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Could Bees Be The Answer To West Virginia’s Coal Slump? | NBC News

In Summers County, West Virginia, what was once a booming coal-fueled economy has diminished as coal usage in the U.S. has dropped to its lowest since 1979. The Appalachian Beekeeping Collective based in Summers County is hoping to help the economy by introducing former coal miners and low-income West Virginians to beekeeping. The Collective plans to pay the new beekeepers for the honey they produce to supplement their income and introduce a new kind of natural resource to West Virginia.
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Could Bees Be The Answer To West Virginia’s Coal Slump? | NBC News


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  1. This won't replace the coal jobs but with the whole region falling apart for years even the 4k a year it provides is welcome. When you are in dire straights any good helps

  2. Leave it to the satanic Neanderthals at NBC to propose such a vacuous scheme. The woman festured is the poster child fot androgyny. The gods of the copycat heroes at 30 wrock must be just giddy with themselves making such a seething mockery of the plight and destitution in West Virginia caused specifically by the GAIA worshipping cowards clearly prophesied in the scriptures.

    You can find it all here in plain black and white:

    Notice the beekeeper works for the "collective," and the hive works for the "same."

    The godless parasites at NBC will next be out touting the health benefits of cannibalism. Makes about as much sense.

    Do everyone in West Virginia a favor and just stay in your godless New York coven and leave West Virginia alone.

  3. Is anyone commenting here actually live in West Virginia? I do and this will not replace coal jobs. This superficial news report is a joke.

  4. I like nice clean coal 4 Eva!!! SCREW THE BEES!

  5. Send beehives there to cause coal miners to find new jobs in the solar industry, elsewhere. Perfect, Bees…

  6. Not everybody in West Virginia has the skills , experience ,or property to take on an endeavor like this!

  7. The bees will do great if they bring more drugs to wv

  8. Makes more sense than "Learn to code".

  9. Yeah bees are going to employ thousands of people and support entire communities. How stupid.

  10. They could do marijuana as well. Backwoods areas of pot legal states have a ton of "illegal" grows

  11. Along with honey, propolis, royal jelly and pollen there is also the way overlooked beeswax. Beeswax is not just for healing salves or furniture wax. Before their were petroleum based plastics and wax paper there were beeswax paper and waterproofing. Try buying those beeswax sandwich wrappers. Definitely a value added product… Oil skin rain gear.. can be better when done using beeswax as part of the repellent formulation. etc…

  12. If your not going to move. And your looking for government to solve your problems. "Isn't that socializm" then bring on the bee's.

  13. Many viewers will have missed that she said that beekeeping will "supplement" their income. To earn a large income by keeping bees, you must have hundreds of hives and follow the weather to have your bees working the crops that are in bloom. That adds up to travelling thousands of miles with hundreds of hives. These folks are promoting amateur beekeeping to earn extra money, not to live on.

  14. I have bees but I don't want to be part of the human hive.

  15. How could $700 a hive replace a coal miners income?

  16. It sounds like purpose here…is the resource your in deficit of without a non-renewable resource…that is being used to force extinction upon the earth slowly…and eventually all at once….that's of no consequence to your futures or the moment as it is…..but it's important to seek out…this mixture…and separate what is vital….to what you deserve… life and what's already abundant

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