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Couple survives a bear invasion in their home | ABC News

Jon Johnson and George Anne Fields used a baseball bat to fight off a mother bear who came into their Colorado home with two cubs.

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  1. Dang, they bearly made it.

  2. What has the world become, people are more concerned over the Cubs than the humans! It’s too easy to feel bad for bears until you become face to face with one and your wondering why it’s ripping you head off. In the real world bears aren’t cuddly toys, they’re apex predators who don’t feel any sympathy towards you, any other animal or even the world around them. They are savages who Roam to survive and dominate in their own food chain.

  3. Cubs without their mom?! They probably joined a gang by now…

  4. Makes me sad that they killed the momma bear😪

  5. Are you serious?!? Euthanizing a mama bear because she was protecting her cubs! Why?!? I understand that she attacked human but it was instinct of hers to protect her cubs. I am terribly sad rn.

  6. I bet when that man come upstairs from the basement and he came face to face with that bear I bet a little shit leaked out I know I would have shit my pants

  7. This is what the idiots that come in to our state and try and stop bear hunting need to see they’ve been in maine 2 times in 10 years maybe the people needed to be killed by the bear for them to stop this anti bear hunting shit it’s called wildlife management

  8. Well no one can blame race here!

  9. Dont attack the bear the poor mum died she was only protecting her cubs! Damn you America !

  10. Wow kill the bear afterwards. Thanks human race you fucked up again! She was just protecting her Cubs

  11. These people suck👎🏼 …. justice for the bear 🐻

  12. They didn't have to kill the bear. Bur relocate her and her cubs instead.

  13. Well maybe if we stop taking over their habitats and building our houses they wouldn't come in people's homes Remember all lives matter!!!!!

  14. Did they fight them BEAR handed.

  15. She just wanted to feed her babies….they Cubs will die without her. Smh

  16. They could make a rug out of the mama bear to cover up the blood spots. I’m a genius!

  17. How is this funny?! …God I hate morning news…

  18. how many ppl kill bears and ruin their habitats… diminish their food supply [fish etc] ….. the mother bear prob needed food for her cubs, the bear only 'swiped an arm' out of fear. ive had worse scratches from cats. could have relocated the bear and not leave the innocent cubs to fend for themselves. i hate the world. great logic you selfish pricks

  19. They didn’t need to euthanize the bear 😡😡😡

  20. No gun? You live in an area of wild life and you have a screen door and no secure doors??? Some people are just stupid.

  21. Better than a third world invasion !!!!😛😛😛😛🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Yea…That Sucks!! Really? The bear had to be euthanized? That's it's nature!! I PROTEST THAT IRRATIONAL, JUDGEMENT CALL. That's Absurd!! No Death Penalty to WildLife!! Who in the world made that stupid decision?!?

  23. The whole situation was to much to bëåŕ

  24. IT’S BREAK AND ENTER! CALL THE POLICE! (Ohhh nooo: she had to be euthanized… :(. )

  25. If you go down to the woods today lol

  26. It's not an invasion ffs. It's just bears looking for food.

  27. Anyone think of the old onion news segment of bullshit.

  28. Dangerous boxing match with a bear?🤨

  29. It's a good thing the people were not seriously hurt, but it's too bad they killed the mama bear. They could have relocated her and the cubs. Mama took off after the bat, if she wanted to she could have killed both the people, not fair. You live in bear country, you take precaution and respect the bears.

  30. This story is bullshit! These dumb ass people knew it was time for mama bear looking for food for her babies because this DIP SHIT couple left their door open! Wild animals have a very tiny space left on this earth due to selfish idiot humans taking over most of their territory! So stupid wild life assholes track her down for searching for food and murder her! For what??? She didn’t do anything but be a bear! This news channel fails to even mention any of this, just laughs like it’s A ok to murder wild life for doing what comes natural too them. This idiot couple deserved this for living in the middle of their home and leaving their door open! Now these baby cubs have no food and no mother! I f**cking hate humans!!! 😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  31. That's fucked up they euthanized the mama bear.

  32. You people saying why kill it are NUTS! I love animals but if a wild animals comes into MY home and attacks, it is going to die! It is Me and mine or them at that point.

  33. BEAR HUNGRY! I'm just glad the couple is alright.
    Just leave them some Honey or Raw Meat and they would focus on eating that.

  34. What were ther doing down in the basement? What's down there

  35. The bear looks like it opened the door, didn't break it down. Then the bear and the human both protecting their own families.

  36. People complaining that the bear was killed. Smh

    Grow a backbone you weak links. Good thing that thing was killed.

  37. Hello, I'm studying English as a second language. Can anybody tell me what's the word at 1:26-27 minute?

  38. I see a picanic basket..lets go boo boo

  39. That ain't chit, I lived with a b*tch for ten years.

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