rest of his life. Mrs Johnson was well liked and respected in the prison system by law enforcement and prisoners alike. Justice will be done.

  15. Just read that he was spotted still in the prison town, changed clothes, but still had the beard. Hope he didn't kill someone for the new clothes.

  16. if he was black he couldn’t have escaped.

  17. I live in the local area that Watson escaped, I was just informed that he has been captured.

  18. He escaped so he can reelct his Leader…These White Nazis are on the loose

  19. after 35 years of work then to be strangle and screwed at the same time doggie style

  20. See what happens when you think mowing lawn is beneath you? A prisoner kills and gets out of prison.

  21. He needs to be captured and killed A.S.A.P.

  22. That thumbnail is really stupid.

  23. A bunch of scary bitches in america

  24. so many failures of the trump administration lead to murder.
    where is murderous mitch mcconnell and senate republicans contribution of legislation to restore law and order to an out of control America during the trump regime?

  25. Real life Wild Bill from the Green Mile

  26. Probably was seen living but let him loose so he can cause mass shooting

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