COVID-19 cases spike across the country

ABC News medical contributor and emergency physician Dr. Darien Sutton discusses the uptick in COVID-19 cases as 30% of the eligible U.S. population remains unvaccinated.

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  2. Lies lies lies !!!! They also lied about numbers in all categories!!!!

  3. COVID 19 may kill 6 million Americans this summer.

  4. Exercise is better defense to fight covid

  5. ARTEMIC can be a potential lifesaver in the fight against covid 19.

    People have had some positive experiences with it. Also for Long.

    ArtemiC is used to help the immune system to prevent covid or alleviate covid or other infectious diseases.

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  6. Election is getting closer that’s why

  7. Can't even get a formula, thank you usa

  8. Let em die, dumbass 😤

  9. Smoking, according to current WHO statistics, kills more than EIGHT MILLION people worldwide each year.

    It causes enormous economic losses for families and for States.

    It disfigures, ridicules and distorts the notion of personal freedoms and demonizes it.

    It made the fortune of several mafia networks and countless parasitic groups.

    Why not talk about it as much as we talk about covid since it is much more serious?

    Who benefits from such hypocrisy which transforms secularism into a stupid and perverse system?

    Who benefits from democracy being synonymous with unnatural, harmful and irrational rights?

    Le tabagisme, selon les statistiques actuelles de l'OMS, tue plus que HUIT MILLIONS de personnes dans le monde chaque année.

    Il cause d'énormes pertes économiques pour les familles et pour les États.

    Il défigure, ridiculise et dénature la notion des libertés personnelles et la diabolise.

    Il fait la fortune de plusieurs réseaux mafieux et d'innombrables groupes parasitaires.

    Pourquoi ne pas en parler autant qu'on parle du covid puisqu'il est beaucoup plus grave ?

    A' qui profite une telle hypocrisie qui transforme la laïcité en un système stupide et pervers ?

    A' qui profite que la démocratie soit synonyme de droits contrenatures, néfastes et irrationnels ?

  10. Oh wow these guys are still going…man these pharma companies really spending heaps in scare mongereling tactics…let it go people are woke

  11. Modi ji taras khaao hamaare bachon pe. Bachon ki zindagi ke saath khilwaad nhi kerna chahiye. CBSE should cancel board exams of class 12 and 10 immediately for the sake of the life of children. Jo bache infected ho rhe hain unki saari zindagi side effects ko jhelte huye hi nikal jayegi. Govt ke aankre galat hai. Wah Modi ji Waah, aapki meeting VIRTUAL but bachon ke board exams OFFLINE, what a great thinking Sirji.

  12. why not aspirate 2022? that hurts… 😲

  13. True/False…Right/Wrong…All you have to do is, Make People Believe

  14. "It’s one person coming in from China. We have it under control. It’s going to be just fine." –Patriot Bone Spurs

  15. Oh biden's covid plan really work out from the presidential campaign.

  16. Any dummy's out there still believe in this scamdemic?

  17. Covid saying that it's not imaginary or a political ploy. Covid is figuring the immune code and we are letting it. It's our asses people. We're too stupid to see it

  18. No, false positive non diagnostic PCR testing spikes across the country.

  19. I even wear my mask during doggy style. My hubby does too.

  20. More people apparently died in 2021 than 2020 from covid. Many "experts" are saying vaccine protection is waning. Cases, hospitalizations and deaths are rising.
    It's very clear that these vaccines failed or be a near total fail. Six months of protection is not good enough. You cannot expect hundreds of millions of Americans to get a damn shot every six to eight months. That's idiotic. This doctor is a moron these same morons have been saying for over a year now that child hospitalizations are uncommon. Let covid run It's course and get natural protection. Most people have immune memory protection. That's permanent. Now these doctors are saying the body won't recognize the new covid variants because they are too different? Well dude you would have a new virus on your hands then don't you? Screw your masks, screw your vaccine and everyone should wake up.

  21. Covid deaths: China 5,219 US 1,028,741

    Population: China 1.4 billion US 333 million

    China chose life, America chose conspiracy.


    Covid deaths: US 1,028,741 – UK 177,977 – Canada 40,664 – Australia 8,071 – China 5,219 – New Zealand 1045 = 795,765.

    American parents protest at school meetings about? A: 188 school shootings in 10 years B: Masks.

  23. I’m not getting a “vaccine”

    Neither are my kids

    We’re fine

  24. japan will retake the kurils sakhalin and vladivostok south korea will take north korea.

  25. Funny how they are telling us that Covid is on the rise and Monkeypox is spreading yet have opened the border letting in millions of people from 30 different countries ALL OF THEM not vaccinated…..they must care about our well being a lot…..

  26. At my Lowes , Walmart, hobby lobby employees and customers stop wearing mask two months ago

  27. Covid doesn't stop my Walmart

  28. Covid doesn't stop my restaurants no matter what happens

  29. LOL They won't give this joke up!!! NOBODY CARES!!!

  30. Never let the fear stop

  31. Huh? I wonder if there's any correlation between the 1.2 million illegal immigrants so far this year. and the almost 4 million last year. And every single one of them not tested and shipped to every corner of the United States??

  32. Chattanooga Tennessee got it from Walmart now sick after trying to get batter from it all the places Walmart