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Coronavirus task force updates from the White House as the U.S. death toll surpasses 40,000

President Donald Trump and the White House task force provide daily update to the nation on the coronavirus pandemic for Monday, April 20.

As New York begins an aggressive antibody testing campaign this week and some states are begin to loosen restrictions in an effort to restore the economy, The White House provides its daily update on COVID-19 for Sunday, April 19.

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  1. This isn't about "getting him" on ventilators or testing, it's about saving lives. Come on Mr. Trump. The world just needs you to do your job and lead the country.

  2. In the old days you know what we use to do to people like this? Funny he wanted people to get out office due to h1n1. As the numbers come due to covid19 we are only in April numbers go higher the h1n1. All he does is lie and needs to be removed.

  3. That entire deal with helping businesses was a crock; Trump took care of his buddies; small businesses were screwed!!!

  4. OK we get it,US has done more testing than the rest of the world. How come you also have the highest deaths in the World? He is so full of hot air that I sometimes feel he will just start floating . Dr. Birx should stop speaking in medical jargon(she does that on purpose so the layman doesn’t understand a F of what she is talking about) and just explain in plain words what one should do and what to avoid.

  5. Good luck with your lawsuit!

  6. He is JUST mocking of USA !

  7. Let's destroy our Nation and it's economy over 40,000 deaths, yeah, that makes sense. The Flu sometimes kills 60,000 Americans a year.

  8. I would liked a reporter to ask the question who are these people that said not to do anything? Because who would've said to do nothing? This guy is a professional liar!

  9. Banks are unfair when it comes to SBA loan, they only do loan to big corporation, Not Small business owner…..please HELP…HELP….HELP

  10. Are you telling me that the Secret Service would allow POTAS to breathe normal air in a room full of potential virus?
    Im telling everyone right here and now,they wouldnt.

  11. Italian doctors comment on the often unnecessary and overuse of ventilators on Covid 19 patients. They say that they have learned that in many cases (not all) O2 delivered through the nostrils at higher pressure was found to be beneficial to many patients and far less invasive than ventilators. Antivirals are showing great promise. An intravenous Vit.C clinical trial is in the works. Vaccines are being developed. The public needs to be patient and kind to each other, paying attention to not compromise senior citizens and others with medical conditions. This is no time for tantrums. It is a time for consideration and tolerance.

  12. Why is there Six comments and yet can only see three?

  13. Man he's a lie don't belive this ass hole

  14. Who else think trump is just a cleverly dressed three year old

  15. The worst human in our country's history including Dahmer. God is watching what we do to take back humanity and save our souls. Hope our country will join together again and not let this go any further.

  16. You can tell he’s seeing the information he presents for the first time. Lol.

  17. Lying sack of poop! Trump is Satans Son!

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