Monday , January 18 2021
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COVID-19 Outbreak: 5 Cases Confirmed In The U.S. So Far | NBC Nightly News

The CDC confirmed two new cases in Southern California and one in Maricopa, Arizona. All five patients in the U.S. had traveled to Wuhan, China, officials say.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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COVID-19 Outbreak: 5 Cases Confirmed In The U.S. So Far | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Doctors Speak Out against the ScamDemic LIE (Proof COVID-19 PCR Test are FRAUD – FAKE) The Reported CV19 Test Numbers mean NOTHING..!

    US PCR Tests are set at 37-45 cycles.

    Dr. Fauci admits anything over 35 cycle produces False Positives of Dead Virus.

    Original Interview showing Dr Fauci doesn't know anything about Covid-19 for sure and that he is just guessing, and the PCR Test is meaningless
    . >>>

  2. That day a major tragedy hit the national basketball association Kobe Bryant dies at the age of 41 along with his 13 year old daughter in a helicopter crash

  3. interesting to watch this now, only a couple of months later, today on April 11, 2020 there are not “5 cases,” but 532,879 cases in the US

  4. The gov had time to take measures

  5. Time sure fly ..from 5 to….thousendsss

  6. See truth: TRUMP allowed planes from WUHAN into USA at Calif. it is now spread to Neb, Tx, Mass 377 affected, & Calif. No one is mentioning the other states. Mexico has 6,500 affected.
    Pneumonia outbreak, caused by a new strain of coronavirus, 1st registered in Wuhan
    to 40 countries WW.USA 545 AFFECTED, 60 INFECTED, 0 DEAD, 33 tested positive coronavirus
    Calif, Governor Gavin Newsom said 5 of those individuals have since left the 28
    others remain in Calif.The state is currently monitoring 8,400 people, who have
    arrived on domestic commercials flights from places of concern, particularly
    Asia, after 2 February, for possible coronavirus.Calif has only an
    "inadequate" number of some 200 test kits now, Newman said, but has
    been in "constant contact with federal agencies" to get a significant
    number of new test kits in the near time.The first possible transmission was in
    a resident of Sacramento County, health authorities said earlier.Wed the number
    of confirmed coronavirus cases in the US stood at 59, the Centers for Disease
    Control and Prevention (CDC) said.US President Donald Trump said the outbreak
    could worsen in the United States, but such a situation was not inevitable. The
    US government has begun preparing for a potential novel coronavirus epidemic
    within the United States after reported outbreaks in Iran, South Korea and
    Italy escalated this week.The coronavirus cases in the United States have so
    far mostly been travel-related and connected to those who were on board the
    Diamond Princess cruise ship. There are also cases from those repatriated from
    Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, as well as those who contracted the
    deadly virus by person-to-person contact.  

    [to use
    HISZ.RSOE.HU/ALERTMAP for WW emergency, go to your continent.  Increase the size and look for ‘hidden’ RED /YELLOW-(Wuhan,
    CHINA)hazmat icons, under the other colored icons. Those are EPIDEMIC areas
    with COVID info, click all tabs at top for more 
    info]  Iran is blocking most of
    their info.  On Mon. USA, Mass reported
    over 300+ affected cases. Hidden from general news media, blocked by gov.  ]   UK:
    0 dead, 19 INFECTED; Italy 17 dead, 650 INF; Iran 26 dead, 245 INF; S.Kor 0
    Dead, 1,595 INF; Japan 3 Dead, 620 INFEC, Mexico 0 dead, 6,500 AFFECT; Calif.
    0dead, 60 INFECTED, 545 Affected.

    WUHAN, CHINA: 2,788dead, 78,824 Infected, 38,000,000 Affected. 

    Situation Update No. 9 on February 27 2020 01:10 PM (UTC)    Massachusetts Department of Public Health
    announced Wednesday2/26  that 231 people
    in the state are being monitored for coronavirus-like symptoms.The risk of
    coronavirus in the state remains low and there has been only one confirmed
    case, officials said. The infected patient is said to be improving and doing
    well. Officials also said that 377 other people in the state have been
    evaluated for the virus and cleared.Area hospitals have plans in place to
    combat the virus in the event an emergency situation arises, officials added.
    There is no shortage of supplies, including masks, and additional manpower is
    standing by if needed.Dr. Monica Bharel, commissioner of the Mass. DPH,
    stressed that, "Here in Massachusetts, we have the resources, the staff,
    the connections with our partners in healthcare and public health that we need
    in order to prepare for this."Extra precautions are also being taken by
    organizers of the PAX East convention that is taking place in Boston from
    Thursday to Sunday.

    Most of the Americans who were being monitored at the University of Nebraska
    Medical Center for coronavirus after evacuating a cruise ship in Japan tested
    positive for the virus, the hospital says.

    UMNC said in
    a statement 2/27/20 that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    verified the Nebraska Public Health Lab results showing that 11 of the 13
    patients have the novel coronavirus. The other two evacuees who were taken to
    the Omaha hospital tested negative, the statement said.The hospital had said
    some of the patients had tested positive in Japan but some "came with a
    lack of clarity what their test results were," Shelly Schwedhelm told CNN.
    Schwedhelm is the UNMC/Nebraska Medical Executive Director of Emergency
    Management and Biopreparedness who has clinical oversight of the quarantine and
    biocontainment units.Several people are exhibiting minor symptoms but others
    are not showing any symptoms, the release said.Bert Kelly, a CDC spokesman,
    told CNN that the agency has verified the results, bringing the total of
    confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States to 26.The US Office of the
    Assistant Secretary for Preparedness Response asked UNMC early Monday to take
    in 13 patients who had either tested positive, or had a high likelihood of
    testing positive, for the novel coronavirus.The patients had been on a cruise ship
    docked off the cost of Japan for two weeks.UNMC was commissioned by the CDC in
    2005 to create the biocontainment unit where three patients currently are. The
    rest of the patients are in a separate federal quarantine center on the campus
    that UNMC built through a private-public partnership.

