Wednesday , September 30 2020
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Cory Booker: 'It Is A Problem' Kamala Harris Couldn't Continue Her Campaign | NBC News

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.Y., spoke about the impact Sen. Kamala Harris dropping out of the race would have on the 2020 election at an event in Des Moines, Iowa.
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Cory Booker: ‘It Is A Problem’ Kamala Harris Couldn’t Continue Her Campaign | NBC News


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  1. This speech made no sense at all….. WHO IS HE BLAMING FOR KAMALA HARRIS DROPPING OUT?????

  2. Someone please remind Booker that America elected a black man President. Twice! A woman also won the popular vote for President. I hate to break the bad news to Booker but the U.S. is not a racist nation.

  3. She didn't spend it she spent all her campaign money on cocaine we all know it

  4. Spartacus himself lol…Spartacus was white stupid

  5. This dude is a complete blow-hard. Mans got no chance.

  6. If anything African Americans have to prove less in elections

    Look at the unqualified Obama
    Look at Harris and Booker whose performances at the Senate Kavanaugh hearings should have made them non ontenders
    Look at Ayanna Pressley who got elected for her skin color, because Cappuano had the same positions
    Look at the racist Maxine Waters

  7. when I see this face all I see is this rude demeanor behind doors ….chasing the money on the downlow… like his sense of humor but no matter how much he jokes around he comes across as very rude, not surprised hes very good friend with Kamala Harris…always chasing the dollars

  8. Thank God identity politics first Kamala dropped out.. Stay in till Iowa Ccry so I can laugh at your poor showing.

  9. Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard are the two best Democrat candidates in my opinion.

  10. "Even family members that are supporting me"
    He means his parents.

  11. No one:

    Corey Booker: we need kamala harris to run, so that I can lose

  12. Folks recognized she was not a good choice on many, many levels.

  13. What has Kamala and Cory ever accomplished? Being voted into political office isn’t sufficient enough if they never move the country in a positive direction. Both have huge egos and live the good life.

  14. Cory and Kamala need to look inside their own party to determine why neither of them are electable. Is their answer the Democrats are racist and misogynistic? I believe that be so.

  15. Kamala is arrogant sarcastic. By the way, the lawers should learn to the proper use of pronouns “I” and “Me”. “It is she”. “like she”.

  16. bec kamala camel got uncomfortable

  17. Aspirations to be a prosecutorial tyrant and tool of the status quo, he means.

  18. He reminds me of Beto mixed with Obama

  19. Lol Obama kinda ruined that whole black president thing for a while, and he was only half black

  20. A little girl was knee capped by Tulsi Gabbard………….and that little girl………. was me.

  21. It's a problem Senator Booker, when a candidate like Senator Harris is too casual about shutting down speech. Kamala was too authoritarian for many voters. It may assuage her personal pain to think that people were biased against her due to race or gender, but sadly for her, I think people were turned off by her coy falseness and subtle divisiveness. Those are unappealing qualities for anyone who wants to become a leader.

  22. If you want to a support a "man or woman of color" Tulsi and Yang are the best choices.

  23. Soon it will be a problem that Cory Booker can't continue his campaign

  24. Keep talking Neolib. Tulsi is coming for you next!
    Actually she won't. She only knee caps "top tier" candidates.

  25. Remind Booker that it was his party that put all those white people at the top. 😂😂😂😂

  26. She was even polling in top 2 for black people 😂 Also stop acting like the country is 50% black because it isn’t its 13% !!! . Always race with blacks

  27. Cory, it wasn’t about race or gender. Kamala just didn’t have it and respectfully neither do you… There are times when race sadly comes into play… this just wasn’t one of those times! I do not dislike Cory or Kamala… it just time to move on

  28. the only problem I got with Kamala Harris is not her getting into the unemployment line sooner.

  29. Kamala Harris dropped out because she was a garbage candidate. So now its racism because she is a black female? I love how the Democrats pull the race card even on their own.

  30. It's too bad but she didn't run a good campaign. Don't make it a race issue.

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