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Cop seen shooting, killing woman in her own home | ABC News

A white police officer responding to a call at a home in Fort Worth, Texas, fired a shot into a bedroom window, striking and killing a 28-year-old black woman.

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  1. Cops need to stop hiring gun ho people , that what the military for, cops are for calm and people who can make correct decisions under stress

  2. I hope the judge doesn't give him a hug, well, maybe a little one after the exoneration!!

  3. This is wrong that she was killed, but everyone should wait to hear what actually happened before calling for this officer's head on a stick. We weren't there, we didn't see it go down, we don't know what happened at all, but I seriously doubt that he just went to the window thinking he was going to kill the first person he saw… Let's get real here people..

  4. let me guess, he thought it was his place too?

  5. Police are trained to deal with danger and violence not for social service visits at 2 AM.

    DO NOT call the police unless you are already dead

  7. Why was this guy a cop? Nothing he did here makes any sense. Lock him up.

  8. Well if you were so concern why didn't you go over there and check yourself instead of calling the police

  9. 2 seconds in and they mention race. Why does race play a roll in this??? He killed someone by shooting through a window I'm pretty sure race has nothing to do with this.

  10. Why bring up race? Why not just say, cop kills person inside own home for no reason?

  11. Very poor training on the side of the officer.

  12. I disagree I do not believe the police officer was out to kill somebody but the officer is clearly in the wrong I want people to look at the circumstances what can you learn from this don't call the cops go knock on the door of your neighbor's house stop being afraid to get involved but as far as the legality of this the police officer is clearly in the wrong the police officer killed in individual in their home your home is your Castle you have the Second Amendment the right to keep and bear arms that means you can have a gun in your hand by your side are you whatever it doesn't matter I do agree that sometimes race might be a factor but in this instance I do not believe the officer shot her because she was black I believe the officer shot her because he was scared for himself without any cause and just seen a firearm is no reason whatsoever to pull out your gun and shoot them the police need to stay away from people's homes they often introduce the violence where there is none and I wish that people would start screaming race on every little thing because it truly does take away from those things that are racially motivated but I just want the people to know who read this comment I do believe the officer committed murder not necessarily premeditated murder and it was unjustified either way this police officer is done there is no legitimate way for the police to spin this and the bottom line is if you don't wear that uniform and you don't look like a police officer you are the enemy or a suspect and the police are not our friends

  13. So race-baiter fake news clowns, what in the heck does race have to do with it? Right…nothing at all. This is the very type of reason no reasonable person watches your crap shows.

  14. That’s why you don’t call the police dumb fuck

  15. Watch a month from now y'all forget that's why we stay where we are stop being docile

  16. His black ass is responsible ,because he had to be stalking her anyhow, old pervert,how about that,and the news stressing that a white cop and black victim is just stirring the witches brew ,that’s not important ,the fact that the nosy ass neighbor, now should kill himself.this my story and I’m sticking to it

  17. They should hang that cop by his balls.

  18. Also this isn't a race problem, it's an increasing amount of stupid people mixed with an increasing amount of poorly trained police officers problem.

  19. they do a dance and a jig and then they all going back to the plantation to the same motha fucas whos giving the orders. so what yall going to do when he get his smack on the wrist hug and kiss him to

  20. Was this the house of a known serial killer at large with automatic weapons on hand holding hostages?? or just some lady sitting in her home doing nothing wrong……

  21. Now the "Rest of the Story". Her 8 year old nephew told investigators that she pointed a gun at the police officer through the window. This changes things a little bit doesn't it.

  22. Neighbor should have never called the the police ! Never call cops ! They are government employee thugs ! Blue line gang government terrorist thugs!

  23. The neighborhood set her up… What a shame that people use the police to settle their disputes. Tragic.

  24. Investigation??? wtf the video shows the proof. He was out to kill. He didn't even gave enough time for her to respond he just shot. He's a real piece of shit. Now a beautiful woman is dead. There was no intent of a breaking or robbery. It was just a welfare check that's it. His gun shouldn't even been drawn in the first place. I fucking hate cops like this they're nothing but a bunch of fucking assholes. R.I.P. to this beautiful woman. I can't believe that we're not even safe in our own homes from these assholes.

