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Coronavirus Pandemic Forces Americans To Face 'New Normal' | NBC News NOW

As the coronavirus pandemic brings much of the country to a halt, Americans are facing a “new normal” that may include losing income and health insurance.
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Coronavirus Pandemic Forces Americans To Face ‘New Normal’ | NBC News NOW


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  1. Sunrise..
    It's time, it's time.
    Step on into the New Normal.
    Embrace the day with your new shame.
    Goodbye to those who cannot join us..
    Their voices are still heard in every word that we say.
    As we blend into New Normal.
    Familiar path, different lanes. (I'll miss you, I'll miss you)..
    You've donned yesterday's smile.
    Decorate your new face. (Miss you, I'll miss you).

  2. There is no new normal. Only normal and this abnormality. People must resist the media's push for a new normal!

  3. Stop Calling The Covid
    Virus… The New Normal:

    It Will Never Be, It's un accepatable that we in America were not prepared or could contain this Virus. There is nothing Normal about job loss and Finacial destruction…

    If you are a entertainer athelete or a news broadcaster you got the big checks so you can't relate to blue collar individuals who are just dying out here … All this is Normal for the ones who can afford it to be..

    The New Normal that's stupid and insulting in so many ways…

    See when you guy's use tag lines like this it's why the term fake news exist…..

  4. It's just so funny when you can very easily see through their narratives, subliminal messaging and what NBC, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc are REALLY pushing for. The news is a JOKE, they don't care about us.

  5. New guided forced Normal.

  6. Do not ever use Air B& B unless you want big brother buyig up every neighbrhood and the locals all living in cars. Utter chaos and ruin. Stuck up foreigners taking over.

  7. I am a sovereign citizen, your viruses have no jurisdiction over my body.

  8. America and China is tourist country

  9. Biden called Trump Xenophobic back in January because of a travel ban….. It has now been removed by all the major stations… Fortunately you can still see the talk shows who still have it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hGjiCWOxco Trump Forwards His Xenophobic Agenda | The Daily Show 2,536,654 views Jan 31, 2020

    Trump could have prevented the spread of the Coronavirus and democrats stopped him.

  10. watch "Total Onslaught" by Walter Vieth YouTube it

  11. Trump conceals the new crown virus, white house senior officials sell shares, the United States no matter the lives of the people, where are the so-called human rights of the Americans?

  12. I find it so bizarre that business layoff worker within 2 weeks?!? Hope they also take back all those workers as soon as it will be over

  13. At&t needs to support their employees.

  14. What ever the powers to be put on Tell-lie-vision people believe it , I mean think for one minute , all the people you know in the whole wild World and they r in every state in the US how many have the virus , none

  15. This ain't never gonna end,if there are new cases everyday. Its about time the government gives back to us… the people.

  16. Someone please tell me how to get alive person since the web page sends me to the phone number and the number to the web.

  17. Truthers can view why (in real-time) the vain ones targeting of this black ex-con @ https://sites.google.com/site/stanleymathis

    His wife, Camilia Hanson, of Sicily, Italy, published it.
    And the press release, in 1995, inspired the "Opening Day
    Ceremonies" of the 1996 Centennial Summer Olympics Games
    beginning, in Atlanta, Georgia, on my Birthday of July 19th.

    Because I was born on July 19, 1957, in Vivian, Louisiana, but only for birth, and being age 62, today, evil had to name it Corona (COVID) 19 Virus. My grandson's mother's first name is Keronna. And I'm marked as evil. I believe the robot lovers are world depopulation mode with deadly viruses. And Windows 10 is MALWARE targeting me. Working with Google? Alpha spies in America. Weak laws for the rich.

  18. Yeah! They shuts your workplace but they still getting payed no matter what the virus is!!

  19. Didn't the last four years prove that if the MSM says it, it's at least partially not true? Think, people. It's been 2 weeks now. Two weeks ago, they told us America would have as many dead as China by now. It hasn't happened. Could it be this virus has no clothes?

  20. spring breakers are a shame to humanity

  21. Thank you for correcting I was just thinking dude shes wrong.

  22. Hmmm…. a backdoor approach to communism in the US…. bonkers Bernie must be laughing in his soup…. even when he loses, he wins..

  23. What is this? Why sun make a rounds like Corona? see full video now. Link↓↓

  24. Riots and marshal law coming soon.

  25. Dollar: Cause I'm free…. Free falling…..

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