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Coronavirus patient posts videos of journey through virus treatment | USA TODAY

Coronavirus patient keeps emotional video diary of journey from diagnosis to treatment.
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A woman documented her entire journey from diagnosis to treatment of the coronavirus.

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  1. I am scared for this to become an. Apocalyptic!!!😰😨😱

  2. Doesn’t really explain anything. Wasn’t a very serious case to go on now was it

  3. So good to here you are recovering😊

  4. How do they catch it we all need to know this information

  5. This Started Off Really Scary…. Glad for her (gorgeous) that it was a happy ending

  6. You will feel better..don't worry..

  7. USA a third world country
    The health care system is a shame.
    Why are the Americans so proud?
    Proud of what?

  8. Good, she knew it is not a bad flu. Wear mask.

  9. South Korea please go save the clueless incompetent world now

  10. So I got a ad of trump befor this video started and my aunt was sitting next to me and she was cussing her ass of and she old and you know them old lady’s be going off😂😂😂

  11. If you want to be protected well, you should wear mask from 2protect.store with N95 filter. That is the best mask you can find on the internet.

  12. I pray you stay on the road to recovery 🙏

  13. I hope all of you feel better and come back strong 💪

  14. i feel infected watching this video ; take care

  15. "I should be good" is no different than "your parachute should open"

  16. Hmm, hopefully Maleria drug hasn't side affects, but better then nothing.

  17. They are fighting from Virus .
    It is vary tough

  18. great content keep up the amazing content

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