  25. Cops are the biggest gang in AmeriKKKa…

  26. Why doesn't she just say a police officer killed a woman in her own home? Why does it automatically need to be about race every time?

  27. WAIT A SECOND!>….
    I couldn't see what the cop saw because of the light whiting out the camera, but did that reporter just say the woman was playing video games when it happened? Because if that woman had a remote in her hand and she looked like she was about to point it at the cop…then this cop is likely going to be found not guilty. I mean…even the "murder" charge is not going to stand, but if it's true she was holding a remote control…..HERE COMES THE RIOTS ON AQCUITAL!

  28. I’m never calling the police again

  29. If only the well intentioned neighbor just went over instead of calling the cops.

  30. Black white ? How about Cop killed women

  31. The cop probably felt "threatened"

  32. Imagine how the neighbor feels though. He called a non emergency line because he was concerned for his neighbor. Now that will be a burden hanging over him for the rest of his life

  33. It's time for the African Union to stand up for blacks in America because the U.S government refuse to protect us as citizens of a foreign country😤The Klan cops has to go😈We need to keep blacks in charge to gain more power & get rid of racist pale face heathen monster cops like Amber Guyers&Aaron Dean 😈Power 2 all African people✊We demand reparations now because we're still being oppressed😤

  34. This is the norm of the day in todays mad Trump America

  35. What the fuck kind of first name is that?

  36. The latest police shooting of a 28-yr. old woman is a tragedy.  However, the woman had her door open at 2:30am in a sketchy neighborhood playing video games with an 8 yr. old minor.  So, a good intentioned black neighbor noticing the door open calls in for a welfare check and the police did what was natural despite what you may think.  Unfortunately, the 28 yr. old women living there was alerted by the men in her back yard (not knowing it was the police) and grabbed her gun.  I only wished the officer who confronted her would have annouced himself as a police offier.  Both parties did not know what was really going on and this is how people get killed.  This is not racism like some people would love you to believe, it is just a tragedy of mis-understanding.

  37. Murder. This officer completely disregarded all of his training. This was a welfare check. Officers are well trained that during such checks, if the situation is calm, they are to knock and loudly announce their arrival and ask if the occupants are OK. PERIOD!! That training is universal throughout law enforcement. This cop just opened fire. 1st degree murder and nothing less.

    I have a lot of respect for law enforcement. The vast majority are fine professionals who really care. Unfortunately there is a small percentage that are complete F-ups and they really ruin it for the public at large and for the good officers.

    I send my deepest condolences to this lady's family.

    ( BTW….. sounds very much to me that there was a second officer present at the time of the shooting. I hear whispering going on in the audio portion of the video just before the shots ring out ).

  38. Just think if she would have shot and killed this trespasser……….

  39. I blame the nigga that called in the welfare check.

  40. It wouldn't surprise me if they get him for manslaugher! The outrage will be crazy! !

  41. nO jUstIcE nO PeeC man shut the fuck up
    Black people you live in a fucking country where you can possess guns why are we still getting bullied like this ? There will be peace because we fail to unite and actually make this shit unacceptable we never check anyone when they fuck us over
    Stop tolerating this shit or I dont wanna hear about it
    Bring communities together and when people like this come around they've gotta know that they have to do a good job policing and do that shit by the book or a group of people are gonna cone and get them
    Imagine a cop used too much force against someone in your neighborhood and after the word gets around that cop can't even patrol that area anymore because he knows the people have eyes on him
    Let's see something real happen this turn the other cheek and march shit is tiring the posters and dead relatives on t shirts is tiring
    The 2nd amendment's is what makes all men equal in this country
    Rise up

  42. I'll call my father and my brothers before I call the police ..

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