Court Documents Reveal Probable Cause In Delphi Murders

Previously redacted court documents have been released, revealing the reasons suspect Richard M. Allen was arrested in connection with the deaths of two teens in Indiana. WTHR’s Bob Segal reports.

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  1. When you enhance the image he is pulling something silver out of his pocket I have always from day one thought he had a gun because it's looks like that's what he's pulling out of his pocket only in enhanced and enlarged image can you see the silver object he is pulling out of his pocket. Be there as it may the defense can create the slightest of doubt because the bullet was found there they could say something like well the girls saw it laying around and picked it up because Allen admitted he was out there. That's enough for some of the jurors that really want to follow the law to have a reasonable doubt and therefore acquit him or at least hang the jury. I don't think the bulletproves much of anything. Do I believe he's guilty absolutely but you can't convict a man on what you believe if the evidence creates the slightest of doubt you're supposed to acquit him


  3. What made the investigators start to question Allen though?

  4. Cause? He’s a child molester

  5. The jacket BG was wearing doesn’t look like a canvas carhart jacket. Looks like a wind breaker 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Everybody who protected this man are just as scummy and pathetic human being as he is. Most likely they’re in the same little circle he is I would be checking their Facebook pages checking their accounts even if you’re the neighbor watch them they’re probably just a bunch of murdering psychos as he is

  7. They better televise this trial

  8. All because of a bad day, he was grumpy from the start, people noticed it: an argument with the wife? financial lost?something triggered him that day

  9. I feel awful for the man whose property they were found on & then who was blamed. He died of Covid, never having been cleared & had to deal with so much public scrutiny. How unfair.

  10. I’m will bet the wife knows something.

  11. I can't believe his wife didn't recognize him in the video. That's crazy 😧 This guy is sick!

  12. The prosecutor shouldn’t have had the pc sealed. Could have avoided the public scrutiny. Pretty clear this dude did it. What’s a little weird tho is why they didn’t check this guy’s gun 5 years ago if he already was clearly on the radar from the first day. Hope this trial is on tv.

  13. I get that a bullet passing through the barrel can leave a unique fingerprint, but how does ejecting an unfired round leave unique markings with regards to any other p226 out there?

  14. it took police 5 yrs to piece that information together.???

  15. If the crime lab did not analyze the video, they are incompetent. Even a youtube channel still framed this guy. The hat has a US Navy patch in the center. It is heavily in shadow but recognizable. That makes this guy Ron. So how does that make a dropped shell probable? Was Allen seen further in the video?

  16. How tf did this take almost 6 years to solve. Jesus. Christ

  17. This probable cause is about as weak as it gets. Ballistics pattern-matching has been widely debunked over the past decade, and it is largely agreed upon that ballistics pattern-matching can really only be used to say a particular gun could not have fired/ejected a particular bullet/casing, but cannot say that a particular gun, at the exclusion of all other guns, fired/ejected a particular bullet/casing. (There are MANY sources for this…for starters see an arcticle entitled…'Reversing the legacy of junk science in the courtroom'…google it and it will come up). So…a meaningless bullet, a very popular jacket, and a man who was where he said he was are the evidence? The defense will have a field day here. If Allen did it, I hope he goes to jail…but they'll need much more than this.

  18. Absolutely incredible work by the crime lab.

  19. They should have had this man from day 2. He told them he was there FFS. He matched witness descriptions and the video. You can see he has a gun in his jacket and audio/ crime scene evidence proved a gun was involved

    This is truly shocking.

  20. He could've gotten rid of the gun and they would've had zero evidence

  21. It's not that much evidence still. People got to understand how trials work. This case will cost minimum 2 million. So a small county like Delhi can't risk it. And now it seems all they really have is a round that wasn't fired but cycled through. Now that's really not much evidence either. But they needed that for the arrest. Him saying he was there that day and said he was wearing clothes to match the BG. Wouldn't have been enough for arrest. I knew this whole time that they knew it was him and just needed evidence. And still need more that's why they kept the tip line open. But to say the investigators were wrong isn't the case. They were doing as much as they law allows. They can't make a judge sign off on the PC arrest.

  22. That right there is the smoking gun. He is right where he belongs and will be sent to prison either to death row or for his natural life sentence. Rest in absolute beauty to the 2 murdered young girls who were murdered by him. Anyone else that has responsibilities needs to be sent to prison too.

  23. Time to illegalize assault weapons

  24. WTF 😒 it took them this long to arrest him and they knew it was him basically the whole time. I hope the family Sue's them or something cause that's just not right….🤬

  25. Sheer police incompetence. He never fled the state. He was seen by others, including kids who noted what he was wearing and the car that was there, and what he looked like, and he even ADMITTED he was there on the bridge. Yet people around who knew him shielded him when they knew he was the guy. It's unconscionable and atrocious. The 2 girls were let down by the townsfolk and police at the same time.

  26. Bout time..this has been a long unsolved case..that has actual video evidence.. tf man this should have been solved at least 5 years ago.

  27. I don’t understand how his wife couldn’t see or hear that it was her husband in the video

  28. The clothes will be incredibly important….

  29. the witnesses & his story of that day will convict this guy , they have more evidence.

  30. Interesting how they matched the unspent bullet to Allen's gun, but still haven't released details on how the girls were killed. If they were shot by Allen, why not say that and implicate him that way too? Maybe it was him. Maybe it was wrong place, wrong time.

  31. 👆 – NЕW А DАТING ONLINE 🍒🥰b😘

  32. The enemy is always within.

  33. Wow. There was so much more happening behind the scenes that the public didn't know about.