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COVID-19 just another challenge for teens in foster system seeking stability | Nightline

Azaria Jackson and Maryori Hernandez have spent years between homes. The pandemic has held up plans to find a forever home and separated siblings. All the while they’re trying to do well in school.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Wow, if you are alone and reading this, maybe it is time to open your heart and your door to an extended family. For scripture tells us, " Be like a parent to orphans, and take care of their mothers as you would your own wife or husband. Do this, and you will be like a child of the Most High, and God will love you more than your own mother does." If God loves you more than even your own mother, you will only win in this situation!

  2. I hope them people didn't make these kids wear that first star shirt…. everyone is full of it. I know, I was in the same system. I need to step up and help these kids.

  3. Beyonce should be meeting this child. She is amazing

  4. Babies pray and trust the Lord
    He makes ways for those that
    Believes he cares and loves us

  5. The only stereotype there should be of foster kids, is that they were not being cared for appropriately by their natural family and may need extra help in various areas, depending on what they've gone through/dealt with.

  6. God bless everyone one of them, much love!! Go get it!

  7. You shitheads don’t give a shot about foster kids! Moved all over the place and no education! DCF MAKES ME SICK

    What's this, produced on 1995 ?? (Hope lucky with us always)….

  9. U don't see many white kids in the foster care system huh 🤔

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  12. Some kids have both parents and they take them for granted. They need to see this

  13. God bless this child with continued wisdom and strength what an amazing kid to adapt and still be positive!!

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  16. How many poor kids are stuck in the system so sad

  17. Such a lovely, intelligent and talented kid. God bless her.

  18. We're a foster and adoptive family. It's such a sad life for these kids. We have watched "influencers" treat adoptive children like puppies. These kids have it so hard. We did everything we could to make sure the kids didn't "look like foster kids". We adopted two sibling sets because we didn't want them to be separated. I wish people who want to adopt would stop looking to other countries and PLEASE look within your own community. These kids are not broken. These kids are not damaged. They are just kids who want love and stability.

  19. They managed to squeeze in celebrity worship right before a so called serious video. Ok

  20. To all believers in this hoax :::: ::::::you can stick those case numbers where sun doesn't shine…people survival rate is 99.8% according CDC, yet they continue to push this propaganda and instill fear into masses 24/7 | QAnon another govt psyop.

  21. May God bless these beautiful children. As individuals we must take responsibility within our communities either by contributing time or money in order to heal.

  22. I wish I could take them ALL. Poor babies

  23. Joe welcome you and all the kids with open hands and his ❤️ 😍😍😍 I love Joe😇 love Joe because is loving God😇 omg best soul brother ever 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  24. I'm American and was never adopted. I aged out of group homes. At age 18 in the state of Texas they give you, your bags on your 18th birthday and you leave. If you have a place to go or not. Thankfully I was working while in the group home and saving money and was able to stay in hotels, find people to stay with. I had several jobs. It happens to a lot of kids. We're dumped off at age 18. Once you're of age you have absolutely ZERO support system. Those nice people are no longer around. They don't get paid. 💔 You're left alone.

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