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COVID-19 cases reaching record highs

Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations reach record highs as U.S. waits for approval of a vaccine.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Ostrich Trump, here’s a stat you can clearly take full credit.

  2. You gotta love that smirk on her face!

  3. Oh my God!!!!! Cases are surging!!!!

  4. I'd rather the head of Trump and Joe than a vaccine… God my PP would be so abused….

  5. Record highs is found at Democrat drug dens.

  6. Are we lab rats now? Trial And error damn the world is over

  7. Yes…masks and social distancing do NOTHING! Go live your life. If you believe masks reduce Covid by 70% then you live in a dream land.

  8. Go check your local newspaper. How many pages are dedicated to the obituaries? 🤔

  9. joe biden confirmed cheater 2020 elections

  10. There are other vaccines that have taken a few months to show the bad side effects i believe there was at least 1 where a year after the person had bad side effects that were traced back to the vaccine.

    Like what about the vaccine disaster that happened in France years ago? Really? Like what about that? I think that's good enough to be weary when you look into it, I knew of this way before Covid.

  11. I've built a herd immunity to BS… I feel great… Thanks ABC…

  12. Have you seen the Vice interview with logan paul about the boxing win he just had? The type of people that made that interview run these type of news stations. Complete idiots

  13. Ask the family members whom have lost a loved one with COVID- if it's FAKE OR A HOAX?
    Have some compassion- our PRESIDUMP HAS NONE..HE DIDN'T HAVE COVID..He was tired due to keeping all his LIES STRAIGHT!!
    My opinion only- like all of yours…


  15. You at fake media are on the scare tactics and its getting old…How are these new cases being counted? I just got over Covid and according to early reports from Fauci and Birx,  I should of been pushing up daisies? I am old fat and in bad health, i had flu worse than this…I  only needed 1 extra test to get a negative,  several doctors said some have had 8-10 tests to get a negeative…I can guarantee you those 7-9 test are showing as 7-9 new positive cases, you have 10K of those and that is why numbers are up? Just like the padded total of deaths with 50K+ flu and pnemonia deaths marked as Covid early on…We will never know the true number of deaths or affected because it has been screwed with so much by fake media and others?

  16. So no regular flu this year? How convenient

  17. open the economy, stop all lockdowns and curfews..what are we children!! stfu about the masks and the bs..if people want this experimental vaccine let them take it..dont push people into taking America up and allow adults to make decisions about their lives and health..we know the facts its a glorified flu..yes some die and get really sick..that happens to everyone at some with it dont lock down the country..

  18. I have still never met anyone who has known someone who has died or had more than a small flu since this has started

  19. The mass delision is that covid 19 is a fraud, and that the election was rigged. The mass delusion is that democrats are communists. And trump has raised 300 million dollars while running around lying and committing crimes. He's never going to run for president again because he's going to prison and most of his administration is going with him, and his whole family. All the punk Nazi's in the Whitehouse and trump's nazi supporters are going to prison for hate crimes. And no, the supreme court is not going to overturn the election for trump, and he is not going to be able to declare martial law and invoke the insurrection law, and if you get the vaccine you will be ok, and you will become part of real herd immunity, you will be able to protect yourself, your family, and others, not attack them. And most of you commenters are saying the democrats are delusional? You are saying the hospitals are empty? I don't believe you are even in this country. Get a real job, preferably helping others.

  20. The establishment of power is collapsing. What you're witnessing is the death throughs of fear based propaganda tool. Pandemics are tragic no matter what humanity does to fight them. Let mother nature run its course. Giving up your liberties for 'safety' is how these power hungry elites thrive, but they're losing ground.

    There are more tragedies ahead, so remember to keep love in your heart and have a blessed ascension ❤

  21. I do hope that hatewatch intelligence is keeping track of these crazies, the comments are full of really dangerous people, they are aggressively trying to recruit mass converts to believe in the greatest mass delusion of the century, and to take action to overthrow the government. The real anarchists are the trump supporters. They are not republicans anymore, and they are not Americans with respect for democracy, and the constitution. They are fascist, white nationalist, neo nazis. My favorite comment is the one about a chip being implanted in us through the vaccine, absolutely insane. I remember the polio epidemic, when I was a kid. Thank God for the vaccine. This is a gift from God. God gave us a brain for a reason. Stop spreading fear and hate, stop the push to commit violence.

  22. The pandemic was over months ago. The tests are flawed giving false positives. That's why we have so many cases and so few deaths. If someone dies and test positive they call it covid related. What a scam.

  23. Another record !!!
    This will continue until democrats control every aspect of our lives ! You clowns voted for these type of people

  24. This is all a deliberate distraction…ALL of it…….it's to keep your mind off of the VOTER FRAUD…..

  25. HOWS ALL THAT MASKING AND SOCIAL DISTANCING WORKING OUT ? The deception is, if you get tested you are a case, more testing more cases. Don't be a covidiot.

  26. Why don’t you, the liberal biased left wing medias and your CDC expert, have the gut to blame this coronavirus on the Chinese communists who unleashed this deadly biological warfare on Americans and the people around the world? Did you forget President Trump had held coronavirus briefing almost every day reminding Americans to wash their hands and faces frequently?


  28. Oh bullshit . LA has had mask all along and worst cases in the country

  29. Yet no flu this year , amazing

  30. Nowhere near the 60 million infected with h1n1 in 2009

  31. Show us your studies on the masks. Show us the proof on TV. Don't just say it on TV.

  32. Wow ur shutdowns of all the restaurants is really making a difference…WE NEED RETROACTIVE PAYMENTS!!!! They are going to leave on vacation with their funding and they are going to leave us with nothing again. Even if they pass something it doesnt help you or me. If they dont have retroactive payments back to September or really August when the Cares Act ended. How do we not get relief for being thrown out of our jobs for the months and then they give us nothing??? December 1st is not the 5 months weve had nothing. Ive never missed a rent payment until the last 2 months and i can only imagine how millions of others feel. Double standards for the restaurant industry is another huge problem. Why is it that Restaurants aren't "essential" and we have to suffer, while grocery stores and churches can jam pack people in with no regards and make millions?

  33. Pathetic people I tell you

  34. No way
    More testing
    More cases
    Who would’ve though

  35. Ooo the sheep are so scared 🐑 fu.. your vaccines 💉👺

  36. more lies from disney news network. nobody believes that a man who fell from a ladder died from your scamdemic.

  37. That may be there pandemic!! Ours is losing our homes,jobs and unable to buy our children Christmas!! Yet our government stands by and does nothing. I'm embarrassed to say I'm American right now!! I know we all are having a tough time, But help your local small business and community where you can.

  38. No it hasn't but the lies that the demonrats and their puppet masters along with the msm have been putting out has broken all world records.I do believe that all this will fall under the crimes against humanity and that's gonna shut few of these wack jobs for good.

  39. Yeah and what evidence is behind this 100 days, it's been 9months

  40. Our President has won. It's just that this part of corruption has to be exposed. Don't worry, be happy…

  41. Funny how we went from reporting deaths to just cases now

  42. These masks and lockdowns are really working great!

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