Cops release video, new details in Las Vegas car chase | WNT

A newly released police chopper and body camera video showed the dramatic carjacking and chase across the city that ended in a shootout last week.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Is the K9 ok? No mention of the dog….I hope so.

  2. @ 01:11 That was a dumb move on the officers part, but at least they got the guy.

  3. I thought of an idea to install Military "Drones" on the Police vehicles that way as these people are getting chased the drones can go ahead of the vehicle and shot the suspect head on, later on we can work on non-legal bullets or tranquilizer bullets… These drones can be installed in every single Police vehicle and will video record everything as well, in emergency cases like these. Just an idea that or guided missiles "one shot kill"

    I was also thinking that some of these professional drug dealers out there in the world possibly on purpose carry some drug paraphernalia on board in case they get pulled over as a traffic stop but have tons of drugs stached inside the vehicle concealed – a throughl search/inspection is highly recommended… We have to think like they do (criminal minded).

  4. Some people need to get capped

  5. Police need to stop chasing cars stolen or not injuring and causing death that is not necessary.

  6. Yet another pursuit that could've been ended sooner with the use of a GRAPPLER!

  7. Nobody is going to even mention what happened to the dog? The K9 is an officer too. What’s wrong with people? Nobody cares about the animal too?

  8. How Come they aren't mentioned about the K9 Doggy if he is okay

  9. throw it out, with the hit with intention. the brake lights lit up before impact. if you want to see with intent, look up benz crash windsor hills. no brake lights, all speed.

  10. The officer was going the wrong way on a one-way street! (The officer caused this accident!)

  11. Looking at a long time in the thug jug.

  12. What about the dog?
    Was it injured?

  13. O yea if is a Venegas is a tuff one

  14. Awesome. ! Good police work.

  15. 0:53 yeahhh metro get it ! 👍🏻

  16. Never expect him hit head on like that. He feel he stole a big car, so he can head on like a bull. Crazy maniac and should keep in jail for the rest of his life.

  17. Glad the officer is fine could care less about the dog honestly because dogs are replaceable while people aren’t

  18. He will be out tomorrow with a pack of flowers 💐

  19. He will get house arrest for sure.

  20. First time I’ve seen cops with an RMR.

  21. They really need something better then a seatbelt by their to protect the K9’s. Put padding on the divider on the dogs side. Seatbelts aren’t the answer for every crash. We have seatbelts for humans. And k9’s are just supposed to rely on a seatbelt to keep them safe??!

  22. Las vegas is like the wild west full of gangs and drunk drivers. I would never live there again.

  23. I’m confused this says this incident took place in Las Vegas but “Marcus Moore, live news Dallas Texas”
    is wrapping up the video 🤷🏻‍♀️I’m confused.
    I hope everyone’s OK

  24. George!!! GET OFF THE SCREEN.

  25. Thank got no innocent people died but Wtf happened to the K-9!!!! Please let us know.

  26. Society has become a demolition derby.

  27. They didn’t wanna let this guy take the easy way out. They want him to suffer in prison.

  28. Another f'ing Mexiclown POS!!…….Go figure!!

  29. People that commit these actions deserve a very deserved punishment

  30. When guys goes full GTA. Put him in a body bag!

  31. They should be allowed to shoot from the helicopter.

  32. This is why I have so much respect for our officers. God bless them all

  33. Vegas has gone really down lately. The strides it made in the 90’s and early 2000’s, have all faded away

  34. Wtf they didn’t kill him !

  35. Rope is cheap and any available light pole will work.

  36. Second video I’ve seen that I’ll comment, how dumb are people… you really think you’re gonna get away? Smh…

  37. Lock this criminal 😒 forever 😤 he's dangerous. Thank Jesus the officer 🙏 and k9 officer are ok 🙏 💙

  38. I was watching this video somewhere else and my attention got drawn to work before the end of the video I didn't know it ended like that I thought for sure you would have been shot dead

  39. Dales piso a esas mierdas…

  40. That was an accident though..

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