    Situation Update No. 6 on February 14 2020 The 15th case of the novel
    coronavirus in the United States is one of the evacuees at Lackland Air Force
    Base in Texas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The patient has
    been under the 14-day federal quarantine since arriving in the US from China on
    a chartered flight on February 7, the CDC said. The person, described by a CDC
    official as a "solo traveler," has been isolated and is receiving
    medical care at a hospital.

    Situation Update No. 5 on February 13 2020 A second person evacuated from
    Wuhan, China, to a U.S. Marine base near San Diego has been diagnosed with the
    new coronavirus, raising the tally of confirmed cases in the United States to
    14, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported on
    Wednesday.The patient was among 232 individuals who had been placed under
    quarantine at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar after being airlifted from
    the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan earlier this month, CDC
    spokeswoman Ana Toro said.A previous case of coronavirus was documented a few
    days earlier among the same group of evacuees, the CDC said.CDC officials said
    it appeared that the two San Diego patients were separately exposed to the virus
    in China before arriving in the United States. The two arrived on different
    planes and were housed in separate facilities.

    Situation Update No. 3 on February 05 2020.Two jets carrying about 350
    Americans fleeing the virus zone in China landed Wednesday morning at an Air
    Force base in Northern California. Some will be quarantined at a hotel on the
    base for 14 days while others will go under quarantine at a Southern California
    military base, officials said.Guests and staff at the hotel on Travis Air Force
    Base near the city of Fairfield, about 50 miles from San Francisco, were moved
    out ahead of the planes' arrival, said Technical Sgt. Traci Keller. The
    Americans were evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, which is at the center
    of the new virus outbreak.Other planes carrying Americans home from Wuhan will
    arrive this week at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas and Eppley
    Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska, where they will be quarantined, the U.S. Centers
    for Disease Control said in a statement.The U.S. Northern Command tweeted that
    the planes that arrived in California carried about 350 people. Keller had no
    information about their health,  [THIS IS

    Situation Update No. 2 on February 03 2020.Officials have confirmed that a
    central California couple has been sickened with a new virus after the husband
    travelled to the Chinese city at the centre of the outbreak, bringing the
    number of U.S. cases to 11.The couple, both 57 years old, have not left their
    home since the husband returned from China, according to a Sunday announcement
    from San Benito County Health and Human Services. This was a case of
    person-to-person transmission, officials said.A woman in the San Francisco Bay
    Area who became ill after returning from a trip to China was the ninth person
    in the U.S. to test positive for a new virus, health authorities said Sunday.
    It was the second novel coronavirus case announced in Santa Clara County in the
    past three days but the two cases are not related, according to the county
    Public Health Department.The woman, a visitor to the U.S., had recently
    travelled to Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the virus. She arrived Jan. 23 to
    visit family, officials said in a news release.The patient has stayed at home
    with family since she arrived, except for two occasions when she sought
    outpatient medical care. She has been regularly monitored and was never sick
    enough to be hospitalized, the release said.

  7. Tv26 Hk news ask them report to San Francisco’s prosecution department for racism.

  8. It’s bay area tv 26 hongkong news. Report people say racism when school ask them return from China to do quarantine in the news headlines. Find a health professional to say no need to do self quarantine for 14 days, only observe symptoms.

  9. Health dept. not require people from China quarantine for 14 days, only observe sympoms. Now, 2 cases found in CA. So, school and working placve can re-start ask people return from China wear mask and quarantine for 14 days before go back especially school, children easily get infected. No more use helth dept. conclusion as excuse and term it as racism, discrimination.

  10. Que es el cdc perdonen mi ignorancia

  11. Govermen is welcom to bring the corona virus to are countri .just like his welcom the abused and corupcion to the his oun (legal $$$$) coruption..

  12. So two weeks passed…still no global pandemic , mass deaths like scaremongers were saying…

  13. So trump is racist freak and now they are saying it’s not a big deal about the backgrounds of these people coming to get help. Make up your mind America.

  14. Eat hard boiled eggs to give you strength when ill ……A dentist told me this after general annestic

  15. Y’all dirty chanks be spreads deseases

  16. what about shipping ports? Are there people on the incoming ships who have been exposed when loading/shipping products from China?

  17. 5 milyon people consentration kamp help urgent call china closed to camps let people FREE

  18. Time to SUE CHINAA!!!!😡😱🤨☹🧐 enough eating crawling creatures. koalas. bats.dogs etc etc etc

  19. When they sent everyone home,they sent the virus worldwide. Should have quarantined in place. So dumb.

  20. I live in Texas text me most likely l can fix it with n medsn

  21. DONT PANIC. my stock portfolio cant handle this.

  22. I live in Chine and here I sneeze on the comments😷

  23. i dont understand why people want to come to america just look at us

  24. "People should not be discriminated by race or country of origin"????? This has nothing to do with discrimination. This is a quarantine situation. How does that woman go from an infectious disease quarantine situation to a discrimination issue?

  25. One word. Depopulation

  26. coronavirus is like this world is on fire. I will make this world better place. source is the cause.

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