Wednesday , January 27 2021
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Coronavirus lockdowns hit Chicago's 'Magnificent Mile'

Coronavirus lockdowns are causing stores along Chicago’s ‘Magnificent Mile’ to shut down. FOX Business’ Jeff Flock with more.

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  1. Tiny hats. Profits from big lies.

  2. FakeNews19 virus. So deadly you need to take an unreliable high false positive "test" to see if you have "it". If you get "it" you have, according to their numbers, a 99% survival rate. Luvky for all of us they pulled a 90% effective " treatment" out of thin air. Smith Mundt repeal means they can lie to you ad infinitum. Prosecutorial immunity from Congress means they can poison you at will. Let that sink in…

  3. "I don't know when it's going to get better." – Jeff Flock. What makes you think they want it to get better? You'll own nothing & you'll be happy.

  4. JAMA Study: "Only 1 of 32 COVID survivors testing positive had live virus." That's a 97% false-positive rate for "covid" diagnosis.

  5. Dumbocrats voted for this….be happy going broke and on lockdown idiots. FYI- that $2000 stimulus isn't coming. They lied.

  6. It's ok Chicago is freezing right now anyways

  7. I remember those peaceful protests the mile had this past summer🤣 GTFOH

  8. If the liberals think that the Democrats will not come after themall they have to do is look at California Illinois and New Yorkto realize that the very Democrats who voted for could care less about you

  9. The MM is a sihtohle anyway. It's a tourist trap, and well, there ain't no tourists, and there you go.

  10. Keep voting democrat! Doing the same thing over and over expected a different result. Whats that called?!………

  11. Look it’s the crazy 😜 man on Fox News telling you a story

  12. One of the worst states I ever lived in…Good riddance!

  13. Let it go, they vote dems in.


  15. You all can thank Dem mayors and governors for the wreck of their state economies. On top of it they will raise taxes on citizens to make up for their economic errors. More jobs, businesses and homes lost.

  16. It was all part of the plan

  17. Illinois politician’s are corrupt to the core. Stealing and selling seats for decades.

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  20. Please put politics aside and help our own people. We are all hurting and we need our economy back. Please support your small businesses. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  23. Chicago, NY, LA, SF, Seattle ALL ruined forever. its a rush to become the next Detroit.

  24. Whitmer has Michigan on complete lock down..please help Michigan Mr.President

  25. I-MASK + PROTOCOL. IVERMECTIN. This will change the pandemic more than the vaccine

  26. So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  27. Who cares. BLM already destroyed it you commies.

  28. WOW!! China is going to take a major hit!!!

  29. So glad to be in Florida

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  31. Chicago voters for communism. That's what you get….

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